Music Submission, Nanda

Your Everything But Your Happy Girl Nanda Cover
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Singer-songwriter who uses music as a way of dealing with her own demons.

Music Submission, Goodspace

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Hello we are Goodspace: a 3-piece band from Auckland making lo-fi, indie rock with hints of hip-hop and songwriter sensibilities

--and we have just released our first EP.

In a few words, we make music that makes you feel present. 

But it’s pretty hard to explain.

So have a listen for yourself.  

Music Submission, T.O.L.D.

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Daniel James from T.O.L.D. here.  I wanted to give you a shout to let you know about the new single Decisions that I am releasing this Friday, September 6. It's a follow up to the Same Blood EP which I released in June. I let my label handle all of the outreach for the Same Blood EP for the same reason I wrote this song. I had been feeling exhausted by constantly making decisions. Not just the little everyday ones, but the kind that determine what happens with what you create as an artist. The kind that either leads your conscience to feel guilty for making too much noise or feel guilty for not making enough noise. This time I thought I'd reach out a bit more. I want to open up as I've sort of been hiding away for the past couple years(I nearly quit music do to the pressure and popularity contest of the industry). If you've any questions feel free to reach out. 
Here is a private link to Decisions: 
And here is the Same Blood EP in case you missed it : 
Daniel James Smith

Music Submission, Glett

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Born and raised in hackney london UK with bajan and grenadian roots.

Growing up in a household where music was a theme for almost everything, playing with dads records at an early age and scratching them in the process. Genuine young age love for instruments that made beautiful sounds, and a love for music and life in general has crafted my mind into always staying true to myself musically, you wont find me making a song just because its sounds like so and so.. 

The kind of artist that will write what is on my mind at the time, using influences from the old and the new. 

Musical style with a soul base, but will take the vibe anywhere musically. 

Music Submission, The Key Rocks

The Key Rocks
Artist or Band Name: 
The Key Rocks

Solo project The Key Rocks offers inspiration to anyone that has a scratch of inspiration to write music that it is absolutely possible to record and release it with decent production quality and without breaking the bank.

The work of Irishman Kevin Murphy, the Americana Irish rock project sees limited production as he keeps it simple with his LoFi approach to acoustic-influenced rock.

We took a listen to The Line, from the recent album Love & Alcohol, which opens with a laid-back winding guitar riff. Deep vocals come in over the top, with another guitar line joining in, and building up to a cool little dual guitar solo. It’s very chilled out and a nice easy listening track that’ll be sure to have you feeling mellow and chill.

The album is an interesting mixture of similarly laid-back laments and more upbeat tracks, such as the catchy opener Casanova.
We had a chat with Kevin Murphy, the man behind The Key Rocks, to find out more about his interesting approach. Give it a read below…

GR: Who are The Key Rocks?

KM: “My name is Kevin, I am a 48-year-old from Ireland who presently lives in Malaysia. I have been living in various parts of the world over the past 28 years or so and a guitar has always been close by as my travelling companion.

“The Key Rocks is a solo project that I started in 2018 that is focused on showing that music can be released by anyone, anywhere in a relatively cost-effective manner. There is too much focus in the world at the moment on overproduction, being perfect, and the expectation that everyone needs to live up to a certain image.

“I wanted to work against that concept, so with an iMac, Logic Pro, a couple of guitars and a piano in my living room, I recorded, produced and subsequently released and promoted a load of songs – one of which is The Line.”

GR: You just released The Line. What should people be expecting from the song?

KM: “This song is an expression of regret and hope when reflecting on unnecessary relationship problems. Wondering about what would happen if some things had been approached differently. What decisions might lay ahead in the relationship? Would we cross a line that could alter the course of our lives?

“Relationships are complex things, everyone has regrets, too often people can get trapped in a ‘what if?’ loop. We all need to move forward. I am prepared to wait and carry whatever burden comes with crossing certain ‘lines’ together.”

GR: How would you describe your sound to people that haven’t listened to you yet? 

KM: “I strive for a raw simple sound. I don’t agree with overproduction. Every song is recorded in a maximum of two or three takes. I play all the instruments on the single and album. I try to write honestly and all of my songs are based on direct or indirect real personal experiences and exposures over the past decades.”

GR: What influences you to write music? Any key themes or topics that you write about? 

KM: “Real-life experiences are my main motivation. I seem to be stuck on a ‘relationship’ topic at the moment. Whether remembering old experiences or reflecting on the incredible journey I have been on with my wife. I have many guitar demos but often struggle with writing of lyrics.

GR: Which bands/musicians are/have been your strongest musical influences? 

KM: “Oh dear, where to start, all music is essential to me. I started playing the piano around the age of 6 and was primarily classical trained but branched off into blues around the age of 16. I started playing the guitar at around 12, played in folk groups, some bands, some solo gigs, and also spent some years learning recorder and clarinet. So a broad base.

“The foundation influences when I was young would be Bob Dylan, John Martyn, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Janice Joplin, in my 20s it would have been The Frames, Counting Crows, Jeff Buckley, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, in my 30s more like Rory Gallagher and some essential Tom Waits.

“My most recent influences would be mainly Irish bands such as Staring at Lakes, Niall McCabe Band, Jack O’Rourke, Laura Elizabeth Hughes, Foy Vance, David Keenan – an incredible bard from Ireland who is about to take the world by storm, and top of my playlist at the moment is Fontaines DC. There is incredible depth to the Irish music scene – from Punk to Rock to Jazz to Rap to Country.”

GR: What have you got coming up through the rest of 2019? New music, new gigs, recording etc…? 

KM: “I just released an album called Love & Alcohol on 1 June, which the single The Linefeatures on. There are a few other songs released from that album now CasanovaPilot Light and Take It Away. I am planning to release another EP later in the year. This one will focus on Blues. The concept that is growing is ‘me, some slide guitar, a microphone and a bottle of whiskey’ – mix it all up and see what emerges.”

GR: Anything else you’d like people to know about you/your music? 

KM: “Getting to finally release these songs has been a very positive, empowering and passionate experience. I hope that other musicians that may feel that releasing their music is a daunting task can learn from this. It is not necessary to have fancy studios and top of the range gear to record and release. Get the music out and keep moving forward – build the confidence.”

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank GigRadar for taking the time and interest in promoting new music. It means a lot to me and, hopefully, my music will reach out to a few people and mean something to them.”

You can follow The Key Rocks on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and iTunes.

Music Submission, MONO

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MONO is a 31-year-old Peruvian independent artist who began his career in music as a producer and songwriter of electronic and synthpop in 2011. His first record was the EP "Nonsense", a homemade self-produced work edited by local label Dorog Records. In 2013, after an extensive learning and musical research process, MONO releases "Dancing With The Devil", his first production recorded in a professional studio. An electronic and synthpop song with clear influence of bands like Depeche Mode and Erasure, to name a few. Aside with this release began a series of live performances in Lima, where the artist participation stands out, for two years consecutively, during the Fiesta de la Música, one of the most important musical events in the capital of Peru organized by the French Alliance of Lima and the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima.

By the following years, other live performances would come in local bars and cultural centers; and then the release of "One Night Song", a live recorded song for a music contest that received great acceptance by MONO's fans, as well as specialized media.

In 2015, MONO entered a professional studio for the second time, this time by the renowned Peruvian producer Alejandro León (Ezio Oliva, Gala Brie, Bus, Kanaku & El Tigre), to record his first album under the codename of “ remonition. " The first single from this project is titled "Break Me" and was released at the end of 2016. This urban genre song; a mix between pop and contemporary R&B and electronic sounds, shows a much more mature side of the artist, where he convinces not only vocally, but also with risky lyrics and catchy and very well orchestrated melodies.

At the beginning of 2017, the official music video for “Break Me” was released, filmed in Lima and directed by the novel filmmaker Paola Teran. The clip received great reception by fans and local media, becoming part of the programming of open signal and cable television music channels, such as Movistar Music and Canal ipe.

"Emotions (Tell Me)", the second promotional song of this artist's musical phase, will come in the same year. A tropical cut production that follows the line of electronic music hits from producers like Dj Snake, Kygo, among others.

Then in 2018, and after a few months of hiatus, MONO releases “Blood Diamond”, the artist's favorite track and what he considers his most personal work so far. This song, of intense lyrics and melancholic melody, metaphorically portrays some passages of complicated love relationships, emphasizing the ephemeral nature of life and love after death.

It is not until the beginning of 2019 that MONO's first album, “High Anxiety” sees the light. This LP composed of eight songs, all of the authorship of the singer and produced in Big Monster studio by Alejandro Leon, is the product of almost 2 years of intense and creative work, whose process, mostly night recording sessions, means for the artist the most satisfactory project and catalyst that has had to live to date.

The songs "A Little Closer", "Rollercoaster", "Cold Hands", "U" and "The Silence" complete the list of this debut album. The last one is part of the promotion that MONO is doing aside with the album in different media in Peru and abroad. The good reception of both productions has led the artist to be part of different playlists, blogs and radios from countries such as Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Chile and the United States.

Music Submission, EastwaylouieP

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Music Submission, Gallivant

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Gallivant is a three-piece, party style, riff-based rock band, that sets a high bar for the new age of rock and roll music. Located out of Omaha, NE, Gallivant got its start in 2016.

Music Submission, Ralph Staples feat Sonya L Taylor

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Ralph Staples feat Sonya L Taylor

Sonya L Taylor was born in a small town in the state of Mississippi.  Sonya’s mother was very fond of music herself with an alto voice.   Sonya discovered her passion for songwriting at the age of 8 on the steps of her grandma's house when she wrote: "I Need A Touch".  Sonya has lots of creative plans for the future and will continue delighting her listeners with her versatile and exquisite style.

Music Submission, Poe The Passenger

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Poe The Passenger


Poe The Passenger is a Los Angeles indie rock band with a fresh new single out called "Say It Again" and we know you'll enjoy.   If you like bands like lovelytheband, Hippo Campus, COIN, Local Native, and Young The Giant but are nostalgic for bands like Bush, Incubus, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, then give us a listen.  Attached is an mp3 for your listening pleasure.  Let us know what you at BBS Radio think.  We look forward to hearing back from you.


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