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Looking Good, September 28, 2021

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Looking Good
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Guest, Zimmaron Zsido

Looking Good with Daniella Platt and T. Coffee

Episode #8

Guest: Zimmaron Zsido, Entrepreneur, transformational life coach, business strategist, speaker, and spiritual teacher.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & HOW TO RELEASE FROM TRAUMA! We are going through a difficult time on Earth where we are challenged in many ways. Although our buried emotional traumas get triggered by events and actions outside of us we are the one who suffers from mental and physical illnesses due to the past traumas related to our childhood or young adult memories.⠀Hear from Edit B Kiss and Zimmaron Zsido for tips to help,    

: remove fear of public speaking, social anxiety, traumas, painful memories, PTSD⠀
: gain: peak performance, more courage, more focus, more clarity, higher self-esteem.⠀
: unique magical experience. ⠀

The duo is also hosting an event in Los Angeles to help people Release from Trauma to Grow - You can find out more at…

@editbkiss helps leaders to get healed from running mind by raising their frequency and getting them aligned with their true self, and live their life joyfully and to the next level. ⠀

@Zimmaron spent 25 years of his life living in and out of ashrams, producing pilgrimages and events over the world, while training with spiritual masters, shaman, psychologists, and healers to discover the meaning of life and the plight of the human condition.⠀

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Looking Good

Show Host

Looking Good with Daniella Platt

A lifestyle & fashion talk show, about Creatives Who Do It All – Despite It All!

Creative Connoisseur, Daniella Platt shares her voice along with the others in our creative fashion & lifestyle world to inspire you conquer your dreams, and be your authentic self. Creativity is all heart.  Your Inner You is Looking Good. 

Join in for fun segments like:

  • How to Dress Rich & Look Like A VIP
  • Behind the Seams, Anyone Can Create a Brand
  • Let’s Face It: I Am Talented
  • Bling- Bling, the Power of Color
  • Fashion Rule Breaking
  • Waist Down! Rock Your Zoom Bod.

One added bonus… As you’ll hear from our Body Image Activists and Stylists, the Show is 100% about body inclusivity, age is just a number, and how to Glam Up!

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