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Guest Name
Hollis Citron
Guest Occupation
Book publisher, podcaster, creative
Guest Biography

Who has always wanted to do – and you were told that you were not good at it and sadly never pursued that passion?

Who has always wanted to share their story in writing but has no idea how to do it?

Hollis Citron is on a mission to make creativity accessible to everyone!

She is a seasoned art teacher and realized at 51 that she was halfway there and went through the Fyou 50’s and founded her company, I Am Creative & Express Yourself Publishing. She is passionate and wants to shout from the rooftops that being creative is not just about drawing and painting! Creativity is within everyone!

She has been spreading this message from California to New York.

A little secret, Hollis went to art school and does not really know how to draw or paint.

Another secret… you are creative… the definition is the formation of an idea or object and you are doing this all of the time!



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