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Stanford Grad and former NFL Player

Sound Healing with David Gibson

More ways to deal with anxiety and fear, with sound, vibration and energy

Just The Tips with Dean Holland and James P Friel

Guest, Greg Spillane, specialist in company turnarounds, team building, business development strategy

Sound Healing with David Gibson

Sound For Children, planet wide school curriculum

Judy Carroll shares her lifelong experiences with the Grey ETs, going on since early childhood.  In 2011, Judy attended a meeting on an ET ship that involved a discussion on the past and present situation on Earth, including the hijacking of the planet millennia ago.

Kenneth Swartz, the scientist and inventor who accidentally stumbled across Carbon60, talks about the process and how C60 has been shown to improve energy, heal long-term conditions, reverse aging, and more!

Deepen in the Divine Radio with Scott Krytsa. join Scott as he reads from his first novel "The Spirit That Moves Mountains". You will hear a little behind the scenes story of how the novel was created as well as Chapters 1-4.

What if Jeshua (Jesus) was so enlightened he never suffered during the trial and crucifixion? A controversial new take on the life of Jeshua and his equal, Mary Magdalene. Witness miracles, forgiveness and love like you’ve never seen it before. Re-experience life in Judea through the minds of masters.

Penny Kelly, a leader in the consciousness research field, returns to share her views on a wide range of subjects.