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Debbi Dachinger and the authors of The UltiMUTT Book for Dog Lovers
If You're Not Covered in Dog Hair, Your Life is Empty!
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Book Writing Coach
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"There’s no mistake that “dog” is “God” spelled backwards.

Have you ever stopped, slowed down, and thought about what is so magical about dogs?

Why is it so easy to love them?

Why is the beginning of every day as if it were Christmas morning to a dog?

Possibly the greatest teachers in life are dogs. I know that has been true for me. Dogs show us how to love. As you read the many heartfelt stories in this book, you will hear the depth at how dogs have given themselves to their humans even when the humans didn’t do the same. A dog’s heart knows no limits and they don’t pull their love away. It is always there and is as reliable as their loyalty. I challenge you to love yourself and those that mean the most to you the same way your dog loves you. You will discover deep and intimate encounters that the authors have had by sharing their fears, insecurities, and most vulnerable moments with their dogs. There is something magical in how a dog shows up for us when we need it most."

—Ryan Matthews “K-9 Mentalist”

"May all our lives always be filled with wonderful dogs. May we continue to heal them and they us, and have the most positive, symbiotic relationship beyond our wildest dreams. Woof."

—Debbi Dachinger, Compiler of this book

Panel Authors in this amazing interview: Ryan Matthews, Barbara Longue / David Adelson, Hal Price, Leana Orsua, Judy Anderson, Viki Winterton, Suzy Godsey, Marni Hill Foderaro, Michael Burkey, Nancy Sommers, Paola Anderson *