Charlie On Trial

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Charlie On Trial
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Charlie On Trial
Charlie on Trial, a Rock Band from South Australia, that leans heavily into their love of early 2000’s emo and alternative rock
CD Information
Charlie On Trial, song titled, Opening Statement
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Opening Statement - single
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Opening Statement

Alex James Brierley

Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
Alex James Brierley
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Alex James Brierley
23 years old, UK Alternative Pop-Rock artist Alex James Brierley
CD Information
Alex James Brierley, song titled, Go With The Flow
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Go With The Flow - single
Song Names: 
Go With The Flow

Music Submission, Kuzman

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Hi there, 

       I am happy to announce my first solo album titled "Collective Zero". I've had the chance and time to make this record and create some 'noise' during the lockdown phases. But mainly, due to the Covid-19 situation the world is in, I could not finalize The Protagonist's third album "Act!" with my bandmate in Berlin... which we will once things begin to 'normalize'! 

       We have released two albums with The Protagonist, active collaborations with Gareth Jones, Simon Heyworth, many reviews in media such as Bloomberg News, Yahoo News, Business Insider, etc.   

       I would be thrilled if my songs would be on your Radio playlist.

You can stream the album in its entirety at the streaming link below.  

Download link: 



Music Submission, Gallagher

Company Man by Gallagher
Artist or Band Name: 

Brian Gallagher has been writing and recording original music for just over a decade. The upcoming single "Company Man" will be released worldwide on February 20th, 2021 and will be followed by a full length album - his 8th to date. His first three albums were with the Canadian band Happenstance from 2008 to 2015. After that working as a solo artist performing here in Canada and he has also produced two collaborative albums with Canadian and American musicians in 2016 and 2019. 

He has been a finalist in the UK Songwriting contest, Blues and Roots Canada 2020 songwriting contest as well as the U.S. RootsTech contest 2020.

You can find all of his music on all streaming and download services as well as on his Bandcamp page, where you can access all of his projects:

Music Submission, Peter Kleinhans

Artist or Band Name: 
Peter Kleinhans

Peter Kleinhans (whose first album, "Something's Not Right," was hailed as "thoughtful, engaging, and refreshes older styles in a bold new fashion," by Neufutur Magazine) has just released his second album, "I Was Alive Enough." 

Kleinhans is a single father of two, and a former career horse racer who was forced to give up his vocation at the age of 47. In a search for new meaning, he took an introductory song writing course. Over the next five years, he wrote the lyrics and music to his debut album, which was produced by acclaimed producer Tony Conniff, at the age of 51.

"I Was Alive Enough" explores the present moment of social isolation we are currently living in - with songs about our fear of missing out ("FOMO") and greed ("Race to the Bottom") as well as mistrust of the media ("Fake News"). But it's also hopeful and spirited, about appreciation for NYC graffiti ("91st Street"), a love of horse-racing ("W1775") and the power and joy of solitude ("Table for One"). The lyrics, as always, are the standout - and Peter has really written from the heart. 

Music Submission, Wilful Dream

Artist or Band Name: 
Wilful Dream

We are two Italian multi-instrumentalists; in the last couple of years we released five songs from our bedrooms and they all got at least 40.000 views on YouTube.

In October 2018 we released a song called “Wake Me”. The song was written, performed, recorded and mixed entirely by us.

Two months later, we were invited on RAI Radio 1 (RAI is the Italian State RadioTelevision) for an interview.

After several appearances on other radio stations, we got called by RAI television to perform our song live on RAI3 channel with the help of two friends. The video of the tv performance is on our YouTube channel.

Music Submission, Bachelors Anonymous

Bachelors Anonymous
Artist or Band Name: 
Bachelors Anonymous

On Virginia Woolf’s 139th birthday Bachelors Anonymous is pleased to offer its eponymous album Bachelors Anonymous. Featuring six songs and two bonus tracks, it originally was released in 1985 and has been remastered for your listening pleasure.

Titles include “Grand Illusion,” “Ritual Life,” “Sarasponda,” “A Stranger’s Bed,” “Nick,” and “Zigfreed.”

And check out our website, which features biographical details, music and video, a timeline of press and PR, and the BachelorBlog for stories behind the music.

Music Submission, Taken By Sanity

Paper Child Artwork
Artist or Band Name: 
Taken By Sanity

Taken By Sanity is an emerging pop alternative group from Calgary, Alberta known for their unique blend of indie pop and rock melodies and captivating live performances. Established in 2016 by instrumentalist brothers Blaine and Blair, the two joined forces with high-energy vocalist Jonah Morris and have been writing, recording and performing their original music ever since. Following their debut release City of Contrast and EP Saturn Days, Paper Child is an enthralling single that follows a conversation between an individual and an idealized version of their younger self, during a time of emotional stress; a plea to reconnect with a side of themselves that had been lost in time. The band’s latest project is an honest and exciting development in their discography.

Taken By Sanity are recipients of the 2019 YYC Music Awards Peoples Choice Award, Top 10 CBC Searchlight 2019 Finalists, and finalist in the Yangaroo Indie Spotlight 2020. They were also nominated for Group of the Year, People's Choice Award, and the Zackariah and The Prophets Memorial Award at the 2020 YYC Music Awards. Finding success through their genuine passion and identifiable sound, Taken By Sanity is gaining momentum in the Calgary live music scene and is only getting started.

Music Submission, Jakob Drummond

Jakob Drummond - Beating A Dead Horse (Single)
Artist or Band Name: 
Jakob Drummond

“Beating a Dead Horse” (BADH) is the newest genre-defying single from Alternative-Country musician, Jakob Drummond. 

Locked and loaded with Western imagery, Jakob tells the tragic story of outlaw “Addison West” as he roams the Great Plains with his band of thieves. 

BADH is a fast, pounding, experimental rock track featuring a unique line-up of instruments including high speed, slapped upright bass, pounding, gritty drums reminiscent of psychedelic garage rock and distorted, ethereal guitars that embody the depth of 90’s Post punk. 

The punchy verses of BADH are delivered quickly in a unique rhythmic formula that nods to classic hip-hop and is followed by a dream-like, atmospheric chorus that yields an intensely catchy melody that builds with each repeat. 

First Verse: 0:38

First Chorus: 0:58

Stream “BADH” on Spotify:

Stream “BADH” on Apple Music:

Stream “BADH” on Youtube:

-Jakob Drummond on social Media-








Official website:

About the artist: 

 “Jakob “Poukepse” Drummond is an Alternative Singer-Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Producer known for his experimental and non-genre-restrictive approach to songwriting. After years of writer’s-block from “staying inside the lines”, he felt the call to make something new – something not restricted by the restraint of a single genre. By creating fusion’s of Country, Soul, Punk, and more, Jakob Drummond has created a sound that is truly his own.

Music Submission, Nothingman

Artist or Band Name: 

Nothingman is an alternative rock band established in 2018. The group combines earthy vocals, and rhythmic guitar with a solid drum and bass-heavy backing. The lyrics, and music conjure imagery of loss, strife, hope, redemption, and reflection. Their sound brings the sounds of the North, and the city together into dance-worthy tunes that will have you singing along, or at least tapping your toes through their journey of musical expression.


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