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Out of This World Radio, September 11, 2021with Ted Mahr and guests Dr. Carolyn White, Alfred Labremont Webre and then Charles ColemanDr. Carolyn White, Alfred Labremont Webre, Alfred Webre, Charles Coleman,
Raising Expectations, September 20, 2021Guest, Joe E Collins III, Republican, Navy veteran running to defeat radical leftist Maxine Waters in California's 43rdJoe E Collins III,  defeat radical leftist, Maxine Waters, California's 43rd District
Chuck and Julie Show, September 22, 2021Guest, Wayne Allen Root, cancelling the cancel cultureWayne Allen Root, cancelling the cancel culture
Chuck and Julie Show, September 20, 2021Guests, Peg Cage and Casper Stockham, saving the GOP and morePeg Cage, Casper Stockham
Discover Your Potential, September 19, 2021Guest, Melissa Peil, being a psychic and how it works essentially for the psychicMelissa Peil, being a psychic
Connect The Dots, September 19, 2021Connect the Dots with Tom Edison - Video presentation combinedconnect the dots
The Sports Doctor, September 22, 2021Guests, Lou Vickery and Sonny SmithLou Vickery, Sonny Smith
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