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Looking Good, June 29, 2021

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Looking Good
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Guests, Lindsay Rae and Avis Carter

Looking Good with Daniella Platt and T. Coffee

Guests: Lindsay Rae and Avis Carter


Broadcast at noon on at noon, the BBS Radio will be at 2pm PST

Theme: Now is the time to look awesome on the streets to the beach! Want a dose of inspiration to feel fabulous?

Lindsay Rae, Body Image activist and Avis Carter, Designer of JC Cover Me and host of Fashazon TV will talk about summer confidence, just in time to for you to dig your toes in the sand. Avis Carter will be here to wrap to you about the versatility of head wraps for fun on the streets.


Segment 1

First Guest: Lindsay Rae is an Internationally published and multi-award winning photographer Who has photographed over 600 women and is on a mission to give women permission to feel beautiful exactly as they are.

Stemming from a background of trauma and abuse it took her years to find my self worth. Today, she through her healing journey, she inspires women to overcome body insecurity and negative body image to reclaim their worth through Self Love Experience Photography sessions.

She’s going to share about confidence and how to look fabulous this summer, from swimsuits to fashion of all sizes.


Segment 2

Second Guest: Avis Carter, lived and worked in Japan for five years and enjoyed traveling While traveling to different countries, her love for fashion resurfaced. Avis is the founder of of  JCCoverMe, a diverse line of quality handcrafted scarves, headwraps,  and accessories for those who like to showcase their unique personality, and she is hear to teach us how to “wrap with versatility” from the beach to the streets.

In a twist, she is also a producer of Fashazon, a TV network that introduces designers and creative talents globally to more than 200 million viewers on the trend-focused streaming platform with Zondra TV.


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Looking Good

Looking Good with Daniella Platt
Show Host
Daniella Platt

Looking Good with Daniella Platt

A lifestyle & fashion talk show, about Creatives Who Do It All – Despite It All!

Creative Connoisseur, Daniella Platt shares her voice along with the others in our creative fashion & lifestyle world to inspire you conquer your dreams, and be your authentic self. Creativity is all heart.  Your Inner You is Looking Good. 

Join in for fun segments like:

  • How to Dress Rich & Look Like A VIP
  • Behind the Seams, Anyone Can Create a Brand
  • Let’s Face It: I Am Talented
  • Bling- Bling, the Power of Color
  • Fashion Rule Breaking
  • Waist Down! Rock Your Zoom Bod.

One added bonus… As you’ll hear from our Body Image Activists and Stylists, the Show is 100% about body inclusivity, age is just a number, and how to Glam Up!

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