Male, Female Sexuality... Mayhem or Magic, June 10, 2018

Change It Up with Paula Shaw

Today we discuss the mystery of male/female relationships and how we can better connect with one another.


The Mystery of Male Sexuality, June 9, 2018

Change It Up with Paula Shaw

Today we are going to change it up by having a panel of men discussing male sexuality and some of the pitfalls that many men these days are falling into as a result of changing times.


A Fireside Chat, March 17, 2018

Barbara Hand Clow

Barbara Hand Clow returns to talk about her latest trilogy:  the "Revelations" series.  We begin tonight with Revelations of the Ruby Crystal.  Barbara returns April 21st to talk about the release of the 2nd of the trilogy:  Revelations of the Aquarian Age.

Guest Name, vienas

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Guest, Midori A Verity

Guest Occupation: 
Marriage & Communications Consultant

Guest, Daniel Garza

Guest Occupation: 
HIV/AIDS Speaker & Advocate, Host of "Put it Together" Podcast, HIV/AIDS Speaker & Advocate and more

Guest, Jane Guyn

Guest Occupation: 
UCLA trained registered nurse, Certified Professional Sex Coach, Core Energy Coach and Doctor of Human Sexuality

Guest, Doctor Lori Beth Bisbey

Guest Occupation: 
Sex & Intimacy Coach and Registered Psychologist


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