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Judyth Vary Baker
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Judyth Vary Baker Biography


Ten years ago, I decided to speak out concerning my relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald, who has long been accused of murdering President John F. Kennedy. I remember placing about half the evidence I had on the bed and looking at it, wondering if it was enough, and if I could find witnesses to our relationship. For Oswald and I had a love affair in New Orleans, which was known to some others; I had remained in contact with Lee until a day and a half before Kennedy's assassination. We planned to marry if he was able to escape with his life. To this day, I have never met another man with such courage.

I had written down a highly detailed account for my son, for him to read after I died, but it occurred to me that he might not understand its complexity and importance: Lee Oswald had been demonized in the press, and I had heard many lies about his character and personality, even though I tried hard to remove myself from every possible contact with the past, for I had seen Lee shot to death on television, a indescribable shock. Lee had told me that he was being set up to get trapped and killed, because he had penetrated an assassination ring, in hopes of saving Kennedy, by means of his association with David Ferrie and anti-Kennedy former FBI officer Guy Banister, and others. But he understood that he had no way to extricate himself without endangering me, his wife, and his babies. Besides, he told me that he had become part of an abort team that would try to save Kennedy. He stressed that he would try to act as naturally and normally as possible, despite what he knew, in order to protect us and others who had tried to save the President.

Lee Oswald expected to be shot dead the same day as the President, because he knew too much. He had far closer ties to the mafia than was known to most between 1963 and 1999, when I finally revealed his extensive ties with the Marcello organization in New Orleans. Carlos Marcello was the country's most powerful godfather in 1963, but was scarcely mentioned in official investigations in 1963. From childhood on, Lee yearned to become a double agent/spy against communism, ever since viewing "I led Three Lives" in New York when he was a young teenager. He was NOT an ordinary young man: he became a Marine, was trained in covert activities, conquered the difficult Russian language, and entered Russia as a fake defector while still 19 years old. He returned to the United States at the height of the Cold War almost three years later with a Russian wife and child without difficulty, because he was one of our own. A true hero and patriot - one of the few who had ever entered the USSR as a defector and returned alive to tell the tale. All his later actions, such as passing out pro-Castro literature in New Orleans, were choreographed by the CIA and FBI, so that he could be sent into Cuba against Castro in a later assignment.

Lee became a successful double agent working secretly against Castro for the CIA, with ties to the FBI, even while posing as pro-Castro. He had successfully worked as a spy for the US inside the Soviet Union, and was soon assigned to prepare himself as a spy inside Cuba. But he also had numerous jobs to do for the CIA and FBI here in the United States - and I was aware of many of them, having at times posed as his wife in New Orleans, and for some time had also served to help cover his activities while he and I worked at a small coffee company in New Orleans. I was from Florida and was very anti-Castro, beginning with my close friendship in high school with Tony Lopez-Fresquet. (The son of Castro's first finance minister, he was forced to flee Cuba because his mother was an American.)

I won't discuss my training in cancer research here, but I was qualified to work in an anti-Castro cancer research project that began in 1962 in New Orleans under the auspices of Dr. Alton Ochsner, known for his anti-communist ferocity, and Dr. Mary S. Sherman, along with other doctors, specialists, and trained assistants, including the well-known anti-Castro genius-eccentric, David Ferrie, a friend of Dr. Sherman's. Through a series of events, I was brought inadvertently into the project: I was originally supposed to be involved only peripherally, in Dr. Sherman's bone cancer laboratory. How this occurred is told in detail in several books, as well as on DVD's, and in documentaries. Lee Oswald - an intelligent man--was involved as a courier and lab tech in the project. My recent, but unhappy marriage, the absence of my husband (and his being unavailable to help me during a severe crisis), and Lee Oswald's interventions and help in my times of need (he was equally unhappy in his own marriage) created a camaraderie which developed into a romance. I know Lee loved me with all his heart. And I loved him the same.

The trials and tribulations we endured to get the product developed, tested, and into Cuba were many and complex. Lee did everything he could to protect me after our efforts failed, especially after I had a falling-out over using one or more 'volunteers' to test the cancer. By then, Lee was already involved, through David Ferrie, in penetrating a JFK assassination ring that existed in New Orleans; he later was lured into its arm in Texas. Believing he could obtain information that might be used to save Kennedy, Lee, fully aware of the dangers, cooperated with the assassination ring's leaders. Concurrently, Lee's attempts in Mexico City to get the cancer product into Cuba to use against Castro were fruitless, because the project was called off. The excuse was the approach of Hurricane Flora and the scattering of Castro's medical teams throughout Cuba: the shelf life of the product was limited and wouldn't survive neglect.

I was warned--after Lee was arrested, pointed out immediately as the 'sole assassin,' and then shot and killed on November 24--to keep quiet and to become a 'vanilla girl'. I was to do no more cancer research, though it had been my great dream, and I had been exceptionally good at it. I would eventually get a B.S. in anthropology and spend much time teaching and counseling. Lee had begged me to have babies and to go on with my life, so I did. I ended up with five children, and waited until the last one left home before looking into the current state of affairs regarding the JFK/RFK/MLK murders. I knew enough about what happened to Lee to suspect that all three murders were agency-arranged. I took out the film "JFK", by Oliver Stone, to watch--a film I could not bear to see when the kids brought it home a few years earlier. They remember my unexplainable walk-out, leaving them alone in the house to watch it--and now, by myself, I saw enough to understand what a mess had been made of the truth. I felt my soul shrink with shame when Stone noted that to remain silent was cowardly!

I had heard that Dr. Sherman and Dave Ferrie had both been murdered. Now I saw more murders of witnesses on that film. Though it had been 38 years since JFK had died, I feared who might still be alive to do harm to me or my loved ones. I had written down the entire truth for my son in a series of letters, but I realized I could not simply publish them. I could be sued by the powerful people still alive, including the Lyndon Johnson, Nixon and Bush dynasty beneficiaries of the assassinations. I remember trembling all over, with pure fear. Still, Oliver Stone's movie had awakened my conscience. What kind of love had I held for Lee, if I didn't try to set the record straight, best I could? I couldn't betray him by continued silence. I just couldn't. But I decided to protect myself. I began writing The Oswald Connection, a mishmash of memories thrown together without regard to my painfully written and highly accurate letters. If any publisher showed interest in this incomplete story, which omitted some key names and activities, I'd then bring out the full 600 pages I'd written and ask for protection from lawsuits.

Satisfied that I had enough evidence to back my testimony, and certain I'd find witnesses that Lee and I had been lovers--some of them had to still be alive!--I sent a fax to "20/20", a TV program that had investigated Benny Hinn and other controversial figures quite well. They felt the story was too big for them, and contacted "60 Minutes", who soon after contacted me. At the same time, I found a European-based literary agent, after a US agent backed out due to fear. This agent took my hastily-written book, interviewed me by phone and email, and edited the book, unfortunately adding details such as 'Cancun' that I would later be criticized about. "It doesn't matter," he told me. "Once it's with a publisher, fix it up as you please." That agent was a go-getter, but he created a fake story about my hiding out in Europe, and other lies, and also tried to get a producer friend of his to film my story for "60 Minutes". The final blow was too much: the agent insisted that "60 Minutes" sign a contract with financial demands in it, and they refused to handle the story. I personally turned down all financial offers.

After I fired the agent, and told "60 Minutes" he was gone, for the next year and a half, Mike Wallace, Don Hewitt, Phil Scheffler and others investigated me, and everything I said and showed them. They sent me to New Orleans, to Washington, to New York, and I was vetted mercilessly. I have much more supporting evidence now, and now have my living witnesses on tape and film as well, but at the time, a third party threatened one of my witnesses (Anna Lewis), and she refused to be re-filmed for "60 Minutes". Another witness worried that I was an imposter (he has since realized that another person was posing as me!). He has since written a book (Dr. Mary's Monkey, by Edward T. Haslam) using me as a primary witness. "60 Minutes" didn't learn about that new book in time nor did they want to use the poor quality original film where Anna Lewis states how she and her husband, and Lee Oswald and I, double-dated together in New Orleans. Her husband was David Lewis, who had worked with Guy Banister, as had Lee.

Howard Liebengood, who had had access to HSCA/CIA files, supported me, but there was also difficulty trying to get this story told in just 18 minutes - the longest time segment allowed in the format of the program. In the end, as Don Hewitt told the world on C-Span, "the door was slammed in our faces." Despite promises that filming would proceed--three times--in the end, I got email apologies, and two checks for lost wages (CBS told me they had never done that before for anyone investigated by "60 Minutes").

Meanwhile, one researcher had leaked information to a vicious newsgroup, which over the years issued over 250,000 posts, mostly flaming and attacking. Most of these have since been erased, but the thrust was that I sought money and fame and attention. The opposite is the case: I have turned down all requests for interviews since 2004. Several huge websites variously attack me as a liar or fantasist, while suggesting I should be arrested if I'm telling the truth, all the while ignoring numerous statements from living and dead witnesses that have long proven that Lee and I were lovers, as well as much new evidence and leads that I've given researchers, which has unearthed new information concerning Oswald and the assassination, such as that Oswald worked with Customs agents, and that CIA handler David Atlee Phillips was in Dallas on Nov. 22nd, the day JFK was shot.

Of course, I also hear "So what? He probably lied to her, too!" Ten years after speaking out for the first time, I am a shadow of my former healthy and strong self, plagued with chronic pain and double vision. Why? I've been struck twice by vehicles in Dallas, have been assaulted, have been stalked, threatened and found my teaching jobs vanish, again and again. My phones have been tapped in Europe, I've been followed openly, the brake line on my car was cut, and vandals have repeatedly broken into my homes and destroyed my property. But that's just the start.

I do not want pity, but understanding my situation is important. My reputation has been destroyed on the Internet. While teaching in Hungary, in 2007, I was suddenly told I had to quit: Hungarian agents warned me to leave the country, but not to return to America. The date: Sept. 8--the same day Edward T. Haslam's book, Dr. Mary's Monkey, was reviewed by a popular blogger in Hungary. I ended up fleeing to Scandinavia, where I sought political asylum. It was a delicate political situation--after all, I came from America!--but they did not deport me, as at first I was told was 100% inevitable. After reviewing my case, I received protection under appeal, remaining sheltered in Sweden for over ten months. I finally obtained safe haven in the Middle east and in Europe, through the actions of friends and my children, just before I would have been forced to go back to America. Instead, I am free to go anywhere I choose, and do so, but I am a woman without a country, without a home, unable to see my grandchildren and children, for I do not want bad things to happen to them because of my presence. I am grateful for those who handled my case in Sweden, who despite political difficulties granted me time to find safe haven (actually, two safe havens)! I'm safe now, I feel, thanks to everyone's help. I do hope someday to be able to safely live and travel in my own country.

It has been difficult getting out the truth to the world. Twice, books I attempted to write, with much more information, and with those important names and events added, that I so long feared to mention, have been published without my permission, because both books needed much more work. The present book, Me & Lee, reflects our personal lives and adds new information. Donations allow me to travel between my two residences. I can only stay 89 days at a time at each residence, and it's expensive to move four times a year, but I currently have no choice, if I am to live in safety. After The History Channel aired "The Love Affair", I received many threats and was hospitalized three times from injuries associated with my situation.

In 2003, British film producer Nigel Turner, famed for the once-popular (and now banned) History Channel series, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, which had previously been featured on The History Channel for two decades, offered three final segments to the world about the Kennedy assassination: The Smoking Guns, The Love Affair, and The Guilty Men. "The Love Affair" (in 5 sections on YouTube, JFKMurdersolved.com, Edward Haslam's websites, judythvarybaker.com, etc.) was Turner's only documentary featuring just one witness story--mine.

Supposed to be shown for nine years running, until 2013 (the 50th anniversary), the series nailed down the role played by President Lyndon Johnson in helping to assure Kennedy's assassination--with a terrible outcry from two former Presidents, Lady Bird Johnson, Jack Valenti, and others. The documentaries were secretly purchased from The History Channel, and banned. They were seen only five times in America. They were also shown in Europe and Australia. Other documentary attempts were made by Jim Marrs, Wim Dankbaar, and Dutch investigator Peter deVries, who runs a Sixty-Minute style investigative news program--all of these persons spent significant time investigating me and my witnesses and evidence. Finally, Edward Haslam's book, Dr. Mary's Monkey, explains in detail, and quite accurately, just what happened in New Orleans in 1963, and the roles Lee and I played there in our attempt to help kill Fidel Castro and to try to save JFK. But only in the book Me & Lee will you learn of the greatness, patriotism, courage and decency of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Today, several of my children are very unhappy with my having spoken out. I have lost friends; many relatives are also upset with me, though others pray every day for my safety. I have lost health, income, savings, and my reputation in the world as a good, kind, truthful person. For some time, after I endured pain and crippling from an (unrelated) assault--but would I have taken that hazardous teaching job if I had not lost so many other job opportunities?--I was in a wheelchair, and got badly overweight, almost overcome with neck and back pain. I have since lost considerable weight and am now healthy again. Maybe I won't be harmed again and can keep my health. I am so grateful for the donations that have paid my medical bills!

I am treated with respect overseas, but it seems that all my efforts have had little impact in the United States. Even my home town area newspaper wrote a damaging article about me in 2008, using quotes from two former classmates I scarcely knew, plus additional nasty comments from the ever-ready newsgroup. (None of the people quoted there had ever met me.) It broke my heart, for the article also mentioned that I did not attend my mother's funeral--not explaining that I was being protected in the political asylum system in Sweden, due to death threats!--making it seem I didn't care about my beloved mother. She fully supported me in life: she knew I would have come to her side, had it had been possible.

While there have been some defeats, I hope to live to see Lee Harvey Oswald fully exonerated. Every year, on November 24, the date Lee died, we hold THE LEE HARVEY OSWALD MEMORIAL EVENING. We expect it to be held in 12 countries in 2009. Visit judythvarybaker.com or Weebly.com for more information!

My closest friends and allies know what I've been through--depending on when and where they've been. They generally concede that pressure has been put upon me to give up, to shut up. To a great extent, attempts to close my mouth succeeded, because I must keep my locations secret, if I am to have peace. But I will never give up efforts to exonerate Lee Harvey Oswald. Do not go gentle into that dark night of lies. Fight to stop the dying of the light!

When my voice goes silent at last, who then will speak for Lee Oswald? For the truth? Those who killed Kennedy went on to push not one, but two wars, onto the American people. Look to Texas. Look to New Orleans. Some were finally exposed in their lies, deception, and cruelty. Some of them believed torture was okay--they believed it was okay to intercept your emails, to listen to your phone calls. They used fear to control you, and money. It started with Kennedy's murder. Jim Marrs said, "It may be too late for justice, but it is never too late for the truth." Watch the banned documentaries. Copy them. Buy the books. Tell your friends. Teach your children. Never forget!

Judyth Vary Baker: ten years later.

Judyth Vary Baker was once a promising science student who dreamed of finding a cure for cancer, but strayed from a path of mainstream scholarship at the University of Florida to a life of espionage in New Orleans with Lee Harvey Oswald.
In her memoir, Me & Lee – How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald, Judyth offers extensive documentation of how she came to be involved with cancer research at such a young age, the personalities who recruited her to move to New Orleans in 1963, how she was hired there – along with Lee Oswald – by Reily Coffee Co. and fired the same afternoon Lee was arrested for disturbing the peace on Canal Street, and how she became a participant in the development of a biological weapon that Oswald was to smuggle into Cuba to eliminate Fidel Castro. ​


Judyth shows the evidence and relates – from her first-hand experience – all she knows about the Kennedy assassination, her love affair with Lee Oswald over the summer of '63, her conversations with him as late as two days before JFK's death, his role as a deep-cover intelligence agent who was framed for an assassination he was actually trying to prevent, and how he was silenced by his old friend Jack Ruby.

"If you want to stay alive, it's time to go into the catacombs. Promise me you will keep your mouth shut!"
Judyth Vary Baker was only twenty years old when she heard those alarming words. It was the strained voice of David Ferrie.

The date was November 23, 1963, the day after President Kennedy had been fatally shot in Dallas. Her co-worker, friend and lover, Lee Oswald, had been declared the "lone-nut" assassin.

Judyth knew this wasn't true, but what could she do? She was now living in Florida with her new husband, Robert Baker III, having left New Orleans in September of 1963 when Lee moved to Dallas after their summer-long affair.

Then came November 24th. Lee was shot — live on television — right before her eyes. Devastated, depressed and scared, Judyth was told to lay low, to be a "vanilla girl," to trade her silence for her life. She knew things, secret things.

Judyth made a decision. She dropped her childhood dreams of finding a cure for cancer along with her first love: science. Choosing survival, she soon buried herself in her family (raising five kids), her work and art. She resolved that, one day, she would tell her story. She would speak he truth so Lee's children, whom he adored, would know what their father really did and what he really stood for.

As a high school student, Judyth had independently discovered a method of accelerating cancer growth in lab mice, and came to the attention of top-echelon doctors and medical researchers, including renowned surgeon Dr. Alton Ochsner, a past president of the American Cancer Society and founder of the world-famous Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans.

After her sophomore year of college in Florida, Judyth landed a summer job in New Orleans with prominent cancer researcher Dr. Mary Sherman, a physician working with Dr. Ochsner.​

Within days of her arrival, a man named Lee Oswald just happened to be standing in line behind her at the post office. This seemingly chance encounter began a relationship which drew her through the looking glass into a maelstrom, changing her life forever.

She soon found that, instead of working to find a cure for cancer, she was actually helping to create a super-cancer virus for the purpose of killing Fidel Castro. But there was an even more sinister side.

Over the next few months Judyth met several infamous figures surrounding Oswald: the fanatical ex-FBI right-wing racist Guy Banister, Mafia Godfather Carlos Marcello, club-owner Jack Ruby, and many others. She also became a friend and workmate of the brilliant but bizarre David Ferrie.
Unlike any other book about the events of that fateful year, "Me & Lee" is a deeply personal memoir relating the author's firsthand experience in New Orleans as lover and confidante of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Guest Category: History, News, Politics & Government, Theory & Conspiracy
Kate Shemirani to discuss Gerson Cancer Therapy on Holistic Health Show
Guest Occupation: R.N., Cancer Counselor, anesthetics
Guest Biography:

My guest is Kay Allison Shemirani ( Kate) who was born November 30 1965 in Nottingham England. She was the youngest of 3 daughters. Her father was a local postman and her mother a secretary. She grew up in an average working class environment with state schooling. In 1984 age 18, She began her nurse training in Glasgow Scotland.  Upon qualifying she worked in several clinical areas… Gynaecology, theatres, trauma.  In 1990 she began working as a long haul air stewardess traveling the world and continued to work as a nurse on rest days.

In 1996 she married and had 4 children in quick succession. 3 were with IVF. They are now age 17,15,15,13. With 2 boys, and 2 girls she became a full Time mum from 2001 until 2009. After all 4 children were in school she returned to the University to re-register as a nurse and then obtain trained in Aesthetics and opened her own business.

On February 12th 2012, Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer and followed the Gerson therapy for 2 years. During this time she studied constantly and obtained a diploma in personal nutrition, Cancer, and alternative therapies.

In 2014 she separated from her husband and today lives in East Sussex south England with her 4 children and 7 rescued cats. She loves to go for long walks at the beach and in the Sussex countryside and works as a practitioner advising patients on diet and lifestyle to heal degenerative disease. Her passion is for everyone to make truly informed healthcare choices. She will discuss her cancer journey with us. 

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Philosophy, Science, Self Help
Mela Lee
Guest Occupation: American voice actress for film and television as well as the lead singer/composer and founding member of the band, Magnolia Memoir
Guest Biography:


Mela Lee is an American voice actress for film and television as well as the lead singer/composer and founding member of the band, Magnolia Memoir.

As a voice actress, Mela Lee has been featured in numerous commercials, animated series, games and movies.

Her game franchises include Fall Out, Final Fantasy, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Fire Emblem Awakening. She has voiced the lead characters in popular anime titles – Fate Stay Night – Unlimited Bladeworks, Vampire Knight, Blaz Blu, Durarara, Hunter x Hunter, Rozen Maiden, When they Cry, Sword Art Online II. She is currently on Nickelodeon’s breakout hit, Miraculous Ladybug as Tikki.

In addition to her animation voice work, Mela is voice match & replacement specialist for shows including Gotham, Ballers, Better Call Saul, Notorious, and recent films The Finest Hours, Independence Day Resurgence, and Suicide Squad.

Outside of voice acting, Lee is a founding member of Magnolia Memoir. As a vocalist, Mela’s five octave range and unique sound are reminiscent of the spirit of a young Etta James or Billie Holiday, the mischievous sensuality & rock edge of Fiona Apple, and the winsome vocals of Adele. The late Gospel great, Andrae Crouch, said of Mela, “…She has the voice of an angel and can break the heart of heaven.” Activist and Comedienne Margaret Cho says, “…Mela’s voice and lyrics are stunning and altogether unforgettable.”

Magnolia Memoir’s previous two albums – (Pale Fire & The Perfect Crime) are available on iTunes/ Amazon and have made the iTunes Top Picks.

When not working, Mela supports causes close to her heart including the California Fire Foundation – supporting Fallen Firefighters and their families, and organizations empowering women to overcome abuse.

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Nina Rose Paolicelli
Guest Occupation: American singer, songwriter and philanthropist
Guest Biography:


Nina Rose Paolicelli, known professionally as Nina Paolicelli or as “Nina P”, is an American singer, songwriter and philanthropist, originally from Rochester, NY. In 2013, in the wake of an abusive relationship, Nina’s mother moved both Nina and her brother to Los Angeles, where Nina was able to pursue her dream of becoming a singer.

Inspired by the events of Nina’s past, she wrote her first song, “Prove Them Wrong” (released Oct 2014) immediately followed by “Done and Over” (released Jan 2015); earning her multiple accolades and recognition, including an unsolicited shout out from Courtney Love.
Within two years of moving to Los Angeles, Nina released her first EP “Dream”, has performed at numerous venues and, most recently, has signed a distribution deal with a label under Sony.

On April 7, 2016, Nina, for the first time, performed her song “Look” at the RESOLVE of Greater Rochester fundraiser for victims of Domestic Violence – a cause close to Nina’s heart. On April 22nd, “Look” will be released under the Sony label for the world to hear.

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Tess Cacciatore
Guest Occupation: An award-winning producer for the past 20+ years in the areas of entertainment, technology and philanthropy.
Guest Biography:


Tess Cacciatore: Founder & Chief Visionary Officer
Tess is an award-winning producer for the past 20+ years in the areas of entertainment, technology and philanthropy.

Tess has dedicated her life to advocating for peace, justice, and equality around the globe. She has traveled the United States and abroad as a humanitarian documentary producer and activist, while conducting empowerment and mentorship programs to empower people and to eradicate unjust systems that are a plight to humans, animals and the environment. Tess uses her voice as a vehicle to bring awareness and activate people to take a stand for making changes in the world.

Tess’s career as a producer in the entertainment and technology industries drives the global productions of GWEN and now her 20 year vision of a global online television network GWEN Network is launching in 2017.

As an author, Tess will be launching her first chapter to our audience for the book to be released in Spring 2017 called, “Homeless to the White House.”

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Representative Kenneth Dunkin
Guest Occupation: Democratic Representative
Guest Biography:

Ken Dunkin is a Democratic Representative in the Illinois General Assembly serving the people of the 5th District of the State of Illinois.

As a member of the Illinois House of Representatives, Dunkin serves on several committees, and is the chairperson for the Tourism and Conventions for the State of Illinois. He is also on the Appropriations-Higher Education committee. He focuses on legislation to raise the quality of life for working families, children and seniors, and has been successful in boosting Illinois' economy by working to strengthen Illinois' tourism and film industry.

Representative Duncan currently serves on the Associate Board of the Chicago International Film Festival. He was the sponsor of a bill that created legislation to extend tax credits to film producers to encourage them to bring more of the film industry to Illinois. Representative Dunkin is also a proud member of the world renowned PhiBeta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated.

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John Halcyon Styn
Guest Occupation: Subject of an MTV documentary, won 2 Webby awards, and hosted the NBC.com series, Author and Homeless Outreach Activist
Guest Biography:


John Halcyon Styn was the subject of an MTV documentary, won 2 Webby awards, and hosted the NBC.com series, “Fears. Regrets. Desires.” He is the author of “Love more. Fear less.” and has hosted the weekly video broadcast Hug Nation for over 10 years. In 2010, Halcyon co-founded the San Diego-based “1st Saturdays” homeless outreach program. If you see him around, he’d love a hug.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Self Help, Society and Culture
Stephen Day
Guest Occupation: Sarod player, singer, songwriter and composer
Guest Biography:


Sarod player, singer / songwriter and composer Stephen Day writes songs and compositions inspired by his many music tours around the world.

Born in California, and raised in Canada and France, Day began as a guitarist, then studied sarod in India with world-renowned award winning sarodist Amjad Ali Khan.

Day describes the 21-stringed fretless silver-necked sarod as being like the ‘granddaddy of all guitar like instruments’ and playing it as being ‘like taking a rocket ride for the inner soul’.

After India, Stephen spent time touring in Europe and America where he played premier venues including the Kodak Theater in L.A. and Town Hall in N.Y.  He then settled in Los Angeles and began to write music for TV and film. His body of work now contains music in 7 films, 4 music libraries, 4 albums and hundreds of television shows.

In 2007 Mr. Day organized and performed in a concert at the United Nations where his music was featured as a uniting force for ancient civilizations and modern countries in the East and in the West.

His latest album, Namaste, a collection of songs about adventure, mysticism and the road less traveled, is produced by two-time Gold Disc Award winner Matt Forger (Michael Jackson, Stephen Spielberg, Paul McCartney), and Shenkar (John Mcglaughlin, Peter Gabriel, voice of NBC’s smash hit “Heroes”).  It features musical appearances by Matt Malley (Counting Crows), Daryl Jones (Miles Davis, The Rolling Stones), Satnam Singh (Nikka Costa, Hans Zimmer), and Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Ry Cooder) among others.

Stephen is the founder of “Ombience” a 501 c3 non-profit organization dedicated to self-reflection through the Arts.  In addition, he co-founded Arts & Entertainment Radio (AER), the most listened to station in the IBS network of over 45 mostly college radio stations, with well-known broadcaster and musician John Tesh. Stephen currently resides in Los Angeles where he is currently recording and performing his new show entitled ‘Stephen Day and Friends’.   The exciting new show format blends elements of world music and dance with meditation and yoga and features eclectic collaborations between Stephen’s Sarod playing and Steel Drums, Tablas, Vocals and Sufi Poetry to name a few.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Music
'Orleans' Songwriter,Guitarist, Singer John Hall, Special Guest on The Ray Shasho Show
Guest Occupation: Songwriter,Guitarist,Singer,Author,Congressman
Guest Biography:






John Hall’s path is optimistic. As a professional performer/singer-songwriter/guitarist, he found himself wanting and needing to make changes to better the world around him. By advocacy through music, he segued into politics first on a local level, and then nationally as a member of the United States Congress. After making a difference for the environment, healthcare, and even more so for veterans, he returned to the music world.

John’s memoir STILL THE ONE:  A ROCK’N’ROLL JOURNEY TO CONGRESS AND BACK shares a variety of stories from his life in the musical and political worlds. 

Best known as a member of Orleans, a hit-making pop-rock group with multiple lead singers and hits “Still The One,” “Dance With Me,”(both co-written by John and still in heavy use on the radio, streamers, Broadway shows, and TV shows like Maya and Marty and Hallmark's Movie of the week). “Still” and “Dance” have been certified by BMI at over 12 million airplays in the US alone. Other Orleans hits include “Love Takes Time,” "Let There Be Music," and "Reach."

John Hall has written songs for music legends ranging from Janis Joplin (“Half Moon”) and Bonnie Raitt (Good Enough) and to Chet Atkins (Sails). Other folks that have covered John’s songs include: Bobby McFerrin (Dance with Me),the Doobie Brothers with James Taylor and Michael McDonald (Power), Bela Fleck with New Grass Revival (Reach), and Ricky Skaggs and James Taylor (New Star Shining). He wrote “Ms. Grace,” Number One in England by The Tymes in 1975, and listed in Rolling Stone's top five of all- time beach music hits.  

John played guitar on record and/or on tour with Seals and Crofts, Taj Mahal, Carly Simon, Little Feat, and Christopher Cross.  

His environmental concerns led him into community activism, as one of the movers of the antinuclear movement. John co-founded the activist group MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy) with Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, and Graham Nash in 1979. His song “Power” became the rallying song and a highlight at the five NO-NUKES concerts presented by MUSE in 1979. Among the artists that participated: Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, The Doobie Brothers, James Taylor, Gil Scott-Heron, Crosby Still and Nash, Chaka Khan, Carly Simon, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne…

Starting in 1990 John served in the Ulster County New York legislature and the Saugerties, New York Board of Education. In 2006 he ran for Congress against an entrenched incumbent in a historically Republican district. John’s musical colleagues performing at fundraisers made it possible to finance his winning campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives, for whom he served until early 2011. 

In STILL THE ONE, John shares stories about moments that stand out from both his musical and political lives. 

John shares childhood memories of being raised to be an optimist, and finding himself at age 18 in the miles of the ‘60s’ Music Explosion. In STILL THE ONE shows the cresting of his passion for environmental issues and rolling up his sleeves to help build several environmental groups.  

From Janis Joplin's birthday party to conversations behind the closed-door caucus in the basement of the Capitol, from dialog with protesters to sharing elevator rides with fellow members of Congress, this captivating memoir offers viewpoints from an earnest and humorous voice.

John Hall’s life path is jam-packed with intriguing stories, fascinating people and optimism. 

Titled after John’s best-known song, STILL THE ONE: A ROCK’N’ROLL JOURNEY TO CONGRESS AND BACK is ultimately an ode to engagement in creating a better world. –available now at amazon.com

Purchase John Hall’s best-selling memoir entitled … Still The One: A Rock'n'Roll Journey to Congress and Back at amazon

Guest Category: History, Music, News, Politics & Government
Kaayla Vedder
Guest Occupation: Intuitive energy healer
Guest Biography:

Kaayla Vedder has spent more than two decades honing her skills as an intuitive energy healer so clients in Canada and around the world can live healthier lives free of density and full of joy. Able to see energy since childhood, Kaayla has developed a system for tapping in to the dance of divine energy, bridging the gap between humanity and our higher levels so people can release what no longer serves them.  The results are astounding.

To find out more about how Kaayla can help you move towards better health and live in the fluidity of divine grace, please visit her website.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Energy Healing, Psychology, Mental Health, Personal Development, Motivational, Spiritual, Access Consciousness
Michael Tamez
Guest Occupation: Holistic Health Coach
Guest Biography:

Michael Tamez is a certified Holistic Health Coach who lost 105 pounds, lowered his blood pressure, and reversed sleep apnea and advanced gum disease. This was all accomplished without drugs or surgery. All of these experiences combined led Michael to discover his true passion in life. He is dedicated to guiding, empowering, and sharing the knowledge and wisdom he has acquired over the course of his lifetime. Drawing from this incredible health transformation, Michael published his award winning book, Transformative Nutrition. His guidebook to healthy and balanced living is powerfully designed to create a permanent shift in the way people eat, think, feel, live, and love.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/transformativenutrition

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Nutrition, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help
Author Kristine Carlson
Guest Occupation: Author, Mentor, and Public Speaker
Guest Biography:

Kristine Carlson, New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned speaker, is passionate about spreading her message of returning from grief and waking up to life with more joy and gratitude—and certainly not taking life too seriously.

Kris’ life mission expands upon the phenomenal success of she and her late husband Dr. Richard Carlson’s work in the (“Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” series). She continues his legacy of peaceful and mindful living through her own bestselling books, including the most recent, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms, An Hour to Live, an Hour to Love: The True Story of the Best Gift Ever and her memoir, Heartbroken Open.

Over the past two decades, Kris and Richard have sold more than 25 million books. She has been featured on national radio and television broadcasts, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, The View, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Kris’ particular roles of expertise are focused on change, transition, and reinvention, and waking up to life with more gratitude and joy. She is a mentor for people navigating the challenges of “middle age.” Kris is a sought-after inspirational speaker and is available for keynote talks, media appearances, and more.

More About Kristine:

“Mrs. Carlson, your husband has expired.”

Six words, delivered over the phone, from two doctors I’d never met, on the other side of the country.


The love of my life? Expired? Like a carton of milk?

Six words, and my world stopped & accelerated, exploded & shrank, shape-shifted & stalled to a halt, ended & began. All at once.

Six words, and everything changed.

My name is Kristine. I’m a survivor. A widow. A mother. A grandmother. A wife. A writer & bestselling author, many times over. A mentor for people navigating that exceptionally urgent & poignant time known as “middle age.” A motivational speaker for women & girls.

And yet, who I really am, when all’s said & done, is a woman who knows how to bounce, rock and roll through all of life’s changes. Good & bad. Light & dark. Perfectly planned & wholly unthinkable.

When loss blackens my heart, when my kids leave the nest (and forget to call home), when my hormones go haywire, when earthquakes turn the solid ground beneath my feet into Jello, I am brave. I am strong. I evolve.

So can you.

Though, you might have forgotten.

So it’s my job, my purpose, my calling … to remind you.

And that’s precisely what I’m here to do.

Think of this website as your touchstone — your safe zone, your homebase, your rock in a world that never stops changing.

Here, we don’t run from change — and we don’t just learn how to “deal” with it.

We learn how to love it. We learn how to laugh with it. We learn how to let it keep us awake & alive.

So. Whatever change you’re going through (and sweetheart, I know you’re going through something) … know that I’m here. With love. With words. And with every tool & resource I can possibly share.

To endings.

To beginnings.

To change.

To life.


P.S. When I say “I’m here,” I mean it — fully and truly.

I’m here on Twitter & Facebook. I’m here, responding to your questions & comments on my blog. I’m here when you need to be reminded that you are incredibly strong. And I’m here, every month, leading soul-stirring conversations on love, loss, reinvention, resilience, and all the “big stuff” that we’re living & dying to talk about.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Paranormal, Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Sex, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Everett Coast
Guest Occupation: Acoustic guitar driven duo of woven voices and fused songwriting
Guest Biography:


Everett Coast, the acoustic guitar driven duo of woven voices and fused songwriting, was founded in early 2011 by singer-songwriters Danny Byrne and Josh Misko. They were introduced by their instructor, mentor, and now close friend, Anika Paris (Warner Chappell / Universal), while attending Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. The two California natives bonded quickly becoming fast friends, bandmates and eventually roommates.

Raised in the small town of Springville, CA, located near the Giant Sequoias in the Southern Sierra Nevada, Misko (vocals, guitars, ukulele) credits his mother for his love of music. At the age of 14, he asked his parents for an acoustic guitar. His mother told him she would only buy him a guitar if he wrote his own music. “I absolutely give my mom 100% credit for why I write the way I do today. She forced me to think outside of the box musically right from the start.” After graduating high school, Misko attended California State University Channel Islands but quickly realized that traditional college wasn’t for him. He packed up and moved to Los Angeles to attend Musician’s Institute in the fall of 2010.

A 4-year-old Byrne (vocals, piano, guitar, bass, drums, production & engineering) always knew that music was the life for him. His parents, however, needed some convincing. “My parents were reluctant to get me started on the piano at such a young age, but even as a 4-year-old, I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I’d jump on the piano bench beside my big sister during her piano practice and turn every note, scale or song into an unwelcome duet. Finally, my parents got me lessons of my own.” In high school, the classically trained pianist from Sacramento picked up the guitar and in college began singing and writing songs. After graduating from California State University, Sacramento with a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Organizational Communications, Byrne decided to move to Los Angeles in the fall of 2009 and follow his true passion for music.

Everett Coast writes and produces all their own original material as well as co-writes across a wide variety of music genres from pop and hip-hop to folk and country. Influenced by such artists as John Mayer, Jason Mraz, The Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons, Everett Coast creates with the intention to not only stay current in today’s music industry, but to also keep the influence of the greats, such as America, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Everly Brothers, and of course, Simon and Garfunkel.

In July of 2013, Everett Coast self-produced, recorded, and released their debut 4-song EP Hey, Hey, California (available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.). From this EP they independently secured Everett Coast Radio on Pandora Internet Radio, and three sync licensing deals featuring their songs “Hey, Hey, California” & “Passing Through” in the independent film Monumental, and “Hey, Hey, California” in a new reality T.V. series Barflies. Additionally, in 2014 Everett Coast wrote & produced the music for Oregon State University’s The Campaign For OSU Thanks Donors Like You commercial.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Music
Anika Paris
Guest Occupation: CRIA double platinum singer/songwriter, recipient of ASCAP’s Abe Oleman Scholarship, and ASCAP Plus Award
Guest Biography:


Artist/ Author/ Educator

Anika Paris is a CRIA double platinum singer/songwriter, recipient of ASCAP’s Abe Oleman Scholarship, and ASCAP Plus Award. She received an HOLA Award for outstanding music in a musical, and was nominated for the International Latin Poetry Award for her poetry book Woven Voices with Scapegoat Press. Anika is also a Hal Leonard author with two books Making Your Mark in Music, and most recently a co-authored book The Five Star Music Makeover.

Her songs can be heard in major motion pictures starring Ben Affleck, Gwenyth Paltrow, Mira Sorvino to name a few and on HBO Sex and the City, network television shows like Ellen, Oprah, The Bachelor and many more. A classically trained pianist, she composes for Warner Bros Telepictures, Multistages, and the League of Professional Theatre Women. She recorded three solo CD’s, toured the world sharing the stage with luminaries Stevie Wonder, John Legend, and John Mayer.

Anika is an adjunct professor at Musicians Institute, UCLA’s Creative Arts Studies Extension and guest lectures at the Grammy, USC and more. Currently, she and her writing partner Dean Landon have been commissioned to record a new EP scheduled for release 2017.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Music
Guest Occupation: Sports Reporter
Guest Biography:

Evan Washburn was named reporter for THE NFL ON CBS in June 2014, and also serves as a college basketball reporter, studio host and lacrosse analyst for CBS Sports Network. He once again serves as a sideline reporter with the announce team of Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts. Washburn was on the sidelines as a reporter for Super Bowl 50 in 2016. He has served as a contributing reporter on THAT OTHER PREGAME SHOW, CBS Sports Network’s Sunday pre-game studio show.

Washburn graduated from the University of Delaware in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. He played college lacrosse for four years, leading Delaware to the NCAA Tournament Final Four in 2007. As team captain in 2008, Washburn was selected All-CAA Conference First Team. He currently resides in Baltimore, Md.

Guest Category: Sports & Recreation, Professional, High School, College, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Tough Mudder Host & Crossfit Trainer
Guest Biography:

Aloha! My name is Eric Botsford. I have been involved in CrossFit since 2008. My desire to live every day to the fullest and educate the world is my absolute passion. With my wife Cristin, we opened Good Times CrossFit in Sacramento (2009). Through dedication and a competitive spirit we rose to be one of the most respected and sought after boxes in Northern California, sending multiple individuals and Teams to the CrossFit Games Regionals . I myself have competed in every CrossFit Games Regionals Events since 2009. Science and Nutrition are at the foundation of athletic performance; I continually learn and educate myself to constantly get better every day. Positive mental focus is something I teach all athletes as there is no room for fear or selfishness in building a better world both in and out of the gym .

Eric has always been an athlete. Soccer, Water-skiing, Snowboarding, Climbing, and CrossFit... you name it.. he is in to it. With 7 years of Firefighting experience, Eric knows how to build a team. This shows in the strong community of Good Times CrossFit. "No egos, just hard work". Eric has a three step process for success; Get your Nutrition dialed in, Prepare your mind, Train like your life depends on it! Eric has been an advocate for the CrossFit community since 2009 hosting competitions and interning on the Level 1 staff. Eric is also spreading the Fitness message nationwide as an MC for Tough Mudder events. Reaching over 11,000 people every weekend with his message of challenge and resilience!

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Fitness & Exercise, Nutrition, Sports & Recreation, Professional, Outdoor, Indoor, High School, College
Frank Smith Jr
Guest Occupation: Civil Rights Activist and politician in Washington, D.C., advocate for DC Statehood.
Guest Biography:

Frank Smith, Jr. is a civil rights activist and politician in Washington, D.C., and an advocate for DC Statehood. He was born in Newnan, Georgia, he attended Morehouse College where he developed his appetite for activism. In 1960, he participated in the Rich's Department Store boycotts in Atlanta; and almost at the same time he was working with other students to establish the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). A founding member of SNCC, he is recognized by his SNCC peers as the first SNCC worker sent into Mississippi to register voters. Based in Holly Springs, Mississippi, he worked in some of the most brutal and racist counties in Mississippi. He was also one of the few SNCC workers employed in the original HeadStart program. Working with the Child Development Group of Mississippi (CGDM), his Headstart Program was based in Jacksonville, Mississippi, in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Frank worked with native Mississippi sharecroppers who had been evicted from their homes when they requested a pay raise in the men’s salaries from a flat rate of $6 day to $1.25 an hour. The sharecroppers, Frank and his first wife, Jean Smith, purchased land, lived in tents where they were regular and ongoing targets for the plantation owner and friends during the year when they built housing, and established one of the first (and only) black cooperative communities in Mississippi—Strike City.

As part of Freedom Summer, Frank Smith and Frank Soracco, another SNCC worker, travelled the United States to raise funds for travel and expenses for the Mississippi Freedom Party and his friend and colleague, Fannie Lou Hamer to attend the 1964 Democratic National Convention. With the help of Vice President Hubert Humphrey and Party leader Walter Mondale, Johnson engineered a "compromise" in which the national Democratic Party offered the MFDP two at-large seats, which allowed them to watch the floor proceedings but not take part. The MFDP refused this "compromise," which permitted the undemocratic, white-only, regulars to keep their seats and denied votes to the MFDP. While they were unsuccessful at being seated, their presence and Ms. Hamer’s testimony led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

After leaving Mississippi, Frank Smith relocated in Washington, DC, where he continued his service to community. Frank was elected to the D.C. Board of Education in 1979; and subsequently to Council of the District of Columbia in 1982 where he served for sixteen years. His work focused on housing and economic development. While on the Council, he served as chair of the Housing and Economic Development Committee, the Metropolitan Washington Area Transportation Authority and the Baseball Commission. As a councilmember he shared his passion for gardening by introducing legislation to maintain the original victory gardens and allow DC residents to garden on vacant, District-owned properties. He has been in the vanguard of urban housing activities, setting up the original Neimiah project in the District of Columbia; and introducing legislation for urban homesteading. He also served as Chair of the DC Housing Authority. Smith's office records from his time as a DC City Councilmember are currently under the care of the Special Collections Research Center at The George Washington University.

After his stint with the Council, he focused on his passion – African American history—and found funding to build the African American Civil War Memorial, establish a nonprofit which supports the African American Civil War Museum. Smith is the Founding Executive Director and Board member of the African American Civil War Memorial Freedom Foundation and Museum.

Guest Category: History, Kids & Family, News, Politics & Government, Self Help, Variety
Geno Munari
Guest Occupation: General Manager KIYQ-FM Las Vegas
Guest Biography:

Geno Munari

Attended University of Las Vegas in Las Vegas. Adjunct Professor UNLV 1980-1984.

Non Restricted Gaming License Holder

I am a business owner of several businesses: Houdini's Magic Shops, Houdini Publishing (with in-house printing equipment), Director of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic 501(3) © and licensee for KiYQ-LP, Munari Auctions, Inc.

I have been Vice President and Director of several Major Hotels in Las Vegas.

In my earlier years was a writer for a subsidiary of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.

Presently I am the General Manger for KIYQ, and an avid researcher and on-air commentator.

ABOUT KIYQ 107.1-FM Las Vegas...

Music All Day - Talk All Night

Listen to all the great legendary performers who played Las Vegas; Louis Prima, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and many more.  KiYQ puts you back in time.  You will think it is 1964, and you are sitting in the Casbar Lounge at the Sahara Hotel.​

Try us.  There is nothing like it!​

The music stream plays throughout the day and early evening and is the best music from the great performers of Las Vegas! Late at night will feature the best of the best in informative and interesting talk radio! The Mafia, UFOs, Conspiracy Theories and the stories about Las Vegas that have never been revealed.

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Mark Jones
Guest Occupation: Nuclear & Atomic Engineer, Amateur Astronomer
Guest Biography:

Life’s work;
3D Energy, Large Scale Energy Systems and communications which has included the following,
    U.S. Navy, Steam Plant Engine Room Supervisor, Main Propulsion and Auxiliaries
    Federally Licensed; Nuclear Plant Reactor Operator. 2,700 Megawatts thermal.
Coast Guard Approved Instructor for Steam Plant Operations, Industrial Electricity, HAZMAT HAZWOPPER and many others.
NERC Certified Electric Systems (GRID) Operator for the North American Continent PJM east Region with 50 million + consumers.  
Sr. Director NERC Compliance
Sr. Consultant NERC Compliance
Amateur Licensed Radio Operator North America, call sign N3WZS
Amateur Astronomer

Early Life Events:
I was born on a Monday the first day of Leo July 23, 1956 @ 3:39am in Troy Ohio and for the first year or so lived a few miles away just outside of Springfield OH. As with many Star Seeds my early life was far from settled. My Birth Parents lost custody when I was ~1 ½  Y.O. Finally after being in the Children’s Home from which my older sisters tried to break us out at least twice by escaping down the railroad tracks unsuccessfully - the authorities disbanded us as a family unit and I would not see my sisters and brother for a very, very long time (~40 yrs.). From then on I was shuffled from place to place with others much older. I was finally adopted to my permanent parents at the age of 4½  by a couple, Dick and Judy, who lived in Piqua OH. And was just a few miles north of Troy where I was born.  
Though I recalled many early memories of children around me I was unsure who they were at that age and much later I found I was the youngest of 5.

The City name PIQUA is derived from an Indian legend from the Shawnee where after a major fight the spirit of a fallen opposition leader was seen rising from the ashes of the fire thus the full expression is “Otath-he-waugh-Pe-Qua” or “He who has risen from the ashes”.  
I was dropped off at the door step in Piqua with a change of clothes, a teddy bear and a small bible and some advice as someone whispered in my ear to “Believe in Jesus and Go to Church”.  
So keeping in line with my door step directives I informed my new parents I was going to church that very next Sunday which was just a few weeks before Christmas. They had no interest in attending but encouraged me to go, so being undaunted with “going it alone” I walked the 2 blocks up the street and opened the big church door to the Calvary Baptist Church and the booming voice of the preacher that was literally rattling the chandeliers in the overhead. I sat in the back being rather timid as one may expect. I don’t recall what he said but I remember telling my new mom when I got home that he sure yelled a lot.  

Jesus & the Church
As the years unfolded I found the easy part was believing in Jesus as his words strongly resonated with me from an early age, right up to this moment. Church however was a bit more of a challenge though I attended several denominations regularly through the years and included Baptist, Church of the Brethren, Church of Christ, Presbyterian and Catholic to name a few. To be sure I had many positive experiences as a result of attending. I did take exception when the pulpit was used to extract money for certain uses that were for the far removed hierarchy or to solicit political favors of the congregation.

Spirit - The first encounters
Within a year or so of landing on Wilson Ave in Piqua we moved across town to West Grant St. right beside my first elementary school which I loathed in every way possible. But the house on Grant was my first real encounter with Spirit in the material world. Prior to this the first recollection of Spirit was in dreams and or night terrors. Many times I recall beings that came very close to me in fact they were in my face or so it seemed. Although I could not see them directly I could see their energy patterns but more importantly I felt their presence in a very strong if not overbearing way. It was this energy that scared me and caused me to wake in terror many nights as a young boy.

Terror in the Mirror
When I was about 10 I recall sitting on my parents bed which I never did and looking in the mirror and behind me I saw something trying to materialize. I could see its face and it was moving around. Its color was the same distinctive night vision green that is often used to depict ghosts and other apparitions even today. I became terrified and screamed for my mom. It was very real and I was inconsolable even when mom tried to put her arms around me, all I could do was cry. I was thoroughly traumatized by the event. Later Dad would say it was just ‘old Stoodi’ short for Studebaker and referring to the prior owner of the house who was a police officer that was claimed to have been killed in the line of duty though I never knew if that was really true or not. But so many things happened in that house from the sounds of the high heels walking in the basement right in front of me to the ghost in the attic that I had seen several times and I was completely petrified of, to furniture that was inexplicably moved. I was on edge most of the time as I grew up there. Rarely did I feel truly at home there but there was a place that I could call home which we will discuss later.

Premonition Dreams
One of the more pleasant aspects that started to happen as I got older were premonition dreams. It was a regular occurrence for me to have an odd ball dream then a short while later there I was standing there seeing exactly what I saw in my dream. The dozens of times this happened I never put it together that this was also spirit communicating to me in a different albeit far more gentle way. What I did pick up on eventually was when it happened it just let me know I was on the right track.

Kreskins and Ouija
The Christmas that followed me seeing the entity manifest in the mirror in 1966 my parents got me the Kreskins ESP game. I think they thought I may have had some ability. Even though they never said whether they believed me or not about the apparition that terrified me it was this event that prompted them to get this I believe. If this was not the case for Kreskins then it had to be for the Ouija Board I got the same Christmas. Kreskins never really proved anything about ESP to me but the Ouija shined especially the one time that I took it to school in the 2nd grade.  

The Ouija
After Christmas Missus Simmons said we could bring something in to share with the class so I brought in the Ouija board. Since it took 2 to make it work I asked Carrol Woods to help. She was what I considered to be one of the smart ones in the class and always got good grades. She was happy to assist. Though I do not recall the particular question that was asked I do remember the response of the board and Carrol. When the question was asked the pointer forcefully traveled over to the first letter then quickly went to the second. We could hardly keep our fingers on it as it was moving so unexpectedly fast. I was so surprised by this I ask Carrol if she was doing this and she smiled with big eyes and laughing said I’m not doing that, as it continued on its rapid pace to spell the words. The whole thing seemed more than a little eerie to me. I knew it was real, didn’t understand how but knew something was making it move and we were just along for the ride. If I didn’t believe before there was no question now I truly believed in the supernatural.

An original Treki  
The following year in early 1967 my Dad had to go to Cleveland because he was promoted to Inspector Foreman needing to be trained for the new job. He worked for the BF Goodrich Co Aerospace Division in Troy. They mostly built wheels and brakes for Fighter jets and huge transports like the Galaxy C5A but also built the wheels and brakes for the Lunar Rover. So I guess there are some bragging rights on that. Anyway this brief departure provided a wonderful opportunity to stay up a little later and I carefully planned it to see my first Star Trek Episode.  I believe it was ”The Trouble with Tribbles”. I was instantly hooked but it would take some doing to talk dad into letting me stay up later on a regular basis.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base
As a side note the area where I lived was only a stone’s throw from Wright Pat Air Force Base just north of Dayton. It is another infamous place of Alien artifacts and covert operations claimed by many. It is also the home and named after the Wright Brothers the original aviators. We visited there several times through the years on class trips but we never did see anything suspicious but we were pretty young school kids. Still I had my eye to the sky.

The Zone
There was one particular “Twilight Zone” that rocked my world to the core. It was the one where the girl fell out of bed and through the wall and into a different dimension. They spent the whole episode getting her back. I just knew somehow the possibility of other dimensions was real and it was right in front of us.

I’m Not From Earth
Of course “My Favorite Martian” was on during this same general time frame. Even though it was mostly a sitcom and satirical at that when it was all said and done I just knew I was not from earth and this was just more fuel on the fire.  Dad use to make fun of me because I told him I was not from here. Not knowing how to respond he started calling me Marsha or Marsh mellow which in his mind was a cross between Martian and Mark. I actually was severely agitated by him because of this. Even though he was a very intelligent person he was not one to show any empathy at all whatsoever. He was strictly Command and Control and very much hard wired to think only in this reality and specifically what was in front of him. The only love you got out of Dick was tough love. But to be clear this it is not to say that he didn’t take care of business because he absolutely did take care of me and mom always. He was just a little hard in his way.

Stars and the Moon
In addition to the personal events the deeply affected me and the entertainment that resonated profoundly with me I had this huge curiosity about the Moon and the Stars. Back in the late 60's and 70’s they used to get bonuses from stores by collecting S & H Green Stamps then redeeming them when you collected enough. One of things I talked them into was a little 8x Bausch and Lomb handheld telescope. I spent hours looking at the night sky on cold winter nights. I remember scraping frost off the inside of the storm windows in the little utility room on the back of the house just so I could see.

My First UFO
Because I was an adopted kid Mom and dad got a check from the state every month to help provide for my welfare. It was this money that made it easier for Dad to buy a little piece of land on a pristine lake in Southern Michigan near Coldwater. This was the place that I called Home because it felt like it. I was free from everything. No Boogie men, no bullies in school, I was not a failure here. I reigned supreme with my Crossman BB gun and choice of boats to run the lake with. I was a WINNER every time.
It was in the fall I believe and we got a late start for the 3½ hour ride from Piqua to the lake so when we finally got there it was dark, very dark. On top of that there was no one else there on that whole side of the channel which made it even darker than usual. We pulled into our lot and started offloading the equipment into the 45’ New Moon Trailer. It was a great arrangement as it was Dad's family that owned the lots on either side of ours. So we were able to walk freely without worry of offending someone.  So we had walked up to his niece’s cottage and were observing the awesome sky and relative still of the night with the exception of several large bullfrogs off in the distance.   As we walked back I noticed a light high in the sky that was moving slow but steady, it was very bright and clear. It seemed it was a light and not a reflection off of something. I watched it for a long time till I could hardly see it. Dad said it was probably a satellite. For many years I left it at that and didn’t think much of it. But a few years back I was using Google Earth to look at the lake that I always said I grew up on. I started thinking about what we saw that night and tracked the relative direction. As it turned out it was traveling North by North East. This may not seem significant but this was in the late 60’s and un-manned capability to travel from North to South over the poles did not exist. Land or sea based GPS navigation was at least 20 years off. Satellites only had capability to travel East to West or West to East. So what I’m getting at is it was not a satellite nor was it a plane. Since that time I have seen dozens of similar craft that were absolutely our ET and star families.

The Quantum Universe       
Some things never change but the toys must get bigger. Even today I have a host telescopes and binoc’s for viewing and recording celestial objects. Through these the quantum universe has given up some of its secrets. I have recorded dozens of craft on and near the moon, intelligently designed structures virtually everywhere you may look and evidence of real time active processes the so-called experts cannot refute. There is no doubt as to the hyperactive reality just beyond most people’s ability to see and sense. It is there and waiting to be engaged.

The rest of school
It felt I spent an absolute lifetime in that elementary school. It was a full 8 years. I will not disclose the issues that I was plagued with as it would serve no real benefit to the reader. I suspect these hardships must have been to relive some sort of karmic debt.
I left there and continued to Jr. High. This school was exactly 1 mile from the house that I walked every day twice a day and contrary to popular belief it was downhill in the morning and uphill in the afternoon. This was a wonderful step and I was able to get away from much of the grade school trauma. The grades went up and I even made honor roll, that is when I wanted to. Life was looking up. But of course nothing is perfect and there just always seems to be someone waiting in the wings to pick a fight. It was an inevitable part of living in a Blue Color Town in South West Ohio. Farmers and Factory workers, underpaid and overworked and everyone knew it. Not that I was leaving any time soon but it was time to start sizing up long term options. If you wanted to escape the only way was the military but with Vietnam raging that was not an option either. Outside of a few fights and learning about the true nature of females Jr High was relatively injury free.

Sr. High
It was a cake walk relatively speaking and time seemed to be speeding up. And so it was especially one particular night when I came home and mom jumped all over me. For some reason she thought I had been drinking but I had not. I didn’t really drink at all then. Home life had gotten pretty tense on a regular basis at that point. They were overly concerned about me and I just wanted to get out of jail and be free. It would not be long though before I graduated in 1974  and I departed for the Navy in Jan 1975.
Nuclear Power
After my 5 years of culture shock in Uncle Sam’s canoe club ended I rapidly took my honorable discharge and qualifications to obtain a job at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in Calvert County Maryland. Unit one had been on line for a year or so and unit 2 had just come on line. I started out as a Plant Operator. Plant Operators were the eyes, ears and muscle for the Control Room Operators. We made rounds, monitored equipment and took direction from the control room. This could be a taxing job particularly during start-ups and shut downs when operation of large valves on the heater vents and drain system was done mostly by hand.           
There was a very comprehensive qualification system for all personnel even at that level and knowledge was king. Once a person was qualified on all the plant stations and if their evaluations were good you stood a good chance of being picked to go to ‘license class’. So it was and I accepted the offer. This was almost a year of very intense training in Nuclear and Atomic theory physics, thermodynamics, chemistry as well as all the plant operating procedures and permitting requirements. It was a lot more than I bargained for.
But at the end I became more, for knowing how the 3D world actually functioned on a theoretical basis and on a “cause and effect basis. I felt far wiser but there was huge pressure to perform flawlessly always. This was constantly re-enforced by the cleanup reports and failure analysis from the Three Mile Island disaster that was unfolding just a couple hundred miles to the north. This was compounded when the Russians accidently blew up Chernobyl in 1986.

From then until now and the ‘System’
To be sure I was a loner that enjoyed nature and became a searcher of knowledge and truth. Though I eventually left Nuclear Power and found a teaching job that really suited my fancy, teaching many of the engineering subjects I had been thoroughly trained in.
But a situation developed in early part of the new millennium (not 911) that changed how I viewed the government on the local and state level. This involved community property that for generations was reserved for community use was now being appropriated by those residents living in adjacent areas from the property. They simply paid for a surveyor to draw up new property lines and submitted it to the land court. Without a blink the judge approved it and in an instant the community’s rights were removed. No amount of engaging the offices approving this corruption would change anything and if it did anything at all it brought their attention squarely on those searching for the truth and or demanding action.
It became clear to me these legal system did not serve the public but only those who would pad the pocket of those in these positions of power. I became very disheartened at the state of affairs and knew there was big trouble ahead for all of us.
In physics training I learned what was good on a small scale was great on a grand scale. SO I knew it was only a matter of time before what I saw on the small scale in my neck of the woods would have to show up in the larger reaches of government. Little did I realize it had already happened. As the middle East wars continued and then 911 I did not believe this could be a government. controlled plot. But as we know now this was just the tip of the iceberg.    
This brief background paints the story of many of the influences that steered my earlier life and even now. Much was left out as I wanted to present things that are relevant to the nature of the subjects being discussed.

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