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Rochelle and I will be doing our radio show, "Insight Out--the Naked Truth" at 7 PM PDT tonight on  We'll be exploring the difference between being and doing in the grand and not so grand scheme of things.  Title of the show: "Do be do be do...or "To be or to do, that is the Question."  Call in with your comments and questions.  Are you a compulsive doer?  Natural be-er?  Call in

On this episode of Insight Out-the Naked Truth" we focused on a line from the Urantia Book which says that, "Religious living i devoted living and devoted living is creative living, original and spontaneous."

Featuring some wonderful songs and the unusual surprises that we love and look forward to.

In the next hour, we will be engaged with Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, author of Orgasm For Life! Jennifer is an inspirational speaker, an author of multiple books, a Certified Life Coach, a hypnotherapist, and an ordained minister. We will discuss how to bring what we have learned about our personal sexuality into relationship? How do we use it, carry it, explore it, abuse it, and how can we learn how to better let this serve us? This will continue a discussion from last week and expand on it from a perspective of joining in sexuality.

In this week's episode of "Insight Out--the Naked Truth" we'll be focusing on the issue of making mistakes and being wrong.  It's called "The Upside of Being Wrong"  We'd love to include your story (anonymously, of course)--how being wrong or making a mistake was illuminating, surprising, life changing, funny, dramatic, profound, etc.  Send your story to me asap as we'll be recording the show tonight at 9 PM (PDT).

Insight Out...the Naked Truth

Title: Delusion

Insight Out...the Naked Truth

Title: Matter of Heart - broadcast from July 11th, 2010

"What are we here for?  In this program we examine the basic human question of why were here in this life in this universe.  While we can't promise to offer any definitive answer, we hope to challenge the listener to ponder the question with us and maybe even realize some insights.  At the very least, we promise some provocative dialogue, mixed with humor and some great music.  We'd love to get your feedback.