Music Submission, Coor Brow-Obles

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Coor Brow-Obles

Coor Brow-Obles is a South-Eastern UK based alternative musician and secret fantasy you can't tell your partner about. Multi-instrumentalist and producer,  noted for his pure voice, intelligent lyrics, strong stage presence and devilish good looks. He lays claim to the throne of The Melancholy Prince.

With Inspiration from artists like David Bowie, Placebo, The Cure, Still Corners and Björk, his music is constantly evolving and exploring the boundaries of alternative pop music. First Performing regularly at University with his punk band Turtle Circles. He enjoyed a small amount of success including an EP titled “Going In Circles”, supporting Germany’s most progressive gothic rock band “Sweet Ermengarde”. Coor has since gone solo performing acoustically and enjoying the chance to experiment with his style of music and performance. Having completed his Master’s degree in Music, Coor has since written a soundtrack for an award winning independent movie and found global success with fans in India, France and Spain.


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Bungalow, from the Netherlands, makes music that is a little more expressive than others, and why their choruses are a little more memorable than most

Music CD, Rockets - single, Bungalow

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Bungalow, song titled, Rockets
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Rockets - single
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CD Information
Bungalow, song titled, Make It Right
CD Name: 
Make It Right - single
Song Names: 
Make It Right


Playing on BBS Radio between talk shows
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AURUS aka Bastien Picot distills in this first solo album, the Maloya of its roots in an orchestral and percussive pop setting, reminiscent of James Blake, Peter Gabriel or Woodkid
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Aurus, CD titled, Aurus EP
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Aurus EP
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Music Submission, daniel nicholas fairhurst

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daniel nicholas fairhurst

I stumbled across your station online, I am a singer songwriter based in Germany but originally from a sleepy seaside village in wales.

Just before Christmas i Filmed a live cover for a Big festival orginiser here in Germany and was 50,000 views in a week

I stumbled across your station online, I am a singer songwriter based in Germany but originally from a sleepy seaside village in wales.

I have just released a new single which can be heard here. It is a homage too a late friend and FFO Bon Iver, Damien Rice, Jose Gonzalez and City and colour.
Is accompanied by a beautifully shot video.
Anyway I hope you like it, If you want to play it feel free to write me.
Thanks for your time

Music Submission, vela incident

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vela incident

Indie Rock N Roll band from South Wales

Music Submission, The Arthur Clark Collective

The Arthur Clark Collective
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The Arthur Clark Collective

Sick of bands that only ever split up, Lemmie Bon Jail decided for a new tactic: The Collective! Formed of himself and anyone to weak/lazy to escape his musical grasp, The Arthur Clark Collective have released two albums and two singles. Due to two members being teachers, the Collective have become viral sensations in at least two secondary schools in the East London Area. Oh Yes.

Formed in Romford, an Essex/London hinterland, in 2018 the Arthur Clark Collective attempt to specialise in Punk and anti-folk music. The Collectives influences are Brit-pop, Sonic Youth, Pavement and similar North American artists as well as electronic bands such as UNKLE and Archive.

 Our first Album was released in 2019, containing songs mostly penned by Lemmie Bon Jail, the front man and included a variety of friends (not all musicians) who helped to add parts and ideas. to the mix. 

A second album, 'Middle Class Hero' was released in 2021 featuring yet more collaborations with anyone willing to join up. 

Music Submission, Dai Williams & 505 Friends

Witches by Dai Williams & 505 Friends
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Dai Williams & 505 Friends

I'm very pleased to be able to send you this MP3 of 'Witches' by Dai Williams & 505 Friends in advance of its release this Friday. We hope you find it worthy of some exposure - please see attached MP3 and short bio below.

Coinciding with Ostara (Spring Equinox in the Wiccan Calendar) or 19/03/21 for everyone else, Dai Williams & 505 Friends bring you the magnificent masterpiece ‘Witches’. You will be able to stream this via your preferred platform by clicking this link

This ambitious piece has been nearly a year in the making: written, recorded and produced entirely in lockdown by sharing ideas and files across multiple remote locations in Wales and Cyprus. It has been born out of a collective's desire to achieve greatness in spite of the adversity the world faces in pandemic and changing social attitudes.

Witches will have you spellbound with its dramatic orchestral sounds, enchanting harmonies, seductive hooks and mesmerising lyrics.

Our Wiccan friends need fear not, this is not intended as a call to pitchforks and burning haystacks, rather it is metaphoric with modern day 'witch hunts' maliciously manufactured by those who have control over the media for political or anarchical purposes, which, sadly, are all too often embraced by the fickle in their hoards. This is intended as a warning cry to those who would succumb to the path of least resistance to follow like sheep.

The music video pays homage to the classic silent horror movies of the 1920s and complements the song perfectly. You will be able to view this from 19/03/21 here:

Dai Williams has been in bands for the best part of his life, starting with Million Dollar Babies in the 90s. His solo work has been transformed through collaboration with a collective of 505 friends, including various members of Aubrey Straw, Sound Egg International, 505 Collective and the Hoskins Phenomenon and will be promoted via Shiny Vinyl Presents.

Other interesting facts: In his spare time Dai Williams is a butterfly collector and is very proud to have caught a black hairstreak in the golden summer of 2018. However, he has a strange fear of the colour yellow (Xanthophobia), which has restricted his collection somewhat. So much so, he has often been known to run away from Tiger Swallowtail butterflies, seeking refuge in a darkened room for a few hours afterwards.

Twitter: @dai_505

Music Submission, Your Machine

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Your Machine

We do covers of current top 100 songs and have the proper licensing. I've pasted some relevant info from our press release below about this cover of Kid Laroi's Without You we are promoting. It's sad breakup song with explicit lyrics.

Your Machine Sings Back To Hip-Hop Phenom Kid Laroi In Their Powerful Cover of Without You 

For this song, Your Machine collaborated with Phoebe Carter from London who sings back to Kid Laroi on their latest cover of one of his hit songs “Without You” - which has currently topped the charts for several months. 

Phoebe gives a voice to the female side of the story behind the original song. Her voice is authentic and full of power and emotion - perfect for this empowering piece. Combining the soulful tones of her voice with viola and violin takes the original song to new emotional heights. The beauty and simplicity of the original are harnessed in new ways with electric guitar, bass, and the string section. Your Machine has transformed this popular Hip-Hop breakup song into a powerful pop/singer-songwriter arrangement. 

Stream/download “Without You” below: 

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Watch single screen video:


Social distancing has been quite tough, to say the least; but not enough to hold these musicians back!

Your Machine consists of artists from around the world, collaborating together in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. When the traditional ways of collaborating on and promoting music essentially disappeared, producers David (drummer from the U.S.) and Mark (bassist/guitarist from Austria) connected online in January 2020. They began recording their album remotely - which is, let’s face it, part of the new business model for many musicians, even at the highest professional tiers of the industry. 

For this current track, Your Machine collaborated with Phoebe Carter from London. 

“Once I heard Phoebe's voice, I knew she was perfect for covering this song with us. I could hear both the power and sincerity in her voice and delivery. It was kind of a tough song to execute because some of the lyrics weren’t very empowering to women. But Phoebe sang it back to the original artist in a perfectly empowering way. “  - David

Your Machine is currently riding the wave from their first big cover release of Masked Wolf’s “Astronaut in the Ocean” on March 1st 2021. They are currently in the studio producing more cover releases with vocalists from the U.S., U.K., and Brazil to drop in May, June, and July of this year. 

“I really like how the track turned out. We made it very simple, yet powerful. The vocal production is top notch and adding the string section was clearly the best choice we made. Listeners can definitely relate to the pensive feeling of this song. In my opinion, we took the song to another level of melancholic sadness.” - Mark

Please contact for interviews and further info. 

Music Submission, Greg Marnik

Artist or Band Name: 
Greg Marnik

Reggae rocker Greg Marnik blends 90's alternative and silky island breezes on his 2020 maxi single He is Lord.  With a sound that's far from ordinary, each song delivers its own unique refreshing twist on the message of hope, promise, and positivity. 

Music Submission, Martin Paul Cuthew

Calling Out My Name - cover artwork
Artist or Band Name: 
Martin Paul Cuthew

BIO: '"With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world." The line from the poem Desiderata encapsulates the philosophy of singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist Martin Paul Cuthew. Cathartic and introspective meditations on love, hope and longing are set against a backdrop of bold colours and warm, rich tones ... a foundation of acoustic-rock vocal and guitar is enriched with lush synths and electronic rhythms to generate gutsy pop-rock songs. 

Martin played keyboards from an early age before moving onto guitar in his teens. Early influences were Pink Floyd, Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead alongside electronic acts Orbital and The Prodigy. However, it was British rock band Oasis that first really inspired him to write songs and take music more seriously. Since then, he has been writing and recording music, further influenced by Coldplay, Muse, M83 and Biffy Clyro.

Martin has performed all over South-East England - including The Cage Bar in Reigate, Kingston's Ram Jam Club and Scratchers (Three Lions) in Farncombe - but it is appearances at the international Greenbelt Festival and at legendary London venues, the Half Moon Putney and Dublin Castle in Camden, that really stand out.

Martin's debut single, Stand Tall, was released in November 2020 to positive reviews - A&R Factory said "...Martin Paul Cuthew’s progressive soul-saver of a single ... [is] a powerful Pop Rock reminder that growth is something to take hold of with positivity instead of grief and fear"'

For further info and content, please check out my EPK, Website, Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

I hope the track is to your liking and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks and Regards



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