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Dare To Dream, May 19, 2024

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Dare To Dream
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Guest, Lyssa Royal Holt, ETs, Shamanism and Earth

Dare to Dream with Debbie Dachinger

Guest, Lyssa Royal Holt, ETs, Shamanism and Earth

The Shocking Link Between Self-Love & Extraterrestrials

Ever wonder if there's a connection between healing yourself and contact with extraterrestrial beings? This mind-blowing exploration dives deep into the idea that self-love and inner work might be the key to unlocking contact with ETs. 

In this video, you'll discover: 
1) How healing your inner wounds can open doors to profound cosmic encounters. 
2) Why embracing your true self might be the invitation needed for contact with beings from other worlds.  
3) The surprising interconnectedness between our inner journey and the vast cosmos.  
4) Practical tips to cultivate self-love and expand your consciousness for potential extraterrestrial connections  

About My Guest: Lyssa Royal Holt has been a seminar leader, channel, and author since 1985. She is the co-director, with her husband Ronald Holt, of Seed of Life Institute LLC and the SOLi School, an organization whose primary purpose is to assist individuals to understand the nature of consciousness and to put this understanding into practice in daily life – providing a road map to the process of realizing the true Awareness beyond the human identity. ⁠ ⁠

This video is a MUST-WATCH!

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ET Contact, as a tool for personal and planetary transformation. Quantum Consciousness.
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Lyssa Royal-Holt is a well-known channel and the author of the books The Prism of Lyra, Visitors from Within, Preparing for Contact, and Millenium.
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Want to know how to prepare for Extra-Terrestrial Contact? My guest is Lyssa Royal Holt, known for her groundbreaking books The Prism of Lyra, Preparing for Contact, Visitors from Within and The Golden Lake. She has been a trance channel, contact researcher, and seminar leader globally since 1985. In 2010 she developed The Galactic Heritage Cards, a card system that explores the archetypal galactic influences on a person’s life, as well as their wounds, unfinished lessons, and spiritual gifts. Lyssa was recently seen in season 1 and 2 of GAIA TV’s series called Interview with E.D. -  Extradimensionals with Reuben Langdon. She lives in Arizona with her husband and travels often to Japan to work with her large community of students.

Dare To Dream

Dare To Dream with Debbi Dachinger
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Debbi Dachinger

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