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Guest Name
Chris Merrill
Chris Merrill
Guest Occupation
Yogi, Performing Artist, Teacher, Music Producer
Guest Biography

Chris Merrill is founder of Practical Naam, a production company whose music division creates beautiful original music tracks and practical teaching aides such as specific tracks for yoga, meditation, breathwork and prayer.  As a yogi, performing artist, teacher and music producer, Chris combines these talents to create teacher and practitioner driven tools that are relevant, musically interesting and practical.    
Practical Naam has released 19 albums Featuring Chris Merrill from 8 different series’, each dedicated to a specific aspect of Naam Yoga, Shakti Naam Yoga, and Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.  Each track is specifically designed to meet a need in the repertoire of a teacher or student, and details such as track purpose, track use, tempo, track length, breath, repetitions, and more are taken into account to create a truly useful and practical tool for teaching, for practicing and authentic spiritual growth.

While most of his music is available primarily through his website, several albums can also be found on mainstream outlets such us Apple music, Spotify, Pandora, etc.  

Additionally Chris through Practical Naam has produced singles for other spiritual artists and educational companies such as Naam Education.