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Looking Good, July 6, 2021

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Looking Good
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Guests, Karen Michelle, Tara, Penny Crook, Deb Berman, Mariam Koninee, Emma, Sahar Allure, Laura Sharpe

Looking Good with Daniella Platt and T. Coffee

Guests: Karen Michelle, Tara, Penny Crook, Deb Berman, Mariam Koninee, Emma, Sahar Allure, Laura Sharpe


Broadcast at noon on at noon, the BBS Radio will be at 2pm PST

Theme: Love Your Body Special


Welcome to Looking Good with Daniella & T. Coffee, a lifestyle & fashion talk-show featuring Creatives & Entrepreneurs who do it all – despite it all.  

I’m Daniella Platt, show host, Creative Producer and lifestyle brand strategist & Terance Coffee.  

This show, Looking Good is a space for Creatives to express themselves, a show where we, and our guests share trends, inspirations, and practical advice to inspire the inner you to do it all.  Today we have a special show called Love Your Body, which we encourage people to do all the time, because your inner you matters.  

And, my mission, also part of the show DNA, is to inspire you to take your art, your heart, your story to the world, and to be limitless.  Which is why today’s show is aligned with our heart and will touch yours. Just wait for it!


Today's Guests include:

Karen Michelle

Instagram @karenmichellela

Karen Michelle is an entrepreneur in Los Angeles for over 30 years and is the founder of The Love Your Body Event. Now in partnership with the incredible non-profit Artists for Trauma and their CEO Laura Sharpe who will be with us today as well, This event empowers and cherishes all girls and women.  Karen Michelle is here today with her purpose-driven brands and sponsors, to share stories. Empowerment of women and girls to achieve all that they dream and It is so important to have a support system which is why we created this event. This year I am so HAPPY to partner with non-profit Artists of Trauma which I have become a board member as well. 


3rd Eye Hi

Instagram @3ehbox

Penny Crook

of Deneault Bags

Instagram @Daneaultbags 

Deb Berman

of Rodan & Fields

Instagram @debbermanrandf

Mariam Koninee

Doterra Oils

Instagram @mariamkoninee


Valley Girl Beauty

Instagram @vgbeautyme

Sahar Allure

New Medical Spa

Instagram @saharallure

Laura Sharpe

CEO of Artists for Trauma

Instagram @artistsfortrauma 

Looking Good

Looking Good with Daniella Platt
Show Host
Daniella Platt

Looking Good with Daniella Platt

A lifestyle & fashion talk show, about Creatives Who Do It All – Despite It All!

Creative Connoisseur, Daniella Platt shares her voice along with the others in our creative fashion & lifestyle world to inspire you conquer your dreams, and be your authentic self. Creativity is all heart.  Your Inner You is Looking Good. 

Join in for fun segments like:

  • How to Dress Rich & Look Like A VIP
  • Behind the Seams, Anyone Can Create a Brand
  • Let’s Face It: I Am Talented
  • Bling- Bling, the Power of Color
  • Fashion Rule Breaking
  • Waist Down! Rock Your Zoom Bod.

One added bonus… As you’ll hear from our Body Image Activists and Stylists, the Show is 100% about body inclusivity, age is just a number, and how to Glam Up!

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