Victor Morrow Show, March 11, 2017

Donald Trump has said something's that may lead people to think he to have sex with his daughter Ivanka.

Guest, Susan McCord

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Dating/Relationship/Lifestyle Talk Show Host, Published Author, Interviewer, Certified Life Coach, Blogger & Advice Columnist.

Guest Name, Dr Jeanine Staples

Dr. Jeanine Staples, Scholar. Educator. Coach.
Dr Jeanine Staples
Scholar. Educator. Coach.

Jeanine Staples is Associate Professor of Literacy and Language, African American Studies, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the Pennsylvania State University. She focuses on dismantling supremacist patriarchies through research, teaching, and coaching. As a sociocultural literacist, Dr. Staples works to understand personal and public voices and stories to solve personal and public problems. She does this by researching the evolutionary nature and function of literacies and texts through the discourses of narrative research. Her work exposes the roots and effects of racism, sexism, and ableism. Dr. Staples earned her bachelor’s degree in English literature and Urban Education from Howard University, a Master’s degree in Teaching and Curriculum from Harvard University, and her Doctorate in Literacy and Language, with distinction, from the University of Pennsylvania. Her research has been peer-reviewed and published internationally. In addition, her teaching has been nationally acclaimed. She is a sought-after scholar, educator, and coach and has received numerous awards and honors for her talents and professional contributions to the field of literacy studies. She is a survivor of multiple terrors in love.


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