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A Fireside Chat, February 11, 2017

Mark McCandlish

A Fireside Chat with Lance White and guest Mark McCandlish

​Mark talks about the Secret Space Program, Breakaway Civilization, zero point energy, and recounts riveting alien abductions from those who remember their telepathic connection, who share how thoughts shift matter.  Time travel and the 4th Event.


Guest, Mark McCandlish

Guest Occupation: 
Artist, Illustrator, UFO and Zero Point Energy Research

Wish Upon A Star, January 18, 2017

Wish Upon A Star with Anndell V. Banks, banner

Wish Upon A Star with Anndell Banks interviewing Robert Kirby III

Live From Pullman National Monument, December 25, 2016

Live From Pullman National Monument with Dr Lyn Hughes

Live From Pullman National Monument with Dr Lyn Hughes and guests as follows:

September 17th show with David Peterson combined with the October 16th show with Jason Lesniewicz.

Guest, Edward Dawson-Taylor

Guest Occupation: 
Technical Creative Director and Co-founder of Edge Visual

Guest, Jacqueline Cooper

Guest Occupation: 
Visual Creative Director and Co-founder of Edge Visual

Guest Name, Mr. Malcolm J. Brenner

Mr. Malcolm J. Brenner
Mr. Malcolm J. Brenner

Born in New Jersey in 1951, grew up outside Philadelphia, moved to Florida in 1967, graduated from New College with a degree in communications, 1974. Worked in a variety of menial and professional jobs including dishwasher, busboy, construction worker, photo lab owner-operator, wilderness tour guide, public information officer, freelance wrtite/photographer. Officially retired in 2013 to devote myself full time to writing and publishing.


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