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Guest Name
Kerry Clasby
Guest Occupation
Intuitive Forager, organic farming expert
Guest Biography


The Intuitive Forager Kerry Clasby

Farm-to-Table is an authentic food movement led in many ways by Kerry Clasby, known as one of the countries top organic farming and foraging experts. Kerry has brought together the best organic farms with the country’s highest-echelon chefs including Wolf Gang Puck, Michael Mina,Nancy Silverton. The owner of Malibu Fig Farm on a Pacific Coast Highway, it is the farm to table dining experience of choice for the founders of Google, Hollywood’s top producers and talent. 

The Intuitive Forager Farm-to-Table methodology pioneered by Clasby insures that you are supporting the integrity of our country’s food shed, participating in traceable food chain and making an alliance with farmers and land stewardship.

We are establishing The Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Well being at the Malibu Fig Ranch.