Education Technology

Guest, Eric Raines

Guest Occupation: 
Holistic Healing, Implant and Parasite Removal, Meridian Clearing and Balancing, Soul Fragment Retrieval and teaching how to clear yourself

Guest Name, Jeff-Louis


A Husband, Father, Waterologist, Founder of comes from a background in electrical engineering and a passion for all things water, and Gary Voss of VossTech and creator of a new form of Smart Tech will be discussing our latest emerging technology venture the Intellitrees.

Guest, Paola Leopizzi Harris

Guest Occupation: 
Investigative Journalist

Guest, Piotr Cielebiaś

Guest Occupation: 
UFO Researcher

Guest Name, Yogi Ramadin

Yogi Ramadin Connective Communication
Yogi Ramadin
Wellness Practitioner, Yogic Philosophy

Yogi Ramadin is a Hatha Yoga Teacher who enjoys empowering community to create mutually rewarding, heart and spirit opening communications. He is also a lifetime student of interpersonal communication, intimacy, and humanistic psychology.

Currently he is building community around Connective Communication and bringing wellness to the workplace with his health and wellness company, Whole Being Health. 

Stream Talk Live, November 4, 2015

Stream Talk Live

Stream Talk Live with Dean Welsson is an educational show for digital broadcasters. We will teach stream quality, technology and much more. Dean has been a member of the digital broadcast community since 1995 and helped pioneer digital streaming.

A Fireside Chat, August 22, 2015

Duane Heppner

Duane Heppner shared his vision of the All Solar Research Vessel, which is going to be built and stationed at the Huntington Beach Pier.


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