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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 7 September 2021

Looking Good

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Looking Good with Daniella Platt

A lifestyle & fashion talk show, about Creatives Who Do It All – Despite It All!

Creative Connoisseur, Daniella Platt shares her voice along with the others in our creative fashion & lifestyle world to inspire you conquer your dreams, and be your authentic self. Creativity is all heart.  Your Inner You is Looking Good. 

Join in for fun segments like:

  • How to Dress Rich & Look Like A VIP
  • Behind the Seams, Anyone Can Create a Brand
  • Let’s Face It: I Am Talented
  • Bling- Bling, the Power of Color
  • Fashion Rule Breaking
  • Waist Down! Rock Your Zoom Bod.

One added bonus… As you’ll hear from our Body Image Activists and Stylists, the Show is 100% about body inclusivity, age is just a number, and how to Glam Up!

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Daniella Platt
Los Angeles
Apparel and Lifestyle Business Strategist, Author, Creative Connoisseur

Daniella Platt is an award-winning fashion & lifestyle brand strategist and influencer. She’s an expert in merch, and branded apparel, and also has her own retail collection, Jungle and Coffee. A #1 best-selling author, her book Looking Good: Fashion Startup Playbook & Ten Commandments To Be A Sales Rockstar is on Amazon. Previously a top producer at fashion magazines in NY and Los Angeles, today she is on a mission to take people’s art and heart to the world, through storytelling, merch, and collaborations. To follow the show, or to find the masterclass: 3 ways anyone can have a collection – even without inventory, visit www.Daniella.Today