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For upcoming stories, please consider Kataluna Enriquez, Miss International Queen USA 2024, Former Miss Nevada USA, and the first and only trans woman at Miss USA as of today.


A warrior for gender equality and championing mental health, Kataluna Enriquez is a multi-dimensional fashion designer and the owner of KatalunaKouture. As a Filipino American model, Kataluna is a survivor of physical and sexual abuse along with years of trauma, Kataluna made history by being the first Transgender woman to win Miss Nevada USA, and the first to compete in the 70 years History of Miss USA. 


She can comment on:


-The Miss Silver State Organization training young girls throughout the country on building a positive mindset, branding and self-confidence. 


-Being crowned Miss International Queen USA 2024 and set to compete in Pattaya, Thailand in the world’s biggest transgender pageant, Miss International Queen. 


-Her transition socially during freshman year in high school, modeling in college then pageantry and media presence around 23 


She says “I am currently reigning as Miss International Queen USA 2024, and hopes to win Miss International queen as the first Asian first generation American and 3rd crown for the USA. When I was young, I had no one to look up to since there was no one like me in the media. I then became the person I needed when I was younger.”


Social Media: IG - Mskataluna


Kataluna made history in 2021 as the first transgender woman to win Miss Nevada USA.

She is the reigning Miss International Queen USA 2024, set to compete in Miss International Queen in Thailand.

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