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Lillian Zeltser
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Lillian Zeltser – Author and Speaker

Pioneer of Unique Aphrodisiac Techniques & Applications

Lillian appeared on Radio, Television, Magazines, Podcasts, Entertaining and Charity Events, the Educational, Commercial and Non-Profit Organizations. She is known as a capable and flexible speaker, able to engage any audience by adapting her subject to their needs. In all capacities, as a speaker, captivating presenter and author, Lillian brings the ‘it factor,’ delivering valuable key messages through entertainment, elevating the audience’s mood and offering a distinctive point of difference that would remain with your audience long after the event.

With her perpetual energy and optimism, Lillian easily engages the audience with scientific facts and myths, amazing stories and legends, practical tips, and real cases. 


In October 1986, Lillian accidentally stumbled on an old love potion recipe, which changed her life and sparked her interest in aphrodisiacs and natural stimulants.

Together with her husband, a medical doctor, she researched, experimented with, and hunted for them around the world for over 30 years.

In the process, Lillian personally experienced hundreds of effective time-tested legendary ethnobotanical stimulants, often called aphrodisiacs, which she shares with others for the betterment of their lives.

With help of her husband – Dr Zeltser, Lillian developed unique technics and recipes for those, who want to restore and maintain feelings of love, desire, and pleasure between partners.

Lillian’s expertise covers many sensitive issues, from emotions and desire to hormones and mental health, from the effects of bad habits to the ability to escalate feelings of pleasure.

With knowledge, ethics, and professional skills Lillian has helped many people improve their failing relationships, and to find a perfect partner for building a long-term relationship filled with love and desire.

Lillian and her professional team created unique functional food and beverage recipes and other senses-stimulating offerings, which had been adjusted to modern tastes and technology to deliver an ultimately enjoyable experience.

Only the best ingredients from reputable sources are used in the preparation processes that ensure effective delivery of the valuable bio-active elements of the stimulants.

Incredible legends, historical facts, and light sexy humor add a finer edge and detail to Lillian’s events, and teachings.

Along with her team, Lillian runs Aphrodope company, which offers publications, training services, and enjoyable public events including ‘A Feast for Senses’ – an interactive aphrodisiac dinner experience, during which participants have a chance to experience things they never knew they were able to experience.

Her happy fans and followers, who discovered the power of aphrodisiacs, have a better understanding of her favorite saying “To Health, Long Life & Pleasures”.