Music Submission, BaYaT

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BaYaT are a five piece rock band from Novi Sad, Serbia. They formed as BaYaT in 2018 after playing together for several years as a cover band called “Milos and Good Company“, covering such bands as Linkin Park, Slipknot, Korn, Serj Tankien, Soundgarden amongst others.

Frontman Milos Bajat had been featured on several reality shows such as “X Factor” and “First voice of Serbia”. Although he progressed well on both shows, he was disillusioned by the production and the politics surrounding such shows and was soon back on the local rock scene.

The birth of BaYaT started after a chance meeting between Milos and now band manager and executive producer Englishman David Anthony Kitching, who happen to see him perform and was instantly impressed by his vocals to a point of saying he was the best male vocal performer he had heard in the balkans.

On Christmas Day of 2019 BaYaT released their debut album “So It Begins“, an eight track album of pure rock with hints of Alt Rock and pinches of NU Metal, accompanying solid vocals with strong messages about current affairs and situations. The album itself is the beginning of a longer story that will spill into future album releases.

There were four single releases from their debut album: “Lost”, “Adrenaline”, “So It Begins”, and “A Prayer In Time”. All videos were directed by Milos’s wife Shka Bajat.

In late 2019 BaYaT changed production studios from Novi Sad to Studio Blaze Belgrade and started a new collaboration with Studio producer Milos Mihajlovic, a decision that has proved pivotal as the production has really moved up a level with a great understanding between Band, Manager and Producer.

In 2020 BaYaT took to their “So It Begins” tour performing in rock venues and festivals before the pandemic brought a dramatic halt to all performances.

Currently BaYaT are working on their second album “Purge“ and will have their first single “Madness“ off the album released 26th September 2020.

The journey continues ...

Music Submission, The Modern Day Slave

Artist or Band Name: 
The Modern Day Slave

Rising from the deep caves of the South African music industry comes The Modern Day Slave with new age experimental rap instrumentals who many may call the future, he raps about social issues as well as self conscious raps about personal reflection and development. Whether it’s crying out “fear is the man in the mirror” or “me and my brain , living our life in vain just Hoping to gain , pretty b****es cash and pain” he uses clever word play and a smooth flow to please listeners ears. It’s only been months since I started producing and writing lyrics and I have to say I have found my passion. I’ve always had a soft spot for music at the age of 13 I played my first instrument a saxophone and I knew from then that I wanted to make music in my life, though certain life experiences lead me to different places , experiencing the world I learnt a lot about myself and how my destiny unfolds . 2019 I published a blog on the topic modern day slavery and so the journey began . The more I discussed about modern day slavery I was learning myself and it came to a point where I see myself as a slave to modern society April 2020 I started producing beats on my laptop that’s when I also started writing and reflecting on my own personal experiences I see music as the best form of expression for me it’s where I can explore the limitless possibilities of creativity.

Music Submission, Mientras los árboles crecen

Artist or Band Name: 
Mientras los árboles crecen

Hernán Misael is an Argentine independent artist, composer and guitarist, a native of Caleta Olivia, a coastal city in Patagonia. In 2014 he created his solo instrumental project called “Mientras los árboles crecen” (While the trees grow). Since then, he has been working on his project under self-management and the DIY

He tries to represent personal events, visions of a dream or natural landscapes, and his music sounds like listening the crackle of the leaves in the courtyard while a storm of intense waves is coming. That search can be summed up as sound poetry.

Music Submission, Grand Guignol Diabolique

Artist or Band Name: 
Grand Guignol Diabolique

Grand Guignol Diabolique was born in 2008 from the ashes of a band called Beat Babol , but also collecting the legacy of another band of which Franco was the mind, namely the Bohemien Flambé . From them they inherit the French-speaking name and the desire to shout to the world their desire to live by creating, and not to live vegetating as it now seems practice. The first album is the eponymous " Grand Guignol Diabolique " (2008), available through CDBABY on numerous digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. The second "II" comes out in 2011, but like all the following productions, it's being released on Bandcamp, because when you are unknown to most people, a free platform, albeit small, is better than a giant where you are just a drop in an ocean. The third CD is an EP released in 2013 and called "Di tutte quelle morti" . In 2015 "Export Diabolique" was released , the first CD to be sung entirely in English. It gets an excellent response, but remains a cult object, not being able to count on promotion and anything else necessary. Now, 5 years after, that Franco has spent dedicating himself to many other projects whilst facing life with a hard nosed face, the brand new "LINGUA" (2020) is released, son of the pandemic, of grief and boiling blood. On August 20th the first part (Volume 1) in a CD always available on bandcamp. 6 brand new tracks that will find good company with the other 6 already in advanced processing and that will presumably come out around November 2020 in Volume 2. The main reason for the title is because it is an album that speaks several languages. In fact, Franco's Anglophone, Francophone and obviously Italic soul coexist and therefore the songs are sung some in English, some in Italian and one in French, a dutiful homage to one of his projects that had more feedback (Bohemien Flambé), at a time in which there was still a lot of interest in music and people tried to be original, not photocopies of what "works".

Grand Guignol Diabolique is a ONE MAN BAND . Franco plays it all, writes it all and sings it all (with occasional guest stars) and despite some miserably failed attempts to form a real band, there is currently no live activity. But in the future it is not said that he won't try again, even if the times are very grim.

Music Submission, Alex Julia

Artist or Band Name: 
Alex Julia

Alex Julia Shines on New EP ‘Better Part of Me’ with September 19th Release

Alex Julia, a New Jersey based singer-songwriter, is set for her debut EP release ‘Better Part of Me’ on 09/19/20.  From the stripped down acoustics of “Feeling More,” the guitar-playing conjures a ukulele sound and vibe, complemented with soft vocals.  At other points in the EP, the artist dives into more expansive rock melodies with producer JEAN.  Songs like “It’s Coming” and “What’s Going On” offer up a harder, grungier style, while the singles “Counting Stars” and “Better Part of Me” are influenced by 80s driven pop beats and 90s alternative rock, respectively.  More modern pop influences are layered with funky guitar riffs in “A Beautiful Escape.”

In a class of her own, Alex Julia is unmistakingly original, yet undeniably inspired by artists like Alanis Morissette, Paramore, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Emerging primarily from the Asbury Park music scene, Alex has primed herself for a career in music and has been featured on Spotify playlists since summer 2019.  In addition, she has received recognition from Produced by a Girl podcast for rising female artists, and most recently, STAR bREAKER Radio, where she talks about her new EP with producer JEAN.  Alex Julia has shared the stage with such talents as Jarod Clemons and Kolour Story and has regularly played the Jersey Shore Music Festival 5 years straight.

After months-long anticipation of when live music events will resume, Alex Julia plans to book shows again in New Jersey and neighboring towns, in support of her first studio release, as soon as venues reopen.  Look for ‘Better Part of Me’ to hit music streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon) on 09/19/20!  And stay updated on the Alex Julia band page for a schedule of live events:

IG/Twitter:  @irockoutxx

For interviews, booking, and sponsorships, please contact Jen at

Music Submission, James Ethington III

Artist or Band Name: 
James Ethington III

After several years of busking, also known as street performing, that led to trips to Santa Monica Beach California, Phoenix Arizona, and Austin Texas to name a few, Alamogordo, New Mexico has an exciting new emerging star. Home to Eric Burton of the Grammy Nominated  “Black Pumas”, this obscure place might just be a hotbed for undiscovered raw talent. James Ethington III hits the scene with a debut killer EP entitled “Rheacycle”, an eclectic five song mix reminiscing of the glory days of alternative acoustic music. He has been described as Van Morrison mixed with Prince and a dash of Dave Matthews but the singer-songwriter remains himself throughout the project. It’s obvious that he is influenced by these Rock and Roll Hall of Fame caliber artists. Stand out tracks include “Becca” and “Sexy, Juicy, Bouncy.”

Production and Engineering work was handled by Eric Gubala a Virginia native, who’s mentor is Orlando Gomez who handled production duties on Khalid’s debut album. Eric is a part time employee at Beacon Hill Recording Studios, a prestigious large scale studio located in El Paso, Texas. Beacon Hill has seen the likes of recording artists such as aforementioned Khalid, B.o.B, and Kali Uchis. He is also actively involved in projects from a few local artists and Rap Innovators, a Hip-hop collective. Eric is also an active duty military member serving in the United States Air Force currently stationed at Holloman AFB, New Mexico.

James Ethington III has decided to take the Austin route to success. He is represented by Luster Talent 512 a premiere Talent Company based in Austin Texas. Follow him and Eric Gubala on all socials and always remember to “Reduce, Reuse, and Rheacycle!”

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Music Submission, My Kind Of Chaos

The Monster Stirs by My Kind Of Chaos
Artist or Band Name: 
My Kind Of Chaos

The heavy, hard hitting sounds of My Kind Of Chaos are 5 guys who come from different backgrounds but forged and produced a sound all their own. Listening to their music you will be teleported back to the amazing times of heavy rock in the 90’s but also feel the drive and originality of modern post punk/rock music that has been missing from our headphones and speakers for far too long.

With three members of the band cutting their teeth in the Geelong underground punk scene in the late 80’s, every member of the now formed MKC have played in many bands over the years that have influenced their unique, post punk/rock sound that you hear today. Relocating to Brisbane in late 2018, the boys set out to create a debut album that would be completely different to anything they have ever done before. Drawing on their individual experiences and coupled with their own musical backgrounds My Kind Of Chaos have by far achieved their goal.

With lyrics that come straight from the heart, riffs that get stuck in your head all day and their ability to produce great tunes, you will be left wanting more every time the album ends. My Kind Of Chaos will certainly be a band to watch as they unleash their music on the world.

Music Submission, Three Years Apart

Artist or Band Name: 
Three Years Apart

Hello my name is Chandler Powell lead singer of Three Years Apart and I would like to share with you our new single! We are a new band trying to get started and would love to hear your opinion on our song! Below is a YouTube link and a link that leads to all music streaming services!

Music Submission, Jona Da King

Artist or Band Name: 
Jona Da King

Jona Da King is a hip-hop artist from Toronto, Ontario; based in Edmonton, Alberta. His sound has a diverse twist, and an old-school feel that tips the hat off to industry icons such as Nat King Cole, Little Richard,  J Hus, Flipp Dinero, Tory Lanez, Summer walker, Brent Faiyaz, Drake,  StormyZ  only to mention but a few. Jona developed a sound inspired by other influences, ranging from old-time jazz, down to rock, pop, and everything in between.

His tracks have a unique sound, which sets the bar higher in terms of passion and performance excellence. His voice embodies soul and truth, and his sound connects with listeners of all backgrounds. 

Music Submission, Survibers

Artist or Band Name: 
SURVIBERS is a collective of like-minded creatives who live, love and work
within music, yet they have found it necessary to create a space where raw
and fertile ideas are allowed to flourish. 
The trio are ex Berklee students Francis and Katrina King-Smith and Aniff Akinola.
Aniff has been in the Manchester music scene since the late 80s (Voodoo Ray, Kirsty MacColl). Francis  went to the Royal Northern College of Music and Chethams. He met his wife Katrina at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and they have been writing music together for the past 8 years. She is originally from San Antonio, TX. 
The Survibers sonic canvas can be described as 'a socialist/left leaning blend of vocally hedonistic space invading trance-like musings welded to 'trip hop' beats interspersed with galactic jazz.


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