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Reiki Master, Hynotherapist, Aromatherapist, Tantric Energy Specialist, Sex Educator, Counselor, Personal Empowerment Facilitator, Author
Sexual Empowerment Educator, Sexologist, Sex Educator, Ghost Writer, Magazine Journalist, Author
Publisher, Founder of Epoch Networks, Industry Conference Speaker, Congressional Advisor, Business Builder
Adult Film Producer, Sexologist, Speaker, Lecturer, Sex Educator, Counselor, Therapist, Author, Erotica Product Developer, Designer, Performer, Actress
Doctor of Spiritual Counseling, Holistic Health Practitioner, Tantra Educator, Therapist, Intimacy and Relationship Expert, Sex Researcher, Spokesperson, Teacher, Writer
Tantra Master, Healer, Author, Consultant, Teacher, Speaker
Teacher of Tantric Sex, Founder of Sexy Spirits, Ballroom Dancer, Taoist Teacher, Lecturer, Speaker