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Mikkal Harris
Mikkal Harris
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Mikkal Harris, LCPC, a Clinical Division Director, relationship and interpersonal skills coach, and the Founder and Host of “The Blue Room Podcast,” unravels the complexities of these differences that contribute to misunderstandings and tensions between partners. In this thought-provoking conversation, we aim to provide valuable insights and practical strategies for couples striving to cultivate understanding, respect, and harmony in their relationships.

Whether you're navigating the early stages of marriage or seeking to strengthen an existing partnership, this episode offers valuable perspectives and tools for fostering greater connection and intimacy amidst the inherent differences between men and women.


  • Why critiquing your husband or mate can be heard as "You're trying to be my daddy!"
  • Why it’s hard for men to learn from their wives what they should’ve learned from their fathers
  • Why we can’t learn from someone that we don’t see ourselves in, don’t identify with
  • Why rites of passage into manhood are important to having healthy relationships
  • How a lack of healthy role models sets us up for unhealthy relationships
  • How your spouse or partner are your mirror – reflecting your values, standards & generational patterns
  • Everyone has expectations for marriage but often lack the emotional skills to create their vision
  • Are you in love with a fantasy, not the reality of your spouse or mate
  • How lack of self-awareness, fantasy, unexpressed expectations, unconscious family blueprints, and making your spouse responsible for your happiness undermine and damage relationships & marriage.
  • The importance of adaptation, flexibility, negotiation & accountability to maintain connection and like-mindedness as people change over the course of a marriage.

If you don't want the same thing and aren't going the same place, then what are you doing?! Divorcing! 

Mikkal Harris, LCPC, has more than 15 years of clinical experience, is a Clinical Division Director, a relationship and interpersonal skills coach, and Trauma Trainer who brings healing to men with past trauma. He’s also a dynamic public speaker and the Founder and Host of “The Blue Room Podcast,” where he provides a space for men to heal and to be seen, while challenging them and helping them grow in all areas that matter.