Music Submission, Headcase The Band

Artist or Band Name: 
Headcase The Band

Original Rock Band Headcase The Band is based in WInston Salem, NC  and made up of 5 members Nolan O'Gara, Jacob Rockwell, Alston Harris, Jacob Welsh, and Tyson Baker. Our Debut EP titled No One Left To See will be available on all platforms and CD Oct1, 2019!

Music Submission, Lhasa

Lhasa - Birdsong - single
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New Zealand-based indie folk duo, Lhasa, are the result of two completely different worlds colliding. One from a sleepy, small city in New Zealand, while the other grew up in one of the biggest cities in China. The duo come together as a marriage of different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences to create something unique, punchy, and eager to be heard.

Samuel and Micaela met at music school and began writing songs together in 2017, forming Lhasa. After penning their first song, ‘Birdsong’, they knew that they were onto something special. Like the coming together of two completely different lives, their music is a combination of an organic acoustic sound and a penchant for rock music. Their striking harmonies and poetic songwriting provide an immersive, emotional experience.

Music Submission, Streetcar Conductors

Artist or Band Name: 
Streetcar Conductors

Streetcar Conductors are a 5 piece powerpop band from Portland OR whose unique blend of synthesizers, heavy guitars, vocal harmonies and clever songwriting has been compared to The Cars, Weezer, Cheap Trick, and The Partridge Family.

Thir debut album The Very Best of Streetcar Conductors was released in 2018 and was featured in Powerpop Overdose, Powerpopaholic, and PopGeekHeaven’s list of 2018’s best albums. In 2019, Streetcar Conductors were included on Ice Cream Man Powerpop’s Summer compilation Screw Balls and Curve Balls, and also headlined the International Pop Overthrow festival in both San Francisco and Portland.

Streetcar Conductors are currently working on our sophomore album, set to release in early 2020.

Music Submission, Joe Kelly Jr.

Artist or Band Name: 
Joe Kelly Jr.

Hello! I’m excited to share Ghost In The Feeling,  the debut single from Joe Kelly Jr.’s yet named EP being released 2020.  The Official Music Video was released Friday the 13th.   The single will be released on all digital platforms on the 27th of September.  Many amazing musicians and engineers worked on this single.  I really hope you like it and play it! Thank you for your time and consideration. Enjoy!!!

Music Submission, BaYaT

Debut single Lost by BaYaT jpg
Artist or Band Name: 

Altrock band from Novi Sad, Serbia, with a western approach and influenced by great global rock stars are challenging the moral issues of the 21st century

Music Submission, BaYaT

Artist or Band Name: 

Altrock band from Novi Sad, Serbia, with a western approach and influenced by great global rock stars are challenging the moral issues of the 21st century

Music Submission, Zariyah Skylark

Artist or Band Name: 
Zariyah Skylark

i am just a fan and currently a friend of the artist and i know hed appreactie his music being shared, he defintley deserves it and youll soon be in tune and know what i mean. 

Music Submission, Nanda

Your Everything But Your Happy Girl Nanda Cover
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Singer-songwriter who uses music as a way of dealing with her own demons.

Music Submission, Goodspace

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Hello we are Goodspace: a 3-piece band from Auckland making lo-fi, indie rock with hints of hip-hop and songwriter sensibilities

--and we have just released our first EP.

In a few words, we make music that makes you feel present. 

But it’s pretty hard to explain.

So have a listen for yourself.  

Music Submission, T.O.L.D.

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Daniel James from T.O.L.D. here.  I wanted to give you a shout to let you know about the new single Decisions that I am releasing this Friday, September 6. It's a follow up to the Same Blood EP which I released in June. I let my label handle all of the outreach for the Same Blood EP for the same reason I wrote this song. I had been feeling exhausted by constantly making decisions. Not just the little everyday ones, but the kind that determine what happens with what you create as an artist. The kind that either leads your conscience to feel guilty for making too much noise or feel guilty for not making enough noise. This time I thought I'd reach out a bit more. I want to open up as I've sort of been hiding away for the past couple years(I nearly quit music do to the pressure and popularity contest of the industry). If you've any questions feel free to reach out. 
Here is a private link to Decisions: 
And here is the Same Blood EP in case you missed it : 
Daniel James Smith


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