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Guest Name, Bennett J Vonderheide

Bennett J. Vonderheide
Bennett J Vonderheide
Producer "Nomoli Hunters"



A lifelong attraction to stones, mystical matters and ancient artifacts inspired Ben to acquire the Nomoli sacred carved figurines through a friend with contacts deep in the jungles of West Africa.

The majority of his 60 years spent as a Business owner, from concert production to wholesale distribution, children’s character/entertainment/product development and property renovations but the past seventeen have been dramatically divergent. After being falsely accused numerous times Ben was eventually vindicated… but only after years of investigating and representing himself pro se in court. Having developed special skill sets Ben then devoted his life to helping other falsely accused becoming expert in targeting and exposing corrupt judges, police, lawyers, government officials and more. He carries out his missions as a “VideoGilante” under the moniker “Daddy Justice”.

Over the many years of collecting Nomoli Ben says he always anticipated that many others were collecting, activating and utilizing them here in the US. Several years ago he began outreach to find other collectors only to realize these artifacts and powerful stones were virtually unknown.  This only intensified Ben’s curiosity and desire to enlighten others to the Nomoli. Thus he engaged the investigative tools honed as Daddy Justice and along with his son Q-Man compiled the most complete (though not finished by far) compendium of facts ever available on these enigmatic artifacts. One very compelling rediscovery is the connection to the Dogon and their Deities.  Ben is collaborating with his colleague Professor Kwaku Ofori Ansa on the first ever book and documentary specifically on Nomoli stones and where they fit.

Like any collector Ben revels in showing his families world class collection beaming when he gets to the excessively rare examples which lend themselves to Ancient Alien theorist. 

Healers, psychics, ancient alien/ancient civilization theorists, art historians, stone and crystal aficionados can hear about Nomoli for the first time… some may be inspired to connect with, acquire and activate their own stone by listening to Ben Vonderheide AKA “Nomoli Ben”


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