Guest, Mr Cornelius Wright

Guest Name: 
Mr Cornelius Wright
Cornelius Wright
Guest Occupation: 
Certified Life Coach
Guest Biography: 

Mr. Wright is an Author, Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.The changes he made to himself are no less than Fascinating. He has become a master of teaching people by his ‘Leading By Example’ approach, His unique style of teaching all the elements of success, joy and happiness has given him a following of loyal supporters that are using the time tested success principles to Enhance their lives as well.

The bottom line is Mr. Wright AKA Neo says he is a ‘Movement Guy’ meaning he does not put limitations on Anything, The Sky is definitely the limit for him. Join us on October 27th 2020  BBSRadio/Allroads65 at 12noon with your host Pamela L Henderson a True Sapphire...