Adam's Nest

Adam's Nest
Adam’s Nest, indie rock band from Romania, consists of Razvan Nicolae Rusu (vox & guitar), Vlad Alui Gheorghe (guitar & vox), Gabriel Belcescu (bass), Andrei Hancu (drums)
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Adam's Nest
Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
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Adam's Nest, song titled, Baby Doesn't Love Me
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Baby Doesn't Love Me - single
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Baby Doesn't Love Me

Music Submission, El Valerie

I D A - El Valerie Album Cover
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El Valerie

Hi and how are you! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm an NYC-based musician who just released her second album via Bandcamp! It is also coming out on cassette through Australia's Haunted Attics Records in the near future. Let me know if you would like a download code for the full album!

Additionally, 100% of the first month's (July - August 12) digital sales went to RaicesTexas, a non-profit human rights organization! Please enjoy at your convenience, and all time & support is very appreciated, thank you so much. : )


Music Submission, Ayspekt

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Hi, my name is Albert Amos Tucker III, and I go by Ayspekt when it comes to performance and music creation which I have been doing for over 25 years specializing in Alternative Rock, Alternative Hip Hop, Industrial, Rap Rock, Industrial Rock, Rap, Electronic Rock, Nu Metal, Electronica, New Age, and Electronic Dance Music. I see music as one way of expressing one's soul and enjoy the creation process as well as assisting others in their projects. I highly appreciate you checking out my profile and don't forget to hit follow if you're digging my vibe.

Music Submission, Viera Motel

Artist or Band Name: 
Viera Motel

The name Viera Motel, fashioned from pink neon, flickers in the shadows of the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne under the eyes of Jay Pollock (vocals/keys), Matthew Ferguson (guitar/keys), Dane Sorensen (bass) and Matt Colvin (drums). Established in late 2017, each room in Viera Motel now accommodate a number of dark but honest stories, confessed alongside imposing choruses and ear-worm riffs the likes of 90’s/00’s outfits Interpol, New Order, Joy Division, The Killers and Oasis. Also reminiscent of these influences is the high praise received for their bold presence and festival/arena potential, which aids their intent of making sure guests of Viera Motel check out with a five star experience.

Music Submission, Prince K'Louveer

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Prince K'Louveer

I'm Dorian (Prince K'Louveer) and I've been pursuing music for 2 years now . I'm an independent singer / songwriter / recording artist which genres I gravitate towards the most would be Electronic / EDM / Ambient / R&B /HipHop kind of styles . I've recently this year started doing more so mainstream kind of music

I'm from Dayton, OH 30yrs old . I got started with pursing music at the age of 28 . So I've been at it for a little while now . I hope you guys enjoy my music .

Music Submission, Baats + The Afterglow

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Baats + The Afterglow

Baats & The Afterglow is an alternative pop duo based in Coastal North Carolina. Both members have an eclectic list of musical inspirations and skills which creates an intricate depth of sounds. They released their debut EP entitled "Everything Is Waves" last month, celebrating the release with a performance at the local-favorite summertime festival Bernaroo in New Bern, NC. All lyrics are written by the powerhouse female vocalist and guitarist, Baats. She is supported by Jacob "The Afterglow" Gonzalez, the brains behind the sound. A proficient percussionist and pianist, Jacob creates ear-grabbing sounds that never fail to grab the attention of the audience.

Music Submission, Adam's Nest

Artist or Band Name: 
Adam's Nest

Adam’s Nest, consists of Razvan Nicolae Rusu (vox & guitar), Vlad Alui Gheorghe (guitar & vox), Gabriel Belcescu (bass), Andrei Hancu (drums). Adam’s Nest appeared in 2017 in Iași, first as an acoustic-experimental project with no high hopes. In April 2018, after their debut with the eponymous EP, the band started growing, recruiting new members, putting on their new shoes and was ready to make the giant leap to the main stage. 

Music Submission, Animal Sun

Artist or Band Name: 
Animal Sun

Fresh off their new alternative/rock/pop, studio-recorded, EP, Beginnings (released in July 2019), Animal Sun is eager to spread their love of music to people that value new beginnings with a positive mindset to live their life to the fullest. Their EP features tracks that were written solely by the band themselves and produced by Aaron Zepeda and Robert Margouleff. The two producers have worked with Stevie Wonder, Travis Scott, and Quincy Jones to name a few. Their hit single, “Girl in Blue,” has reached over 11,000+ streams on Spotify within less than two months, making this an exciting “beginning” for the group. 

ANIMAL SUN: Formed in 2015 and is led by two brothers; lead singer/songwriter, Steven Blake Alton and drummer/back-up vocalist, Will Alton. Born and raised in Virginia, the brothers chose to name their band, Animal Sun, as a dedication to their late childhood friend, James Sun, whose life was tragically cut short in 2011. Drawing from their devastation, they realized life was too short and ultimately wanted to change the world for the better through their powerful music. It wasn’t long until they began performing in front of packed audiences from college parties to house shows to filling up venues on the West Coast. Due to their huge success in their hometown, they decided to make the move to Los Angeles, CA to pursue music full time. Since relocating to LA, the band has successfully studio-recorded and released their EP, Beginnings as well as booking numerous gigs. The four tracks on the EP include: Explode, Soul on Fire, Girl in Blue, and Homesick. 

Animal Sun will be releasing their highly anticipated music video to “Girl in Blue” this week on their YouTube and Instagram accounts. In September, they will be playing at the famous, Viper Room on Sunset Strip and they hope to continue to play at well-known venues throughout California. 

Music Submission, Del Harrison

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Del Harrison

Hello and how are you?  My name is Del Harrison: I am a comedian and singer.  Please consider my single Boom Boom by Del Harrison for your regular music rotation.  Boom Boom is a catchy, high-energy dance song that is a delightful mix of house, dance and Afrobeats with a dash of EDM. People love it. The link to listen and download the mp3 is in the EPK link below.  Thank you.  

Music Submission, Lúðvík

Eternity Cover art
Artist or Band Name: 

New and merging artist Lúðvík is an icelandic electronic singer songwriter who is releasing his second single called Eternity. his music is emotional with hypnotic riffs and beats resembling bands like Depache Mode, The Cure and Moby. Lúðvík's songs are stories about human nature, about the struggle of life with optimistic view.
"I have set my aim to bring more hopefulness in music that is not all about misery, its also about the life we live which is a very prescious thing we have."
Further information is to find on Lúðvík's website


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