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Dare To Dream, September 29, 2022Guest, Jimmy Mack, renowned medical intuitive and spiritual life coachJimmy Mack, renowned, medical intuitive, Spiritual Life Coach
Logical Thinking, October 1, 2022Guest, Brittany Haywood, Herbal Health ReviewBrittany Haywood, Herbal Health Review
Lets Find Out, October 2, 2022Elizabeth Joyce Teaches – PREDICTIONS through Jan 12, 2023Elizabeth Joyce Teaches, PREDICTIONS through Jan 12
Shadow Politics, October 2, 2022Guest, Mina Bai, blogger for the Times of Israel, writing about politics in Iran, Middle east and USMina Bai, blogger for the Times of Israel, politics in Iran
Here We Stand, October 2, 2022What is the present tyranny and where did it come from? An overview, with Kevin and OwenWhat is the present tyranny, where did it come from, Kevin and Owen
As You Wish Talk Radio, October 1, 2022Questions and Answers with James Gilliland, time to get ready for some trying times ahead!Questions and Answers with James Gilliland, trying times ahead
Voices of Courage, September 28, 2022Guest, Dr Jude Currivan, multidimensional realitiesJude Currivan, multidimensional realities