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Radio Toni Artwork You Deserve With Tracie Eaton, September 1, 2021

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Radio Toni Artwork You Deserve With Tracie Eaton
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The Business of ART, creative vs business, balance income, cultural beliefs, investment, earning capacity

Radio Toni Artwork You Deserve With Tracie Eaton and Toni Lontis

Welcome to Radio Toni this is Art you Deserve with Tracie Eaton. This is the next in our show series with international modern artist Tracie Eaton. I am incredibly lucky to have this talented lady on our show and excited about the creative processes we have been exploring – each week showing you the progress of our commissioned artwork.

Here’s what you need to know about Tracie Eaton.

Tracie Eaton is an Australian modern artist. Born in NZ Tracie has made Australia her home since 2006 and has since become one of Australia’s most highly coveted artists and her work is in demand in Australia and around the globe. Her exclusive commission to create artworks for nominees at the academy awards for the last 3 years has secured Tracie Eaton as an inspirational Australian artist.

Investing in a piece of artwork is a big decision. Your new painting is something you should LOVE. Tracie is passionate about ensuring that when you commission her to paint you an artwork, series of artworks of a large artwork project, that it becomes not only a statement, but a reflection of you. Something you can tell the story of. Something resonates with you or your brand. Something that is a part of your journey. Later in the show we will be unveiling the next stage of our commissioned artwork.

Welcome to the show Tracie, I’m so delighted to be embarking on this little creative journey with you. This week we are going to ne talking about the business of art and the commissioning process.

Welcome back to the show Tracie, I love our time together on the show and its such an enormous privilege to chat to you and explore the wonderful would of art.

  1. The Business of ART is what we want to talk about this week because there is a common notion out there that all artists are struggling and really it should not be that way if we focus on the business of art – What does the business of art mean for you Tracie? How difficult and different was it to adapt what you knew about the business world to its focus on your art? How does the business of art effect your creativity?

  2. Once you have the basic of your art business set up you need to ensure a steady stream of income and for you Tracie, part of that is in commissioning. Now we have been discussing our commissioned art each week and that the individual perspective. What do you love about individual commissioned art?

  3. The next type of commissioning is that for large developments, commercial premises etc – how does this process differ for this type of commissioning?

  4. Something that we haven’t spoken about too much on the series is the adaptability of commissioned art pieces and one I want to mention is the creation of bespoke wallpaper and prints. How do you adapt your process to accommodate the creation of a wallpaper?

  5. Lets talk about wearable art and body painting as I know this is something you love and would like to pursue more in the future. What is wearable art?

  6. The progress of the commissioned art work you are and co creating for the show…15 minutes at the end of each show we will show the progress so that the audience get to experience the wonder of creation…

Toni’s Notes

The Business of ART – creative vs business, balance income, cultural beliefs, investment, earning capacity, avenues for revenue, lead gen, marketing, funnels into commissioning.

Development – size context, multiple large and small projects.

Radio Toni Artwork You Deserve With Tracie Eaton


Something beautiful, something joyous is worth creating, preserving and enjoying.

The love of creating beauty to evoke joy is at the core of all Tracie Eaton creates.  Tracie Eaton’s creative style & use of strong colors, ensures that a deep sensory response is felt by all who view her artwork.

Her use of texture and contrast draws you into her pieces.  An instinctive response to touch them, to feel a part of them.

Welcome to Tracie Eaton’s glorious creativity. A personal reflection of life, love and all in between.

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