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Andrea McGinty
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For upcoming stories, please consider Andrea McGinty, the First Date Expert, Top Dating Coach in the US, and Founder of 33000Dates and It’s Just Lunch Matchmaking Service, helping improve online dating profiles for 25+ years before Google and online dating even existed. After being dumped by her fiancé 5 weeks before the wedding, and post-serial “bad” dates, she had her “aha” moment. What if there was a place for singles who worked like an executive recruiter or headhunter---but for your personal life, not your professional one?

She started with $3,000 in her pocket and quickly grew from Chicago to NYC to Washington, DC----fast forward, 110 locations globally, over 2 million dates set up, thousands of marriages, over 800 employees, and $90 million in revenue. Her current business, 33000Dates caters to those in their 40’s through 70’s----second time arounders---who have no idea how to navigate online dating. Now, 65% of her 33,000 clients end up in serious relationships.    

Andrea can comment on the following hot topics:

  • How to crack the code on dating apps and how to work the system and take 80% of the work off people attempting online dating.

  • Five online dating trends and apps for 2024 that are not going away anytime soon.

  • Tips to increase your odds at happily ever after in the online dating world.

  • What is the Anti-Valentine’s Day and why are people doing it?

  • How do you know if you are ready to date again, especially after 40?

  • Alternative dating options and approaches beyond online dating.

  • Why is SFAR (Single for a Reason) a Buzz Word in 2024?

  • 10 things you are doing wrong on online dating if you have not met someone

Andrea says, “I strongly believe the best way to meet people is through online dating---there are 100.6 million singles in the US and 1 of 3 met their spouse online in 2021. Too many people give up too quickly, don’t know where to begin, have no idea what website to choose, have poor photos, and have trouble writing their online dating profile. My average male client tells me I save 80% of time with online dating by following my protocol and process. I specialize in 2nd Time Around dating--just like second acts in business.”





More about Andrea:

McGinty is the foremost top dating coach and first date expert in the US and has been featured on Oprah, Bloomberg, CNN, Today Show, Early Show, and many others. is what the 40–70-year-old age group needs as they divorce, lose spouses, or are just single. 

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