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Mack Maloney, Author, Filmmaker, Writer and UFO Researcher
Guest Occupation: Author, Filmmaker, Writer, UFO Researcher
Guest Biography:

Mack Maloney is the author of 40 books, including two bestsellers. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He went through public schools there, and then graduated from Suffolk University in Boston with a degree in journalism. He went on to graduate school at Emerson College earning a degree in filmmaking. He then worked in corporate public relations for the General Electric Company before leaving to write full-time.

The vast majority of Mack’s work has been in military fiction. However, because several of his highly popular novels deal with the military and UFOs, when he approached his editor about writing a nonfiction book on the topic, he got the immediate go ahead.

Mack gathered a mountain of information from many sources and spoke with some highly acclaimed UFO researchers including Jerry Clark, Keith Chester, Richard Haines, and Stan Gordon. He also spoke with a number of contacts in the U.S. military and people connected with U.S. intelligence services. It took about two years to distill all this information down to a collection of about 70 episodes detailing military encounters with UFOs from 1909 up to the first Gulf War. That’s what makes up “UFOs in Wartime - What They Didn’t Want You To Know.”

The book’s premise is that UFOs have to be real simply because of the sheer number of sightings made by military personnel during times of conflict. People who are in the middle of combat are not about to make up a “flying saucer” story or perpetrate a hoax. In fact, they are often fighting for their lives when they make these observations. In this way, they are the best witnesses possible -- trained pilots, sailors and soldiers, both officers and enlisted personnel. And since World War One, there have been thousands of UFO sightings made by these people.

The impression the reader will be left with is that “someone” or “something” watches us closely when we are at war. For instance, during World War 2, there were hundreds of reports of "foo fighters,” some from both sides. In the European theater, the Allies just assumed they were Nazi "wonder weapons." Yet when the war was over, the Germans basically said to the Allies: "We thought they were yours." The same thing happened in the Pacific theater with the Japanese. There were no instances in which these objects shot at Allied aircraft or showed any hostile intent. This was also true for Korea, the Cold War and Vietnam.

As Mack concludes: “It's like ‘they’ are intent on watching us while we kill each other.”

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Rami Kashou, Clothing Designer
Guest Occupation: Clothing Designer
Guest Biography:

The son of the former Miss Jordan, Rami Kashou grew up in style. Kashou was born in Jerusalem on May 11, 1976 and raised in Ramallah where he was often commissioned by the local town socialites to design their ensembles.

Upon arriving in the U.S. in 1996, Kashou worked in retail for several years. This eventually led him to a buying and merchandising position at a well-known boutique in Los Angeles. After a stint of traveling to Europe as a buyer, Kashou bit the bullet and purchased two sewing machines. He vigorously studied pattern making from the local vintage boutiques. "I would buy a piece and take it apart and inspect it, then I would learn." Kashou said. After three years of self-education, he began creating what would later be known as the "One of a Kind" collection that was picked up by various notable Los Angeles boutiques.

A seasoned veteran of runway shows, Rami Kashou has shown his devotion and passion for groundbreaking feminine design, and as a result has become one of the most coveted runway shows to attend during fashion week, attracting celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, and Amy Smart. He was honored with the Gen Art Alumni sponsorship to showcase his collection in the tents of Bryant Park in addition to his numerous seasons at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles.

Known for his dramatic red carpet gowns, Rami has draped the silhouettes of celebrities and trendsetters such as Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, Penelope Cruz, Malin Akerman, Dita Von Teese, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, Becki Newton, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan to name a few. His designs have graced the pages of the New York Times Magazine, Vogue, Women's Wear Daily, Interview, Elle, In Style, and Flaunt amongst many others.

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Dr. Budweiser Hawkins II, Chiropractic Doctor, Basketball Player and Wellness Facilitator
Guest Occupation: Chiropractic Doctor, Basketball Player, Wellness Facilitator
Guest Biography:

BIO BELOW FROM: http://weiserliving.com/#!bio/c1xfq

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” ~ Thomas Edison

Dr. Budweiser is dedicated to the belief and philosophy that the mission of the medical industry should be to assist people with attaining health freedom.  Thus, his vision involved earning his credentials as a Doctor of Chiropractic from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in Whittier, California.  He has more than 20 years experience as a chiropractor and a 30-year history in nutrition.

Dr. Budweiser was born in Los Angeles, California, yet his parents moved to Las Vegas, Nevada when he was just two years old.  As the eldest of five, he felt it important to exemplify a positive role model for his brothers and sisters; thus, his quest began.  He used his athletic abilities and earned recognition as an All American in Baseball and Basketball, which earned him an athletic/academic scholarship to Pepperdine University.  Upon graduating, Dr. Budweiser played basketball professionally in Mexico, but his dream of completing his goal as an authority in nutrition was yet to be realized.  He persevered and began his professional preparation after receiving his Chiropractic degree.

It was in 1997 that Dr. Budweiser founded Weiser Living; a concept that helps assess an individual’s wellness profile using 3 main categories: Lifestyle, Environmental Intake and Nutrition. Weiser Living then outlines simple, yet powerful strategies for developing an effective and unique Weiser Living Plan. Dr Budweiser has an uncanny ability to identify and address the wellness needs of each individual who is ready to listen and take action.  It is his firm belief that everyone, given proper education and a Weiser Living Plan, has the ability to make the correct choices for themselves as well as for their family members and take complete control of their health.

Predominantly pulling his wisdom from 3 books, The Bible, Think and Grow Rich and the Physician’s Desk Reference, and with his background in scientific nutrition and anatomy and physiology, Dr Budweiser shares his knowledge on health, wellness and abundance.... As an authority in his field, he is a much sought after international speaker and educator on the subject and has been featured on several television and radio stations across the globe! He is an expert in the human frame and wellness and has been wildly successful in using The Weiser Living concept to help others regain their health and wholeness.

Dr. Budweiser has a genuine care and concern for people and his work ethic can only be defined as a “relentless pursuit”.  He is a firm believer that healing and wellness are available to everyone, as long as they are receptive to the Weiser Living philosophy, and are willing to go the extra mile to hold on to their wellness.

When not travelling and speaking, Dr Budweiser and his wife and business partner, Tinna, live in Las Vegas Nevada with his two adult children, Budweiser III (Trey) and Victoria.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Science
William Bramley, Writer, Author and Alien Agenda Researcher
Guest Occupation: Writer, Author, Alien Agenda Researcher
Guest Biography:

William Bramley spent seven years trying to understand the root causes of war before finally disclosing his startling conclusions in The Gods of Eden. Here, Bramley reveals that UFOs, or the 'gods' and other strange beings associated with UFOs, may have shaped human society from deepest antiquity. 'UFOs have been lurking in the shadows of history for centuries,' he says. 'Surprisingly, they may be a key to unraveling the human puzzle.' Readers of Zecharia Sitchin will find many familiar themes in Bramley's analysis.

Bramley was not interested in UFOs when he started researching the origins of human warfare. However, his research eventually led him to what he shares in this book: evidence that alien visitors have conspired to dominate humankind through violence and chaos since the beginning of time.

The chilling truth about extraterrestrial infiltration, and the conspiracy to keep humankind in chains! As a result of seven years of intensive research, William Bramley has uncovered the sinister thread that links humanity's darkest events - from the wars of the ancient pharaohs to the assassination of JFK. In this remarkable, shocking and absolutely compelling work Bramley presents disturbing evidence of an alien presence on Earth - extraterrestrial visitors who have conspired to dominate humankind through violence and chaos since the beginning of time ... a conspiracy which continues to this very day.

The Secret Origins of Man and The Truth Behind it All: In our souls we know that we have not arisen from this earth. Gods and humans have been interacting throughout the centuries usually at man's expense. Now we can see the millennia-old farce of religion and life as we have come to know them, explained by William Bramley for what they really are, manipulative tools in the hands of 'higher' beings and their earthly servants. Will the human race finally admit to what it has known all along and are we evolved enough to handle the truth? For all our futures' sake let's hope so.

Our bloodthirsty natures were designed by a technologically advanced group of extraterrestrials to help keep us a slave race and not evolve to our full capacity. So contends Bramley. In spite of all our intellectual achievements, our unending need for conflict from our wars to presidential assassinations, is the ultimate conspiracy to keep humanity bound in chains.

Guest Category: Paranormal, UFOs, Technology, Theory & Conspiracy
Ellen Brown
Guest Occupation: Attorney, Civil Litigator, Researcher, Author, Political Activist
Guest Biography:

ELLEN BROWN - Green Party Candidate for Treasurer of California 2014

"From Austerity to Prosperity: Why I'm Running for California State Treasurer in 2014" by Ellen Brown

Governor Jerry Brown and his staff are exchanging high-fives over balancing California’s budget, but the people on whose backs it was balanced are not rejoicing. The state’s high-wire act has been called “the ultimate in austerity budgets.”

Welfare payments, health care for the poor, and benefits for the elderly and disabled have been slashed. State workers have been downsized. School districts in need of cash have been reduced to borrowing through “capital appreciation bonds” bearing 300% interest. In one notorious case, the Santa Ana school district actually borrowed at 1,000% interest. And the governor acknowledges that California still faces a “wall of debt” amounting to $28 billion. Some analysts put it much higher than that.

At the end of the 20th century, California was ranked the sixth largest economy in the world. By 2012, it had slipped to number twelve. It is coming back up, in part because European countries are falling further into recession; but California’s poverty rate remains the highest in the country. More than eight million Californians struggle to meet their daily needs, and one in four children lives in poverty. Income inequality is higher in the nation’s most populous state than in almost any other.

California cannot solve its budget problems by slashing services that have already been cut to the bone or raising sales taxes that hurt the poor far more than the rich. We are fighting over a pie that remains too small. The pie itself needs to be expanded – and it can be.

How? By reclaiming that portion that is now siphoned off in interest and bank fees.  When tallied up at every stage of production, interest has been calculated to claim one-third of everything we buy.

How can that money be recaptured?  By owning the bank.Peoples_Bank.jpg

The approach was pioneered in North Dakota, the only state to escape the 2008 banking crisis. North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, the lowest foreclosure rate, the lowest default rate on credit card debt, and no state debt at all. It is also the only state to own its own bank.

In the fall of 2011, a bill for a feasibility study for a state-owned bank passed both houses of the California legislature. The Public Banking Institute, which I founded and chair, was instrumental in helping to get the bill as far as it got.  But it died when Jerry Brown vetoed it.  His rationale was that we already have a banking committee, and that the matter could be explored in-house. Needless to say, however, we have heard no more about it since.  

I am therefore running for California State Treasurer on a state bank platform, along with Laura Wells, who is running for Controller. We are throwing our bonnets in the ring for the opportunity to show the Governor or his successor that a state-owned bank can be our ticket to returning California to the abundance it once enjoyed.

I was a recipient of that abundance myself. I got my undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley in the 1960s, when tuition was free; and my law degree at UCLA Law School in the 1970s, when tuition was $700 a year.  Today it is $13,000 and $45,000 annually, respectively, for in-state students.  In the 1960s, the governor of California was Jerry Brown’s father Pat Brown, a New Deal visionary who believed that investment in education, infrastructure and local business was an investment in the future.  Our goal is to revive that optimistic vision in 2014.

We are running on the endorsement of the Green Party – along with Luis Rodriguez for governor and David Curtis for secretary of state – because Green Party candidates take no corporate money. Candidates who take corporate money – and that means nearly all conventional candidates – are beholden to large corporate interests and cannot properly represent the interests of the disenfranchised 99%.

The North Dakota Model: Banking that Supports Rather Than Exploits the Local Economy

California’s revenues are currently parked in those very largest of corporations, Wall Street banks. These out-of-state banks use our giant asset pool for their own speculative purposes, and the funds are at risk of confiscation in the event of a “bail-in.”

In North Dakota, by contrast, all of the state’s revenues are deposited by law in the state-owned Bank of North Dakota (BND). The BND is set up as a DBA of the state (“North Dakota doing business as the Bank of North Dakota”), which means all of the state’s capital is technically the bank’s capital. The bank uses its copious capital and deposit pool to generate credit for local purposes.

The BND is a major money-maker for the state, returning a sizable dividend annually to the treasury. Every year since the 2008 banking crisis, it has reported a return on investment of between 17 percent and 26 percent. The BND also provides what is essentially interest-free credit for state projects, since the state owns the bank and gets the interest back. The BND partners with local banks rather than competing with them, strengthening their capital and deposit bases and allowing them to keep loans on their books rather than having to sell them off to investors. This practice allowed North Dakota to avoid the subprime crisis that destroyed the housing market in other states.

Consider the awesome potential for California, with its massive capital and deposit bases. California has over $200 billion stashed in a variety of funds identified in its 2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), including $58 billion managed by the Treasurer in a Pooled Money Investment Account currently earning a meager 0.264% annually. It also has over $400 billion in its pension funds (CalPERS and CalSTRS).

California’s population of 37 million is more than 50 times that of North Dakota. In 2010, the BND had about $4,500 in deposits and $4,200 in loans per capita.  Multiplying 37 million by $4,200, a State Bank of California could, in theory, generate $155.4 billion in credit for the state; and this credit would effectively be interest-free free, since the state would own the bank.

What could California do with $155 billion in interest-free credit? One possibility would be to refinance its ominous “wall of debt” at 0%. A debt that is interest-free can be rolled over indefinitely without cost to the taxpayers.

Another possibility would be to fund public projects interest-free. Eliminating interest has been shown to reduce the cost of public projects by 35% or more.

Take, for example, the San Francisco Bay Bridge earthquake retrofitting boondoggle, which was originally slated to cost about $6 billion. Interest and bank fees wound up adding another $6 billion to the overall cost to taxpayers. Funding through its own bank could have saved the state $6 billion or 50% on this project.

Then there is the state’s bullet train fiasco, which has been beset with delays, cost overruns, and funding issues. As with the Bay Bridge, costs are projected to double as a result of compounding interest on long-term bonds, imposing huge hidden costs on the next generation of taxpayers. By funding the bullet train through a state-owned bank, its costs, too, could be reduced by 50%.

Public banking models globally and historically are explored in my books The Web of Debt (first published in 2007) and The Public Bank Solution (published in 2013). I have also written over 200 articles on this and related subjects, which can be found on my blog at ellenbrown.com.  

Please visit:



Shock waves from one Wall Street scandal after another have completely disillusioned us with our banking system; yet we cannot do without banks. Nearly all money today is simply bank credit. Economies run on it, and it is created when banks make loans. The main flaw in the current model is that private profiteers have acquired control of the credit spigots. They can cut off the flow, direct it to their cronies, and manipulate it for personal gain at the expense of the producing economy. The benefits of bank credit can be maintained while eliminating these flaws, through a system of banks operated as public utilities, serving the public interest and returning their profits to the public. This book looks at the public bank alternative, and shows with examples from around the world and through history that it works admirably well, providing the key to sustained high performance for the economy and well-being for the people.

Ellen Brown is an attorney, president of the Public Banking Institute, and author of twelve books including the bestselling Web of Debt. In The Public Bank Solution, her latest book, she explores successful public banking models historically and globally. Her 200+ credit blog articles are at https://ellenbrown.com/ She is currently running for California State Treasurer on the Green Party ticket.  Ellen is also hosting a radio show with Walt McRee, “It’s Our Money,” on Progressive Radio Network at noon PST/3pm EST every second Wednesday.

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Dr. Rick Sponaugle, Addiction Medicine Specialist, Anethesiologist, Chemist, Who's Who, Doctor of Medicine, Medical Director, Speaker, Addictionologist, Lecturer and Brain Researcher
Guest Occupation: Addiction Medicine Specialist, Anethesiologist, Chemist, Who's Who, Doctor of Medicine, Medical Director, Speaker, Addictionologist, Lecturer, Brain Researcher
Guest Biography:

BIO BELOW FROM: http://floridadetox.com/dr-sponaugle/

Dr. Rick Sponaugle - Founder and Medical Director of Florida Detox® and Wellness Institute

Click here to view Dr. Sponaugle’s Curriculum Vitae.

Dr. Marvin “Rick” Sponaugle is Board Certified in two specialties, Addiction Medicine and Anesthesiology. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Sponaugle is also a member of ACAM, the American College for the Advancement of Medicine.

Dr. Sponaugle is often invited to speak at physician meetings and national audiences on “Brain Chemistry and Addiction” and the topic of ”The Brain-Body Connection in Wellness.” Dr. Sponaugle was a guest speaker at the White House in 2008 where he met with Rubin Brasalis, Deputy Chief to President Bush. A list of Dr. Sponaugle’s past and upcoming speaking engagements can be located further down this page.

Dr. Sponaugle is the first addictionologist to correlate brain chemistry patterns with variations seen on SPECT Brain scans in addicted patients. He has matched these changes to specific drug craving patterns in his patients. This research has enabled Dr. Sponaugle’s patients to achieve much lower relapse rates because their drug and alcohol craving stops when their brain chemistry imbalance is corrected.

Dr. Sponaugle is also the first addictionologist to prove that imbalance of female hormones has causation in at least 60 percent of the addiction issues seen in middle age women. Dr. Sponaugle lectures on this phenomenon at national meetings and was a speaker on “Menopause Causing Alcoholism and Drug Addiction” at the annual AACC meeting [8,000 attendees] in Nashville, September 2011.

Dr. Sponaugle is the first doctor in America to determine a classic brain chemistry pattern caused by Black Mold Toxicity, the excessive accumulation of the Stachybotrus Trichothecene T2 toxin in the brain. Dr. Sponaugle’s research has clearly proven that changes in brain chemistry derived from hidden mold toxins causes craving for relaxing drugs and subsequently, alcoholism, Xanax addiction and Oxycontin addiction. Americans with HLA DRBQ genetics have difficulty removing these toxins from their brain and body.

Dr. Sponaugle’s clinical research has proven that there are hundreds of biochemical and medical disorders that commonly contribute to the drug and alcohol craving!! Yet, these treatable disorders are rarely diagnosed at America’s drug treatment centers. Since 1998, Dr. Sponaugle has attempted to change the paradigm of addiction treatment to a less judgmental, more scientific model – one that embraces the biochemical basis for addiction.

Dr. Sponaugle’s use of advanced brain science combined with integrative medicine principles for the healing of drug induced brain damage in thousands of patients has taught him how to more successfully treat multiple brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Autistic disorders, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Sponaugle is currently proving that these brain disorders can be more effectively treated with integrative medicine protocols than with pharmaceutical medications alone.

HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: Dr. Sponaugle was born in Franklin, West Virginia. While majoring in chemistry at West Virginia University, Dr. Sponaugle was awarded the Alpha Epsilon Delta National Chemistry Honor Society, the Beta Theta Pi National Merit Scholarship and Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.

After graduating with the honor of PHI BETA KAPPA, Dr. Sponaugle accepted one of four scholarships given by the state of West Virginia to outstanding pre-med students for enrollment at the WVU School of Medicine. After receiving his MD degree at WVU, Dr. Sponaugle attended the University of Florida where he performed specialty training in anesthesiology, cardiac-intensive care medicine and pain management.

In 1985, Dr. Sponaugle began private practice in Tampa Bay. He has served as Chief of Anesthesiology for two Tampa Bay hospitals, Medical Director of three surgical centers and the Medical Director of  the Watermark Pain Treatment Center.

Dr. Sponaugle accepts referrals from doctors throughout North America including University Medical Centers and Dr. Phil. He has been featured on numerous national media including the Dr. Phil show, Ricki Lake show, CNN Anderson Cooper, FOX News, ABC News, CBS News and NBC News and PBS.

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Tripp Lanier, Talk Show Host, Professional Men's Coach, Entrepreneur, Artist, Group Facilitator, Trainer, Writer, Performer and Producer
Guest Occupation: Talk Show Host, Professional Men's Coach, Entrepreneur, Artist, Group Facilitator, Trainer, Writer, Performer, Music Producer
Guest Biography:

Tripp Lanier is host of The New Man Podcast, a professional men's coach, an entrepreneur and artist. As a host, he has interviewed such notable personalities as Ken Wilber, Marcus Buckingham, Bill Harris, Steve Pavlina, Shawn Phillips and Vernon Reid. The New Man Podcast reaches listeners around the world, and regularly finds its home in the Top Ten Self Help Podcasts on iTunes. Tripp was featured in EnlightenNext's issue dedicated to "Constructing the New Man." (EnlightenNext is previously known as What is Enlightenment Magazine)

As a men's coach and group facilitator, Tripp has coached men all over the world to connect with what really matters and navigate the challenging world of relationships. He has trained with and contributes to The Authentic Man Program in San Francisco and Boulder.

Tripp has extensive experience in the business world. He founded and owned Zero-One Digital Media, Inc., one of the first digital video production companies in the Southeast. For twelve years, Tripp created TV shows and ads for the likes of ESPN, Hitachi, Homes & Land Magazine, various ad agencies and scores of political campaigns.

Balancing out the business side are Tripp's artistic endeavors. Tripp has written, performed and produced over 5 CDs with his own rock groups, Hank Madison and Screaming Witness. He's also co-produced for artists like Stuart Davis and can be seen regularly humiliating himself on Stu's Sex God Rock n Roll TV Show on HDNet. Other contributions include working with Ken Wilber as Co-Director of Integral Institute's Art Center.

Tripp has had the privilege of studying with Ken Wilber, Jun Po Denis Kelly & The Hollow Bones Order of Rinzai Zen, Genpo Roshi and Big Mind, David Deida, Vipassana via S.N. Goenka, The Taoist Tai Chi Society and many other amazing people along the way.

Tripp is married and lives with his wife Alyson, daughter Be, a funny looking dog and a perpetually bitchy cat in Boulder, Colorado. He visits the island of Kauai as often as possible.

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Bernardo Kastrup Ph.D., Doctor in Computer Engineering, Scientist, Nuclear Researcher, Author, Writer, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Marketing Director, Scholar, Philosopher, Meditator, Lecturer and Speaker
Guest Occupation: Doctor in Computer Engineering, Scientist, Nuclear Researcher, Author, Writer, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Marketing Director, Scholar, Philosopher, Meditator, Lecturer, Speaker
Guest Biography:

Bernardo Kastrup has a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), in the Netherlands, one of the top European technology schools. He started his scientific career at the world-renowned European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), in Geneva, Switzerland. At CERN, he worked on the data acquisition system of the ATLAS detector, one of the main experiments of the new Large Hadron Collider (LHC) accelerator. After CERN, Bernardo moved to the Philips Research Laboratories, in the Netherlands, the place where the "Casimir Effect" of Quantum Field Theory was originally discovered. During his scientific career, Bernardo has authored many scientific papers and inventions. At Philips Research, he developed ground-breaking computing technology that would lead to his founding of Silicon Hive, a successful start-up company eventually sold to Intel Corporation. Since leaving the start-up scene, Bernardo has dedicated himself professionally to high-tech marketing and business development. He is currently Marketing Director at ASML, one of the worlds foremost high-tech companies.

In parallel to his professional activities, Bernardo has had a life-long scholarly interest in philosophy, particularly in the relationship between the nature of reality and our knowledge of it. This interest has led him to explore ancient worldviews and paradigms of thought, as well as the practical application of techniques for the subjective exploration of reality. For instance, he is a longtime meditator and student of related methods. His familiarity with science has allowed him to coherently hypothesize and articulate holistic worldviews in a language that appeals to the rational mind. He has published two philosophy books, Rationalist Spirituality and Dreamed up Reality, both with O-Books. A third book, Meaning in Absurdity, will be published by Iff Books in early 2011. Bernardo occasionally gives talks about his philosophical work, like his recent TEDx presentation of May 2011. Bernardo regularly travels the world for his work, which exposes him to many different cultures and worldviews. He has lived in four different countries across continents and currently resides in the Netherlands.

Guest Category: Marketing, Physics & Metaphysics, Science, Spiritual, Meditation, Technology
Rob Page, IT Professional, Educator and Conscious Self Governance Activist
Guest Occupation: IT Professional, Educator, Conscious Self Governance Activist
Guest Biography:

Rob in the Page was a former successful IT professional, who after 20 years on the job, ended his career to move his family into the country to build an off-grid home (earthship), grow their own food and establish the pagé family domain.  Having spent considerable time (over 3500 hours) since July 2008 testing the theories learned, rob’s teaching on self governance, freedom, sustainable living and balanced living has started to gain international recognition for his approaches to life.

Taking full responsibility and accountability for his life, on a Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual level without forcing his will upon another, meant making significant changes in how he and his family lived and so began the process to remove any and all dependencies on the state and corporations while at the same time working towards building interdependent relationships with other independent people.

Rob has been sharing this process through classes he calls “Constructs of Freedom”, where his students learn the significant impact our current systems have on our lives and how we can take back control.  rob’s teachings have garnered tremendous respect from his students who attend his classes each week in Edmonton city located in Alberta province, empowering many to be the change they want to see in the world.  He has caught the attention of an international film maker, Ben Stewart, an international film maker is releasing his new film “UNGRIP” on October 1st, 2011 which features rob’s home, his work and his philosophy on life.  rob has also put together a 10 disk DVD set called “Journey Towards Truth” where he shares key information that has changed his life and shares actual events and experiences while he is working towards Conscious Self Governance.

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Steven Earl Jones Ph.D., Physicist, Senior Engineering Specialist, Fusion Investigator, Professor, Writer, 9-11 Truther and Archaeometrist
Guest Occupation: Physicist, Senior Engineering Specialist, Fusion Investigator, Professor, Writer, 9-11 Truther, Archaeometrist
Guest Biography:

STEVE JONES had been co-chair of Scholars for 9/11 Truth up until December 5, 2006. Following a dispute with co-chair James Fetzer over the direction the organization was taking, Jones resigned his membership and joined Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice.

Steven E. Jones is a Professor of Physics at 30,000-student Brigham Young University in Provo , Utah. His Ph.D research was performed at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in California and his Ph.D is from Vanderbilit University.

During his 28-year career as a physicist, his research has centered on fusion and solar energy as well as archaeometry (the application of physics methods to archaeology). He has taught graduate-level archaeometry at BYU, and he says this work in particular prepared him for studies of evidences of possible foul-play at the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.

Guest Category: Physics & Metaphysics, Politics & Government, Science, Technology, Theory & Conspiracy
Whitley Strieber, American Horror Novelist and Author
Guest Occupation: American Horror Novelist, Author
Guest Biography:

Whitley Strieber is widely known for his bestselling account of his own close encounter, Communion: A True Story, and has produced a television special based on Confirmation for NBC.

He is also the author of the vampire novels The Hunger, The Last Vampire, and Lilith's Dream, and is the new host of his own radio program, Dreamland, founded by Art and Ramona Bell.

His website -- the world's most popular site featuring topics at the edge of science and culture.

For more on Whitely Strieber please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitley_Strieber

Guest Category: Literature, Paranormal
Adam Trombly, Physicist, Director, Scientist, Inventor, Project Earth Founder and New Energy Technology Developer
Guest Occupation: Physicist, Director, Scientist, Inventor, Project Earth Founder, New Energy Technology Developer
Guest Biography:

BIO BELOW FROM: http://projectearth.com/about/adam-trombly

Adam Trombly - Historical Bio of Project Earth & Adam Trombly 

Adam is an internationally acknowledged expert in the fields of Physics, Atmospheric Dynamics, Geophysics, Rotating and Resonating Electromagnetic Systems, and Environmental Global Modeling.

Taking the advice of his friend and mentor, R. Buckminster Fuller, Adam has maintained a "synergistic, global view" within a multi-disciplinary scientific background. From this perspective, Adam offers unique insights into the changes humankind has effected on our environment, and the adjustments our future requires of us now.

Adam Trombly, Director of Project Earth for the Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen (now also in Maui, Hawaii) has at age fifty-five proven to be one of the most influential and unorthodox scientists of his generation. In 1980 Adam and colleague Joseph Kahn designed and applied for patents for the Closed Path Homopolar Generator, a potentially revolutionary design for super efficient generation of electrical power. In June of 1982, International Letters of Patent were published by the International Patent Cooperation Treaty Organization. (Patent Publication Number WO82/02126)

In 1983 Adam began to dedicate his efforts to Project Earth. The late R Buckminster Fuller is quoted as saying, "Project Earth is a human design experiment. It will be incumbent on human beings throughout the Earth to become a living network, to demonstrate the power of working synergistically with their environment to insure a future worth living in."

In 1984 Adam was awarded the RJ Reynolds III Endowment for his efforts with Project Earth. I spoke to the late Mr. Reynolds during a Tesla Society Conference in Colorado Springs in 1988. He said: "Many people approach me and ask me and my family to support their work. After I heard Adam speak at two separate International Conferences, I approached him! I had never done that before. Adam has never ceased to amaze me. When you know Adam, you begin to see both the present and the future through his eyes. When you see the world like he does then there is this urgency that takes a hold of you to do whatever you can to make a difference for the better. I could not be happier with his work. We all need to listen to this man."

As the eighties progressed, copies of the Closed Path Homopolar Generator Patent had circulated throughout the world. One scientist, Paramahamsa Tewari, who was then Head of Quality Control for the Tarapore Atomic Power Station in Trombay, India, received permission to carry out experiments with the design. In 1986, Tewari (with the blessing of the late Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi) published results of experiments carried out with a crude facsimile of the machine described in the patent. In the American Industrial Journal, Magnets, Tewari wrote, 'The test results have shown an efficiency of the machine above 250%." It was the first time in human history that claims of greater than 100% output had been independently verified by a bona fide third party using the description of the art provided by a patent document.

This further propelled Adam and Project Earth into the international spotlight. I ran into Adam next at the largest New Energy Technology conference ever held (even up to this point) in Hanover, Germany in 1987. Paramahamsa Tewari had brought his rather crude facsimile of the Trombly/Kahn generator. The next day, Adam gave one of those lectures with an impact that never seems to leave you.

Adam continued his research into new energy technologies with colleague David Farnsworth. In June, 1989, in New York City, Trombly and Farnsworth physically demonstrated a small solid state electrical transformer that measurably showed an efficiency of 54:1. Adam then walked down the street to the United Nations to give an address. From the point of view of one who witnessed this event firsthand, I can't believe the entire world didn't change as a result. One of the reasons I asked Adam if I could write this piece is because it is now ten* years later and the American people, in particular, have still not gotten the message that there is an entirely new and benign option to the current death spiral of humanity. As the result of ignoring the opportunity that was presented on that day in 1989, the world still suffers under the tyranny of fossil fuels and a global power structure which seems bent on the eradication of all species.

Today Adam continues to pursue the work of Project Earth in spite of the fact that in his view the destabilization of Planet Earth has reached critical, even nearly irreversible proportions.

"At this point I am recommending that people pray like they never have before for Divine or at least Benign Intervention. It is unlikely that the boys in Washington and other world capitals are going to implement any world healing policies unless the populations of the world rise up and unequivocally demand change. We don't have much time." AT

For my part, I want to thank Adam for allowing me to make this little, historical sketch my small contribution to the work of Project Earth. There is so much more I could say but I hope this gives you a better idea of who this man called Adam Trombly is.

Guest Category: Physics & Metaphysics, Science, Technology
Hiromi Kanda, Japanese Vocalist, Recording Artist and Singer
Guest Occupation: Japanese Vocalist, Recording Artist, Singer
Guest Biography:

Hiromi Kanda, the acclaimed Japanese vocalist with a penchant for the Great American Songbook, has completed her sophomore album, Days of Yesterday. Scheduled for release on September 13th on the Music Gate label (distributed by Warner Music Group/ADA), the follow up to Kanda’s critically acclaimed 2010 debut Hiromi in Love features both more timeless classics and new, original material penned by Kanda and her husband, Yusuke Hoguchi. Hoguchi, a prominent composer in his own right, served as the album’s producer.

Days of Yesterday extends Kanda’s reach via lush orchestrations and sophisticated arrangements and showcases the expanded vocal palette of Hiromi, whose love for the giant songwriters of yesteryear such as Cole Porter and the Gershwins knows no bounds. On Days of Yesterday Kanda offers her interpretations of such proven gems as “All of Me,” “I Love Paris,” “Smile,” “Stella by Starlight” and “It Had to Be You.” The set’s three original compositions fit in cozily alongside the classics and one, titled “Goodnight Yesterday,” spotlights the great Joe Sample best known as one of the founding members of jazz legends the Crusaders guesting on piano.

For Hiromi, the experience of recording Days of Yesterday was a career highlight. “I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such talented people as Al Schmitt, Matt Catingub, Joe Sample and the wonderful musicians at Capitol Studios,” she says. “And I’m excited to share my interpretations of the songs of Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Eubie Blake and many great composers on my second album.”

Days of Yesterday will undoubtedly reap praises of a similar nature and further the reputation of this unique, stylish and poised artist. For Hiromi Kanda, this gorgeous new recording marks the point where she no longer simply pays tribute to, but emerges as one of the great vocalists.

“I need good music,” says Kanda. “Music, to me, is like pure air. Music is joy. And I feel that my musical voyage is just beginning with Days of Yesterday.”

The Nagasaki-born singer recently moved to the United States, and will embark on a national tour in support of Days of Yesterday.

Guest Category: Music
Joseph Dispenza D.C., Neuroscientist, Chiropractor, Lecturer, Author, Educator, Writer, Scientist, Researcher, Teacher and Medical Expert
Guest Occupation: Neuroscientist, Chiropractor, Lecturer, Author, Educator, Writer, Scientist, Researcher, Teacher, Medical Expert
Guest Biography:

Joseph Dispenza D.C.
Neuroscientist, Chiropractor, Lecturer and Author

Helping You Break the Habit of Being Yourself

Joe Dispenza, D.C., studied biochemistry at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J.  He also holds a BS degree with an emphasis in Neuroscience. Dr. Dispenza also received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia, graduating magna cum laude.

Dr. Dispenza’s postgraduate training and continuing education has been in neurology; neuroscience; brain function and chemistry; cellular biology; memory formation; and aging and longevity. He is an invited member of Who’s Who in America, an honorary member of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, the recipient of a Clinical Proficiency Citation for clinical excellence in doctor-patient relationships from Life University, and a member of Pi Tau Delta – the International Chiropractic Honor Society.

Over the past decade, Dr. Dispenza has lectured in 24 different countries on six continents educating people about the role and function of the human brain. He has taught thousands of people how to re-program their thinking through scientifically proven neuro-physiologic principles. As a result, this information has taught many individuals to reach their specific goals and visions by eliminating self-destructive habits. His approach, taught in a very simple method, creates a bridge between true human potential and the latest scientific theories of neuroplasticity.  He explains how thinking in new ways, as well as changing beliefs, can literally rewire one’s brain. The premise of his work is founded in his total conviction that every person on this planet has within them, the latent potential of greatness and true unlimited abilities.

His first book, Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind connects the subjects of thought and consciousness with the brain, the mind, and the body. The book explores “the biology of change.”  That is, when we truly change our mind, there is a physical evidence of change in the brain. As an author of several scientific articles on the close relationship between the brain and the body, Dr. Dispenza ties information together to explain the roles these functions play in physical health and disease. His DVD release of Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind, which was filmed in Australia, is based on the book and looks at the ways in which the human brain can be used to affect reality through the mastery of thought. He also sits as an invited editorial advisor of Explore Magazine.

In his research into spontaneous remissions, Dr. Dispenza has found similarities in people who have experienced so-called miraculous healings, showing that they have actually changed their mind, which then changed their health.

In his newly released and second best-selling book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, Dr Dispenza explains that you are not doomed by your genes and hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of your life.  A new science is emerging that empowers all human beings to create the reality they choose.  Not only will you be given the necessary knowledge to change any aspect of yourself, but you will be taught the step-by-step tools to apply what you learn in order to make measurable changes in any area of your life. Dr. Joe demystifies ancient understandings and bridges the gap between science and spirituality.  Once you break the habit of being yourself and truly change your mind, your life will never be the same!

Dr. Dispenza has also developed a powerful one day course, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, focused on helping organizations teach employees how to change. Leaders are asking employees to break old habits that are no longer useful or productive and create new ones that better support the needs of a 21st century organization. New and better habits can be hard to create. Bad or poor habits can be hard to break. This course is different from other change programs because it is grounded in the discoveries of neuroscience. Once people understand how the brain works, change comes more easily.

One of the scientists, researchers, and teachers featured in the award winning film, “What the BLEEP Do We Know!?,”  He also has guest appearances in the theatrical directors cut, “What the BLEEP Down the Rabbit Hole” as well as the extended Quantum Edition DVD set, “What the BLEEP Down the Rabbit Hole”.  Dr Dispenza is also featured in current released film, “The People vs The State of Illusion,” where scientific and medical professionals explain the latest information of neuroscience, biochemistry, psychology, quantum physics, sociology, and consciousness theory.  It is an inspiring and compelling movie that will enlighten your mind and elevate your spirit.

When not traveling and writing, Dr Dispenza is busy seeing patients at his chiropractic clinic near Olympia, Washington.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Science, Spiritual, TV & Film
Elliott S. Dacher, M.D., Teacher, Physician, Administrator, Director, Author, Advisor, Seminar Leader and Presenter
Guest Occupation: Teacher, Physician, Administrator, Director, Author, Advisor, Seminar Leader, Presenter
Guest Biography:

BIO BELOW FROM: http://www.elliottdacher.org/about.html

Dr. Dacher studies and teaches the principles and practices of health and healing with a special focus on inner development and human flourishing. His work emphasizes the traditional goals of medicine: the end of distress and suffering and the promotion of each individual’s fullest potential.

Dr. Dacher was born and raised in New York City. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Queens College, C.U.N.Y. and attended medical school at S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo. His post-graduate training was completed at the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago and on the Harvard Medical Service at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston. He is board certified in Internal Medicine.

In 1975 Dr. Dacher began his medical practice in Washington, D.C. He served as a practicing internist, physician/administrator, and director of wellness and health promotion services for the Kaiser Permanente Health Care Program. In 1984 he established a private medical practice in Virginia. He began exploring and integrating innovative approaches, such as meditation, imagery, yoga, biofeedback, and alternative therapies, into his day-to-day work with patients.

In 1996 he left medical practice to begin an in-depth study of the principles and practices of consciousness and health – an ongoing study of mind/body medicine, integral health, and human flourishing, which he pursued amongst the wisdom traditions of Asia. This unique education in the inner aspects of health and healing led to his most recent book, Aware, Awake, Alive. In this book. Dr. Dacher brings together the wisdom and practices of East and West, introducing the reader to a time-tested, practical, and accessible approach to a far-reaching health and healing.

He is a past fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and a past advisory board member of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. A frequent presenter and seminar leader, his previous books include: Integral Health: The Path to Human Flourishing (Basic Books, 2006), Whole Healing (Dutton/Plume, 1996), and Intentional Healing (Marlowe, 1996).

Dr. Dacher currently lives in Massachusetts. He has two amazing daughters and two wondrous young grandchildren.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Energy Healing, Yoga, Medicine, Spiritual, Meditation
Nicki Scully, Healer, Teacher, Shaman, Consultant, Author, Music Producer, Artist, Philosopher and Alchemist
Guest Occupation: Healer, Teacher, Shaman, Consultant, Author, Music Producer, Artist, Philosopher, Alchemist
Guest Biography:

Nicki Scully has been teaching healing, shamanic arts, and the Egyptian Mysteries since 1983 . During her first visit to Egypt with the Grateful Dead in 1978, Nicki experienced an epiphany that transformed her life. She deepened her focus on healing and began delving into the hidden shamanic arts of Egypt. She is now a lineage holder in the Hermetic tradition of Thoth, her teacher and mentor. With Thoth she developed Alchemical Healing, a comprehensive healing form that is practiced by thousands of practitioners internationally. In the late '80s, Nicki founded Shamanic Journeys, Ltd., and continues to guide inner journeys and spiritual pilgrimages to Egypt and other sacred sites. Nicki lives in Eugene, OR, where she maintains a healing and shamanic consulting practice. She welcomes you to study with her in her beautiful garden center.

Nicki’s newest published work is Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation (published September 2011 by Bear & co.) co-authored with Mark Hallert. In 2010, she created a seven CD audio program, Becoming An Oracle, Connecting with the Divine Source for Information and Healing. Her most recent books are The Anubis Oracle, A Journey into the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt (book and card deck, September 2008), and Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, Awakening the Healing Power of the Heart (2007), both co-authored with Linda Star Wolf and illustrated by Kris Waldherr. She is the author of Alchemical Healing, A Guide to Spiritual, Physical, and Transformational Medicine, and Power Animal Meditations, Shamanic Journeys with Your Spirit Allies.

She has also produced a number of CDs including Awakening the Cobra and Journey for Healing with Kuan Yin, numerous articles and audio-cassettes, and a DVD.

“Artist, philosopher, traveler, alchemist, and healer, Nicki Scully has healed herself and brought the light of healing to everyone around her,” states Alberto Villoldo, PhD., Author of Shaman, Healer, Sage.

Underlying her work is the pledge to help in the healing of Mother Earth through recognition and honoring of All Our Relations. Nicki strives to fulfill her commitment by assisting others to recognize their inherent wisdom and power.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, Physics & Metaphysics, Spiritual, Shamanism
Kelly Hampton, Spiritual Intuitive, Speaker, Media Personality, Spiritual Author, Healer, Workshop Facilitator, Metaphysician, Consultant, Spiritual Councellor, Speaker and Channel
Guest Occupation: Spiritual Intuitive, Speaker, Media Personality, Spiritual Author, Healer, Workshop Facilitator, Metaphysician, Consultant, Spiritual Councellor, Speaker, Channel
Guest Biography:

Kelly Hampton is a compassionate spiritual intuitive, a compelling speaker, media personality, spiritual author and STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGY™ PRACTITIONER AND WORKSHOP FACILITATOR.

She is a third-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic and ascended-master realms in her readings and teachings. She is the author of INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, a profoundly important book as channeled to her through the divine guidance of Archangel Michael. As we prepare to return to a higher level of consciousness many more people are learning how to connect with Angels. Kelly can suggest ways for you to do this during your angel reading.

Because of the high level of accuracy and detail contained in her consultations, Kelly is one of the most gifted and sought after international spiritual counselors and mind, body healers. Kelly has earned a devoted following among thousands of clients from all walks of life who regularly seek her spiritual counsel during private readings, holistic healing sessions, special events and group workshops.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Physics & Metaphysics, Spiritual, Medium & Channeling, Psychic & Intuitive
Gary Zukav, Teacher, Author, Consciousness Transformation Facilitator, Special Forces Green Beret Officer and Speaker
Guest Occupation: Teacher, Author, Consciousness Transformation Facilitator, Special Forces Green Beret Officer, Speaker
Guest Biography:

Gary Zukav's gentle presence, humor, and insightful wisdom have inspired millions to realize their soul’s greatest potential. A master teacher and the eloquent author of four consecutive New York Times bestsellers, Gary is dedicated to the current extraordinary transformation in human consciousness – an unprecedented threshold in the human experience. This transformation is no less than a Revolution of the Soul, one that touches the heart of all humanity and is based on spiritual growth, conscious choices, and a deep celebration and reverence for Life.

In 1979, The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics plumbed the depths of quantum physics and relativity, winning the American Book Award for Science. In 1989, The Seat of the Soul led the way to seeing the alignment of the personality and the soul as the fulfillment of life and captured the imagination of millions. It became the #1 New York Times bestseller 31 times and remained on the New York Times bestseller list for three years.

In 2000, Gary wrote Soul Stories, another New York Times Bestseller, and then co-authored two more bestsellers with his spiritual partner Linda Francis. These co-creations The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness and The Mind of the Soul: Responsible Choice were published in 2002 and 2003. In 2007 he wrote Soul To Soul: Communications from the Heart.

Now, Gary Zukav reveals a revolutionary new path for spiritual growth in his book Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power. He outlines the steps to developing this profound new relationship dynamic which enables and empowers us to reach our full potential and create authentic power and the fulfilling and joyful life that is calling to us all.

His insight, thoughtful presence, and contagious enthusiasm have endeared Gary Zukav to millions of viewers through his 34 appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Six million copies of his books are in print and translations have been published in 32 languages.

Gary Zukav grew up in the Midwest, graduated from Harvard, and became a Special Forces (Green Beret) officer with Vietnam service before writing his first book.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, Physics & Metaphysics, Science, Spiritual
John Lear, Airline Captain and UFO Whitness
Guest Occupation: Airline Captain, UFO Whitness
Guest Biography:

BIO BELOW FROM: http://www.thelivingmoon.com/47john_lear/index.html

John Lear, a captain for a major US Airline has flown over 160 different types of aircraft in over 50 different countries. He holds 17 world speed record in the Lear Jet and is the only pilot ever to hold every airline certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. Mr. Lear has flown missions worldwide for the CIA and other government agencies.

A former Nevada State Senator candidate, he is the son of William P. Lear, designer of the Lear Jet executive airplane, the 8-track stereo, and founder of Lear Siegler Corporation.

Lear became interested in the subject of UFO's 13 months ago after talking with United States Air Force Personnel who had witnessed a UFO landing at Bentwaters AFB, near London, England, and three small aliens walking up to the Wing Commander.

Guest Category: UFOs, Technology
Estaryia Venus, Author, Speaker, Sound Educator, Movement Educator, Sacred Dance Artist, Motion Coach, Sound Consultant, Choreogrpaher, Vocal Ceremonialist, Recording Artist and Intuitive Channel
Guest Occupation: Author, Speaker, Sound Educator, Movement Educator, Sacred Dance Artist, Motion Coach, Sound Consultant, Choreogrpaher, Vocal Ceremonialist, Recording Artist, Intuitive Channel
Guest Biography:

Estaryia (aka Estara) is an author, speaker, sound and movement educator, sacred dance artist, motion coach and sound consultant for theatre, film & video; choreographer, vocal ceremonialist, recording artist and intuitive channel.

For over 15 years her performances, compelling speeches, articles and workshops have brought the power of healing through harmonics and motion to a wide, diverse audience.

Estaryia’s range of talents and interests inspire her to teach and present breakthrough sound healing programs to corporations, health-care centers, spas and conferences; as well as to choreograph, produce and perform in multi-media sound and dance extravaganzas.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Music, Spiritual, Psychic & Intuitive, TV & Film