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The Kathy Lee Parker Show, May 13, 2020

The Kathy Lee Parker Show

The Kathy Lee Parker Show with Kathy Lee Parker

Guest, Christopher Jackson, financial advisor

Christopher Jackson, he began working in the financial industry in 2015 and has grown in his knowledge and passion for the profession ever since.

Guest, Joyce Gioia

Guest Occupation: 
Strategic Business Futurist, concentrating on relationship aspects of the future

Guest, Matt Arnold

Guest Occupation: 
Director of Campaign Integrity Watchdog

Guest, Jeff Allen

Guest Occupation: 
Chief Operating Officer Glendale Chamber

Guest Name, Mark Given

Mark Given
Mark Given
Professional Speaker
You'll find that I've currently written 4 books in my Trust Based Philosophy book series (with more to come).
Trust Based Leadership - Proven ways to stop managing and start leading
Trust Based Selling - Proven ways to stop selling and start attracting
Trust Based Success Proven ways to stop stressing and start leading
Trust Based Networking - Proven ways to stop meeting and start connecting
Please consider taking a few minutes very soon to check out my website, then give me a call (252-536-1169) or shoot me an email at to schedule a time to visit on your podcast...I will guarantee that you and your listeners won't be disappointed!

Guest, Luther Freeman aka Pimpy

Guest Occupation: 
Founder of Pimpys Investment Chat


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