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RADIO TONI with Toni Lontis

Guest, Denise Bossarte, poet and photographer whose passion is writing, nature, and abstract photography.

Her daytime job in IT helps to keep the household running.

She enjoys writing, teaching Miksang contemplative photography workshops, and going on photo shoots to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary world.

She teaches and photographs near her home in Texas.

Artists at Work with Heidi Bacon and guest Emma Bridges, Spark to Screen

Artists at Work with Heidi Bacon and guest Diedre Rodman Struck, Piano Goddess

An Idaho native, pianist/composer Deidre Rodman Struck moved to New York in 1997 after receiving a Master's Degree in Jazz Studies from the University of North Texas. She found work playing for the Big Apple Circus, and spent her free time going out to hear all the music she could. She immediately found musical synchronicity with a number of players from the downtown scene, including Roy Nathanson of the Jazz Passengers.

Artists at Work with Heidi Bacon and guest Tina Garrett

In 2012, after a career as a freelance cartoon illustrator and graphic designer, the Scottsdale Artists’ School awarded Tina the first of two merit scholarships based on a handful of self-taught pastel portraiture, and she began learning how to paint, dedicating herself to the full-time practice of understanding oil painting.

Dr Ginas Radio Chat with Dr Gina R Prince

Guests, Videographer, Roderick Dickerson and Personal Financial Consultant, Jeffrey Hill

Words Women and Wisdom Show with Yvonne E L Silver

Guest, Patricia Karen Gagic, accomplished International Contemporary Artist and Award winning author, dedicated her career to mastering the palette and technique from the great French Master “Dragan Dragic” and the Matisse palette.

Actor, director and playwright and Founder & CEO of Visions of Possibilities