Music Submission, Mia Muze

Artist or Band Name: 
Mia Muze

Mia Muze is a self Produced Recording Artist from the Gold Coast,
Australia. Raised in Sydney and born in Japan, she has held the title of
#1 Independent in the Reverb Nation Artist Charts for her region, since
2014. This year she celebrates 15 years of Music and Media via her new small
Record Label Maquis Music which was launched last year to coincide with her
1 year anniversary of her first signed single, Onomatopoeia. The track released
at #1 in Brazil on the Brasbeat Tech House Charts.
This Artist supports the causes of homelessness and mental health since 2018
Mia Muze is known as a World Traveller. In this photo, she is South of the Border. In Mexico.
January 2021
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Last year Mia Muze performed at the Surfers Paradise Alliance Sand Safari,
where she was then granted a bigger stage and level of exposure for massive
beach side festival ‘Surfers Live’. The event was cancelled due to covid-19
and Mia Muze instead released a new music collection under Maquis Music,
‘Signs of Sealife’. This 9 track release is the first signing by her label, to new
artist Kirra Sato of Arizona, USA and reveals special songs of Hope and Love.
Mia Muze is known as ‘the Versatile Vocalist’ having begun within the genre of
Hip Hop which was played by radio also under the banner of World Music. Mia
Muze has always been experimental in nature and tends to feature significant
vocals and a unique and often complex songwriting style. Her cd collections
include; Summer Storm, Mia Muze and Elemental presents.. eSeason, 10
Minutes and Twisted Winter. Due to her passionate run of the world around her,
she also claims the tag ‘Nature Queen’ and had originally launched in 2006 as
Mia Muze, The Urban Shaman.
This Artist is known for her social media prowess, and contribution to Art
through ‘Beauty and Culture’ and was once mistakenly labelled a Beauty
Queen by corrupt media channels who misunderstood that she stands alone in
years of digital media publishing. Having combatted a few gross
misunderstandings online, Mia Muze is recognised as a Truthsayer and could
be seen as controversial due to her earnest advocacy for the Honour and
Mia Muze’s vocals have been described as ‘with dynamic and gymnastics’, her
tracks have been stated ‘soundscape engineering’, ‘experimental and
entrancing’ and discuss real life stories in a popular music context.
Hear her work via start with the Full Collection
(Discography). Recommended tracks are Deepness {Twisted Winter}, The
Oceans {Twisted Winter}, I Can Do Anything and Onomatopoeia {via BrasBeat}.

Music Submission, ZinEgo

Artist or Band Name: 

Four piece alternative rock/indie band called "ZinEgo" from Newbridge, Co. Kildare, IRELAND

Debut Album due for release - The End of the Beginning

Music Submission, Melon Season

Artist or Band Name: 
Melon Season

Melon Season is mostly just my own personal recording project, based around Urbana and Chicago, IL. The project started around 2015, and it has been loosely ongoing ever since. The DIY and lofi ideals/recording methods of the Velvet Underground, Daniel Johnston, CAN, and Duster are very inspirational. The music of early Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, Pavement – and even music from the Zelda series – are very influential on the style. I am constantly writing, so I record all the songs on my own in order to make room in my head for the next ones; before I forget anything specific, really. Every once in a while I get a pretty good take of something, so I organize those into albums that I suppose make up a similar feel. The songs become like puzzle pieces. This is just a passion and hobby that I have to pursue no matter what. I usually collaborate with my brother, drummer, James.

A few tracks I would like to highlight are: Oceans, Glow (Kangaroo Court), Baggage, Descendee (Down), and Pangean. Of course, feel free to listen to any of the others if you happen to enjoy any of these.

Music Submission, The Water Dogs

Fine Line - The Water Dogs
Artist or Band Name: 
The Water Dogs

The Water Dogs are an Indie/Alternative sibling trio based out of Buffalo, NY.

Music Submission, Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos

Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos
Artist or Band Name: 
Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos

Formed in late 2015, Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos is an  original Indie Rock / Alternative Rock / Grunge Rock band from Asquith, SK Canada.  The band consists of  frontwoman/guitarist Phoenix Christa, guitarist Roland King and drummer Linda King.   Phoenix and the SilverVoodoos' music can best be described as loud and powerful with Roland’s heavy guitar, Phoenix’s fragile but powerful vocals , her grinding guitar licks combined with Linda's engaging beats.

Music Submission, Dumbfox

Artist or Band Name: 

We are Dumbfox, and we are contacting you because we would love to be on your show! In short, Dumbfox is very new. It started off as a fun side project over quarantine and has turned into a full fledged band. Our style is somewhat difficult to pinpoint at the moment as we strive to not make the same song twice, however, if I had to specify us to one genre, I would say we are definitely more rooted in pop-punk with major influences coming from big names like Weezer, Beck, blink-182, and Green Day. I've attached a link to our band page which provides previews of all of our current songs.

Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon! -Asa (Dumbfox) 

Music Submission, Serial Obsession

Artist or Band Name: 
Serial Obsession

Serial Obsession is a NYC based guitar driven rock band , they have just released their latest single Love Alone, they released a 6 song ep "All I Need" in 2019,due to the pandemic the band has decided to release a series of singles as they are completed rather than wait to release a full album

Music Submission, Strawman & The Jackdaws

Artist or Band Name: 
Strawman & The Jackdaws

Strawman & the Jackdaws’ release debut EP ‘FOX’ on the 22nd January 2021

Strawman & the Jackdaws is a Dublin based musical project consisting of singer-songwriter Riccardo Ranzani, drummer Michael Reolon, guitarist Jacopo Stofler and keyboardist and saxophonist Rory Fleming. The anticipated debut EP ‘FOX’ will be released on the 22nd of January 2021, containing the anticipatory yet well-known singles ‘Precious Star’ and ‘Swallow’.

‘FOX’ is a bold opening statement from the band, highly representative of their eclectic nature, a constant within the EP tracks. This eclecticism is always harmonized by joyful and playful tones, even though accompanied by profound metaphors and imaginaries. Distant from simplicity and banality, the band’s first EP's outcome is a set of tracks that are simple to catch and interiorize because of the intense collaboration between the musicians. The EP explores the meanings of the concept and the experience of travelling, driven by the belief that no matter the effort it takes; there will always be something to rely on and have faith in, a symbolic light emerging from shadows.

It was recorded at Flaked Studio with Adam Redmond and Terzo Mondo Studio with Giampaolo Rossi and mastered by Robin Schmidt.

Ranging over-energetic, folkie lines, engaging indie-pop melodies, and distorted riffs, the band’s strength resides in their Live shows and in their ability to entertain the crowd. After performing on Irish, English and Italian stages, the band is already booked for shows and festivals around Europe and Russia in 2021.

Music Submission, Thing of Twins

Artist or Band Name: 
Thing of Twins

Thing of Twins is a rock n roll band formed in 2017 in Los Angeles, CA. The band is composed of twin brothers Carlos Garcia (vocal, guitar) and Lucio Garcia (vocal/ drums). Coming out of previous projects, The twins have developed a sound uniquely their own with influences from Green Day, Royal Blood, Blink 182 to say the least. Since the formation of the band, Thing of Twins have performed at several notable venues and shows across California, delivering high energetic and loud as f**k performances. With the release of their latest album, 2020, Thing of Twins are making a mark on the LA rock scene and setting their sights on world domination, one stage at a time

Music Submission, Throw Pillows

Artist or Band Name: 
Throw Pillows

Thanks for reviewing our music for submission!  Throw Pillows is an up and coming band based in Nashville that seeks to bring introspective messages into palatable upbeat music.  Check out our social media for more details!


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