Music Submission, Quince and 9th

Clover Drive Album Art - Quince and 9th
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Quince and 9th

Quince & 9th is a band from San Diego,CA. Band members include Eli, Jesus,Adam,and Marcos. Influenced by John Mayer, The Arctic Monkeys, and Of Monsters and Men. A couple of friends from middle school reunited through the power of music years later!

Music Submission, Lunar Reverb

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Lunar Reverb

Lunar Reverb just released an EP called Younger Days on May 15th. All of the tracks are radio ready and include metadata. We are looking to get some airplay wherever possible. Below I included my band information, links to our social media, and links to our music files below. I hope you dig it. Either way thanks for the time and consideration! Band Name: Lunar Reverb About Band: Lunar Reverb is a group of music loving humans trying to create out of this world sounds. They are an indie alternative rock band from Arlington, TX looking to spread their music and good vibes. The band draws inspiration from Led Zeppelin, Sublime, The Black Keys, and blues to create a more raw modern classic rock sound.

Music Submission, Starveya

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This is Aaron from the band Starveya. Our new single "Moontide" is set to release at the end of this month and I hope that someone at BBS might be interested in featuring it. I have included the official press release below. Thank you for your time.

Aaron Martinez-Starveya

STARVEYA is set to release “Moontide” on May 29th, 2020, their first new single since 2018’s “Olde Crow”. Available here:

STARVEYA is a psychedelic, alternative rock band from the fringes of Los Angeles, California. Originating around the turn of the millennium, their music can be described as a fusion between the classic studio recordings of the late 1960’s, and that of the heavier grunge movement of the early 1990’s. The band exemplifies both of these elements in their 2013 EP Stellar Womb, coming together to showcase its own fresh, modern sound.

“Moontide” is inspired by Bob Dylan’s take on folk music, particularly the historic, "My Back Pages". STARVEYA guitarist and primary songwriter Aaron Martinez, adds that the subject matter of the song was originally inspired by the tragic death of Pink Floyd’s Syd Barret. Gradually, the focus shifted to include all people throughout the millennia that were considered crazy or foolish in their own time, but later looked back on as geniuses, innovators and prophets. “A madman today is just a hero tomorrow” and “the saviors, they never get saved” are a few lyrics from “Moontide” that illustrate the lives of such visionaries as Giordano Bruno, Galileo, Socrates and Jesus Christ, who had the misfortune of being ahead of their times, and whose importance in history is only fully realized posthumously.

STARVEYA is currently in the studio working on their upcoming, full-length album Abandon All Muses, which is slated for a 2021 release.

Music Submission, Damon Mitchell

Artist or Band Name: 
Damon Mitchell


I’m Damon Mitchell. On May 22nd, I’m releasing a new single, “Ready For Change,” that I think you would like and that has a timely message that BBS fans would relate to. 

Here is a private SoundCloud link where you can listen to “Ready For Change” as well as a Google Drive link to the behind-the-scenes video that will be released via Vevo.

“Ready For Change” is a vulnerable insight to the constant struggle against the feeling of inadequacy, loneliness, and not being enough. Punctuated by a plea - or moreover a call-to-action - of change, the song seems more timely now than ever. 

The song was written by Damon Mitchell and the recording features Walfredo Reyes Jr. (Chicago, Santana, etc.) on percussion, Ryland Steen (America, Reel Big Fish) on drums, Dave Martin on bass, Audie Blaylock (Audie Blaylock and Redline, Rhonda Vincent) on 12-string acoustic, Carolyn Martin (The Time Jumpers) on backing vocals, Max Mitchell on backing vocals and keyboards, and Damon Mitchell on electric guitar and lead vocals. 


"A well-crafted cross between The Beatles and Death Cab for Cutie." That's the intriguing description of Damon Mitchell's music recently given by a well-respected music industry photojournalist. Damon's hook- laden, musical-wares cleverly combines influences from the past and present in a unique concoction that will undoubtedly become his signature.

“The music climate as we know it today is sorely, sorely lacking in the straight up melodic bliss department. With too much emphasis on soundscape and not enough on melody, an entire generation of songwriters look like they’re forgetting about the one fundamental necessity in which every great song is based’ melody. If you’re on board so far- and I’m sure you are- then I’m sure you’ll be up for what I’m about to tell you next. Elise is the new six-song EP from singer-songwriter extraordinaire Damon Mitchell. No fluff. No nonsense. No bullshit.” - Alternative Nation

It would truly be an honor for “Ready For Change” to be featured in on BBS. If you have any questions/comments or would like to set up an interview, please feel free to reach me at this email. 

Peace and Health,
Damon Mitchell 

Music Submission, RH2

RH2 - Like Nobody's Around
Artist or Band Name: 

Dylan Jackson Scott is a man on a journey. His band, RH2 is music with a rare sort of honesty and ambition. “I want people to know that I care about them,” says Dylan, plainly. “For me it’s musical and cultural. I don’t want to make a difference for the sake of shaping culture, I want to do it because it’s desperate for oxygen.” While his past endeavors, including New Jersey’s Young Rising Sons and Los Angeles-based Rad Horror, created their own sonic ripples and racked up Spotify plays, now with songs like the confessional “In My Head”, RH2 is the sound of an artist coming into his own.

“This is the first time I’ve felt that I could say everything I wanted to and needed to say as a person and a songwriter,” Dylan admits. “The songs are my truth without any sort of apology.” Also known as a songwriter and producer for the likes of Halsey and many others, Dylan and RH2 is intent on crafting anthems and sharing insight to the modern generation.

“I’m inspired by people like Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, Lou Reed and more recent artists like, Kanye West and Jay- Z,” says Dylan. “I’m inspired by art, by literature, and by people I heavily identify with. The ones who struggled with mental illness and a troubled youth, but were incredibly prolific and created great art in spite of themselves and the harsh limitations they faced along the way. I know I have something to say, but I want it to be from my perspective, rolling off of my own tongue. RH2 is my vehicle for that.”

Music Submission, BO BENTON

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Music Submission, Eli Wesse

Artist or Band Name: 
Eli Wesse

Elijah Wesse was born in Ypsilanti, MI at St. Joes Hospital on March 29, 1996. He spent most of his time growing up with his four sisters and mother in Southeast Michigan and later moved to the east coast at 16. Eli’s parents were both passionate musicians. They played and exposed Eli to music at an early age.

Eli would later return to Michigan at age 19. In fall 2016, Eli met Billboard-charting producer Arjun Singh and began to start taking music more serious. Together they would work to produce many records, including the singles “Small Talk” and “CICI”. It was during this time that Eli was arrested for gun-related charges and served two years in MDOC between 2017-2019. 

After being released, Eli touched down in Los Angeles, where he became a member of Savage Squad Records. He then re-released CICI garnering notable attention of many. As the record began to turn heads, Eli went on to work with notable creatives, including Glo Gang artist Tadoe, the Bachelorette’s Grant Kemp and others while putting together his debut project, “TILL FAME DO US PART”. The EP was officially released February 22nd, 2020.

Music Submission, Alice Triskel

Artist or Band Name: 
Alice Triskel
Alice Triskel, singer who mixes and fuses styles of pop music, electronic music, electro pop, EBM, synthwave, synth pop, rock ... getting to play with styles as diverse as soul and even opera.
Experimenting with new rhythms, synthesizers, strings, acids and more. All this complemented with the powerful voice of Alice, full of strength, power and vitality, to give each of its themes a unique, different and new touch in the current music scene.
Alice Triskel, a composer and singer from Barcelona, launches her first solo musical work in English, which throughout 2020 plans to release a long list of songs. Inspired by styles already invented in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s and adding a little freshness and modernity to achieve its own character, exclusive and distinctive in its musical style, working day by day to achieve the best synth pop.
Alice Triskel is one of new indie artists of new synth pop and dream pop.

Music Submission, John Ludi

Artist or Band Name: 
John Ludi

John Ludi is reasonably pleasant individual who writes, plays, and records tuneful and/or abrasive, melodic and often atmospheric songs about war, greed, materialism, the environment, biodiversity, apathy, corruption, mortality, ethics, the human condition and the rapidly-approaching end of civilization. He's more fun at funerals than parties.

Music Submission, Fabian Jack

Artist or Band Name: 
Fabian Jack


Track: “Off the Beat”

Release date: 15-05-2020

“London-based five-piece are creating a new wave of indie pop/rock”


“A wonderful warped clash of 90’s college rock and 80’s post-punkery, alt-rock Muscle and school indie intrigue”


“Energetic and fuzzy garage-rock stompers with hints of Foals”


“highly strung guitars, twitchy drums and the kind of vocals that leave you breathless just listening to them”


Fabian Jack are a feisty 5-piece Rock band from London, UK.  Their enthusiasm spills from the stage, with powerful hook-laden, chorus-led rock-pop, sprinkled with Disco, Dub and Post-punk Dance dust.  Whilst the world is in lockdown, Fabian Jack are releasing several new tracks through 2020 and each single is FREE to their email subscribers! In these latest recordings, Patrick Collier - a man who has twiddled knobs for Morcheeba, Primal Scream and The House of Love amongst so very many has captured the raw sound and energy of a band full of imagination, belting with charisma.

Fabian Jack are led vocally by brother and sister, Beni and Piera. With a tight and energetic rhythm section (John–Drums, Chris –Bass Guitar) complemented by interchanging Guitar (JP) and Keys (Piera).  Formed in 2016, they are a well-oiled gig machine, and have toured extensively across the UK.  They’ve featured on the BBC, Radio X, Amazing Radio, countless local radio stations and have made appearances on Balcony TV, supported big artists such as Echo and the Bunnymen, Roger Daltrey, Razorlight, Noisettes and Erasure.  Today, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a Stage, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the FJ-Team…

*all songs can be seen and heard quickly through their YouTube channel*


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