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Guest Name
Rev. Jessica Hebert
Guest Occupation
intuitive, teacher, mystic, minister, dream interpreter
Guest Biography

Jessica Hebert - Bio

Rev. Jessica Hebert is known and regarded for her gentleness, delicate way with words, and humor.

Through intuitive and spiritual services, she provides support, tools, and resources to harmonize your sacred wholeness, instilling calm, clarity, and hope.

A core aspect of her work is training and empowering Light workers, shamans, and healers. She teaches a variety of classes and courses about the workings of the Universe, understanding our mystical experiences, 5th dimensional approaches to life’s challenges, and tapping into the healer within.

Soon she will also release her first book, A Guide for the Budding Shaman, in which she draws on her decade of wisdom as a shaman and interfaith minister, as well as her two decades as a practicing pagan. 

Speaking of Jessica’s shamanic experience … 


Jessica walks through life consistently connected with the Divine, and the physical dimensions of Earth. She strives to serve the Divine with balanced tolerance, generosity, charity, mercy, compassion, and an appreciation for humor. 

She sees the spiritual in all of life, from doing dishes to lighting prayer candles. 

Rev. Jessica didn’t grow up seeing dead people, like a lot of her contemporaries. But that didn’t stop her from trying!

She draws on two decades of pagan practice, and self-healing initiations. In the past 10+ years, she has trained and practiced in shamanism, Reiki, dream interpretation, interfaith ministry, and priestesshood.


Jessica serves clients all over the world, offering remote sessions, including: 

  • Reiki healing

  • Intuitive phone readings

  • Remote energy clearings

  • Dream interpretation

Her virtual classes include a healer course and an “Explore Shamanism” course.

Jessica also offers rites of passage ceremonies, including:

  • Baptisms/wiccanings

  • Coming of age ceremonies

  • Custom weddings

  • End of life ceremonies

See her website at for more information.




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