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Dame Nicole Brandon

Groundbreaking Secrets, Tips and Doorways to Live the Life of your Dreams. Bridal Shows, Optimum Health, Wealth & Fitness, Master the Reach and Have it all

From Stage to Screen Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness” sharing her unique brand of love, tenderness and care thru her writing, hosting, performances and humanitarian efforts.

Her accolades are too numerous to count, highlights include that she was Knighted in 2014 by the OOSJ. Nicole is also a chosen Light Carrier of the World Peace...

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Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden
Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show April 21, 2021
Guest, Mark Pfoff The mob jumps from the Chauvin verdict to another police shooting, ignoring the facts while pushing for the federal government to take control of local police departments. Former El Paso County Sheriff Investigator Mark Pfoff talks about how dangerous this is. ....
Blog by : Toni Lontis - April 20, 2021
What Not to Do When Life is Hard
Blog by : Toni Lontis - April 20, 2021
Guest, Coach Kay, May 20, 2021, Sexuality Coach
Guest, Nicole Bonneville and Sarah Andonian, May 13, 2021, Podcasters
Guest, Dr Farid Zarif, May 6, 2021, Clinician, Mental Health Therapist
Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden
Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show April 19, 2021
Guests, Bruce Baker and Matt Arnold My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell fires back and files a $1.6 billion dollar countersuit against Dominion Voting Systems. Plus chalk one up for local citizens fighting City Hall over outrageous water bills. And controversial Denver School Board member Tay Anderson fac....
Guest, Matt Arnold, April 19, 2021, Director of Campaign Integrity Watchdog
Guest, Bruce Baker, April 19, 2021, Former Westminster City Council member
Guest, Robin Trower, May 18, 2021, Robin Trower Legendary guitarist/Singer/Songwriter/Bandleader
Dorie Ladner
Headlined Show, Shadow Politics April 18, 2021
In Honor of DC Emancipation Day, we have guest DORIE LADNER-Civil Rights Activist! Inspired by the work of Medgar Evers, Dorie Ladner has dedicated much of her life to the work of the civil rights movement. Deeply affected by the murder of Evers, as well as the four little girls killed in the bombin....
Dorie Ladner
Guest, Dorie Ladner , April 18, 2021, Civil rights activist
Bobby Okereke 2014 Watkins Award Recipient
Guest, Bobby Okereke, April 19, 2021, Stanford University Academic All American and NFL Player Third Round Selection
Candidates Platform with Kathleen Gomez and Diego Vlasic
Headlined Show, Candidates Platform April 17, 2021
Tonight,  Sat., April 17 on 'CANDIDATES PLATFORM' Radio Show at 7 pm PT / 10 pm ET on BBS Radio with hosts Diego Vlasic & Kathleen Gomez - Topic: Responsibilities and roles of local offices. ....
Dr. Julie McCallen
Guest, Dr. Julie McCallen, April 16, 2021, President of Cenegenics® Denver.
Rep. Patrick Neville
Guest, Patrick Neville, April 16, 2021, Colorado State Representative
Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden
Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show April 16, 2021
Pushback against the Dems and elites who are putting on a full court press to force everyone to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Julie McCallen explains why she supports a proposed law that would prohibit discriminating against those who just say no. Plus grassroots Rep. Patrick Neville. ....
Robert Miller
Guest, ROBERT MILLER, April 15, 2021,
Kevin D. Annett
An excerpt from my upcoming book
Blog by : Rev Kevin D Annett - April 15, 2021
Advantages of Streaming Media
Blog by : Toni Lontis - April 14, 2021


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