A Fireside Chat, March 17, 2018

Barbara Hand Clow

Barbara Hand Clow returns to talk about her latest trilogy:  the "Revelations" series.  We begin tonight with Revelations of the Ruby Crystal.  Barbara returns April 21st to talk about the release of the 2nd of the trilogy:  Revelations of the Aquarian Age.

Guest, Barbara Hand Clow

Guest Occupation: 
Author, astrologer, cosmologist, ceremonial teacher, researcher

Guest Name, Daniella & Bruce Fenton

Bruce & Daniella Fenton
Daniella & Bruce Fenton
The authors of 'Hybrid Humans' and 'The Forgotten Exodus'
Daniella and Bruce Fenton are a husband and wife research team based in Bathurst, NSW. Between them, they investigate a wide range of subject areas including archaeology, palaeoanthropology, shamanism, mythology, ufology and psychism. Daniella is an experienced psychic medium and has also trained in Ecuador's Andean shamanic practices and holds a licence to practice shamanic healing in Peru. Bruce has featured on the popular Science Channel show 'The Unexplained Files' as well as featuring in various online media. They have co-authed several books, their most recent being The Forgotten Exodus: The Into Africa Theory of Human Evolution & Hybrid Humans: Scientific EVidence of our 800,000-year-old alien legacy. For more details please visit their websites and

A Fireside Chat, February 17, 2018

Inelia Benz

Inelia Benz returns for an update on her new books, life, and raising the vibration of the planet.

Guest Name, Dr Cesily Deangelo

Dr Cesily Deangelo
Dr Cesily Deangelo

I am a Metaphysician, a Workshop Facilitator, and Author. I am a raw vegan chef. I wanted to do more in the Holistic field so I have a degree in Parapsychology. I am a Master Reiki, Prana, Munay-Ki ( Instructor), Color Therapist, Vibration Therapist, Doula, and Counselor. I am an author and I create internet TV shows and radio Shows. I am Gemstone Instructor . Providing Workshops for Women Yoni Healing and Workshops for Men Lingham Healing. Provide Workshops on Detoxing and other things to keep the body safe. I have for Sale Kombucha and Kefir Video course for online

Guest Name, Christopher Ostrowski

Christopher Ostrowski
Christopher Ostrowski
Owner/Advisor at Papa Coyote's
Owner/Advisor · January 1, 2009, to present · Mohnton, Pennsylvania
I grew up in an area of Pennsylvania where there was a practice called “Pow Wow Medicine”. This is a type Root Medicine and Conjuring that is used by the Pennsylvania Dutch. It is a combination of Eastern European folk Christianity and superstition, ceremonial magic, Cabbalistic influence, Judeo-Christian folklore. And depending on what part of the Appalachian Trail you are from, shamanic practices, Native teachings and Hoodoo practices derived from the beliefs of Africans brought to the U.S. during the time of slavery. The word Pow Wow is early 17th century: from Narragansett powáw ‘magician’ (literally ‘he dreams’). The proper name is Speilwork or Braucherei. Adepts are called Braucher, Hexenmeisters, or just Hexens.

A Fireside Chat with Lance White, August 13, 2017

Ruffina Anklesaria

Ruffina Anklesaria has had a unique ability for over 20 years, which involves the opening of another person's 3rd eye.  Often, past lifetimes will be seen by the participant, shedding light.  There is also an "etheric" quality which comes from the golden white light that begins to flood the room, and transform it into a higher, Divine state of bliss, love and joy.

Guest, Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria, M.A.

Guest Occupation: 
Transcendental Stress Management, Shaktipat, Meditation, Past Lives, Corporate Wellness

New Realities, August 1, 2017

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