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Guest Name
Susan Bakos
Guest Occupation
Sexual Empowerment Educator, Sexologist, Sex Educator, Ghost Writer, Magazine Journalist, Author
Guest Biography

Susan Crain Bakos - An outspoken champion of female (and male) sexual empowerment, I created SexyPrime to enhance your sex life—by giving you technique tips, reporting on the latest sex behavior and sex science research and sex trends from around the world, connecting with you intellectually through book (and occasionally art and movie) reviews and cultural commentary, and entertaining and arousing you with sex stories. I am a research sexologist, a sex educator, a magazine journalist--with credits from The Ladies Home Journal to Penthouse--the author of twenty books and a ghostwriter. Listening and talking to people about their most intimate erotic experiences comes easily to me, and I believe sex is intrinsic to a healthy and happy life. We express our core identities through our sexuality. I support and celebrate your choices freely made, whether you are straight, gay, bi, poly, monogamous or whatever—and I stand up for female sexuality at every age and stage of life. Ah, but I also love men.

As an aging Boomer, I want to be an example of sexual freedom, especially to my sister Cougars and younger women. I am the outrageous Auntie Mame (with the latest science of sex studies in her overnight bag along with the scarves and pearls and black lace-topped thigh high stockings) who gives her married sister a vibrator for Mother's Day and adores her young nieces. I am mentally preparing for my final persona, The Grande Dame of Sex.

I am most proud of the techniques I have created: The Orgasm Loop, a revolutionary no-fail orgasm technique for women (It really works!) and The Sex Wardrobe Basics, sex techniques inspired by and paired with wardrobe items like red shoes, a string of pearls, the white boyfriend shirt—and more. (It’s a series in progress.) My original fellatio technique, The Basic Black Dress of Blow Jobs, was the first of the series.