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The Sports Doctor, May 24, 2023Guests, Bill Crawford and Signe RonkaBill Crawford, Signe Ronka
Chuck and Julie Show, May 24, 2023Dr. Brian Joondeph talks about this bizarre and disturbing trend. Plus DeSantis enters the raceActual crime, Left but Good Samaritans are criminals, Dr Brian Joondeph, bizarre and disturbing trend, DeSantis enters the race
Responder Resilience, May 24, 2023Guest, Dr. Renee Thornton, Resilience Expert & AuthorRenee Thornton, Resilience Expert and Author
Words Women and Wisdom Show, May 23, 2023Guest, Phoebe Leona, Dancer, speaker, author, yoga teacher, and transformational guidePHOEBE LEONA, yoga teacher, transformational guide
Voices of Courage, May 23, 2023Guest, Catherine Mattiske, CEO | Expert in Learning Science | Creator of The Genius QuotientCatherine Mattiske, The Genius Quotient