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Anita Waggoner
Anita Waggoner
Guest Occupation
Distinguished writer, entrepreneur
Guest Biography
Anita Waggoner 
Distinguished writer and entrepreneur 


Anita Waggoner, a distinguished writer, currently calls Coeur D Alene, Idaho, home. Fueled by a deep passion for crafting and producing award-winning films, she stands out as a fearless entrepreneur and an independent woman. With a rich background in business, writing, marketing, and a profound understanding of the western way of life, Anita has proven time and again that she is relentless in her pursuit of success.

Her academic journey led her through business college in the vibrant city of Seattle. Following her education, Anita served as a paralegal and office manager for a highly successful law firm in Seattle. Later, in partnership with her ex-husband, she became the owner of several car dealerships in Washington State.

After navigating the challenges of divorce, Anita embarked on a transformative journey to the remote town of Freedom, Oklahoma. There, she invested in a sprawling 3400-acre ranch, raising rodeo bulls alongside a local cowboy partner. Her bold investments included the construction of a lodge, arena, and restaurant. The thirteen years spent in Freedom equipped her with the resilience needed to thrive in the rugged world of ranching and rodeo.

Anita Waggoner presently resides in Coeur D Alene, Idaho. A gutsy entrepreneur with an extensive marketing and writing background, she's an outgoing, strong independent woman who has lived a life most would only dream of. Anita has the creative ability to show readers how to overcome hurdles and disappointments in their own lives. Her stories are generally based somewhat on personal life experiences. The writer has an uncanny propensity to move the story forward. Once a reader opens a book written by Anita Waggoner, they don't want to put it down. Not everyone who writes gets why Ernest Hemingway or John Steinbeck were such revered authors, but Anita completely understands what makes a good storyteller. I wish she had become an author before her first book in 2010. Then again, all her life experiences were important for her to pen her successful works. A good storyteller must capture the reader on the very first page. She does, and then she goes on to produce a captivating plot with intriguing characters. She creates early on the themes with which she deals consistently and uses direct dialogue to develop her characters and their actions. Her vocabulary portrays vivid descriptions of her surroundings, and she makes the reader feel right there where the action is taking place. Everything she writes about can be visualized. Anita has amazing talent as a writer. She has not only published novels but short stories and books of inspirational quotes and self-help. She has more work out there than what Amazon has listed...a prolific writer in such a short time.

Anita walked away from a privileged lifestyle in the city and moved to Freedom, Oklahoma to escape the heartache of divorce.

While in Oklahoma, Anita and her unique business ventures were regularly featured in local newspaper publications. She appeared on Oklahoma based television shows Discover Oklahoma and Doc Geiger's Outdoor Sports. In 2004 Reality TV came knocking. Anita worked for a year with Telepictures and Warner Brothers Studio on the production of a reality television show about life on a dude ranch. Anita was subsequently featured in in an expose' about her Reality TV involvement in the National Enquirer.

Her books: Freedom, Myrtle's Story, Cowgirl Logic, The Gambler, and The Ranch at Huckleberry Ridge are available on Amazon. Anita writes screenplays based on her novels. The Freedom film project is in preproduction.