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Guest Name
Michael Perlin
Michael Perlin, Writer, Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Videographer, Editor, Writer, Effects Artist, Researcher of Metaphysics
Guest Occupation
Writer, Producer, Director, Filmmaker, Videographer, Editor, Writer, Effects Artist, Researcher of Metaphysics
Guest Biography

Every filmmaker has their story, that they went against all odds and made the impossible happen and cut corners each step of the way with obstacles in their path. But my story is how I made something out of nothing. All I had was an idea; a dream and I had no idea how I was going to manifest it into reality. In 1994, I was living in Dallas Texas, fresh out of college with an economics degree. I was waiting tables at Macaroni Grill. The world that I lived in just didn’t seem right to me. We were still fighting wars over land, race and religion. Nobody seemed to care that this was still going on. It was like people just accepted it the way it was and wanted to stay oblivious to what was happening on our planet as a whole. But I never accepted it as the reality that I was going to live in and I set out to change it. I started to see a pattern-that there was actually a solution to the problem. There were so many spiritual ideas and teachings out there that seemed to be saying the same things about non-violence and love but in so many diverse ways. I saw this as part of the problem. So I decided that if I found this common theme, I would re-package it into a language for the common man and try to bring it to the world by the year 2012.

I stumbled upon an old book called “Three Magic Words by U.S. Andersen, and in it, was the answer I was searching for. This became the inspiration to create the movie and I made the move to Los Angeles. In 2006, with empty pockets, a little film knowledge and a video camera, I began the project. I got fired from my desk job and took a year off to write the screenplay for 3 Magic Words. The biggest challenge in making and completing the film was having no budget, and no experience- except for a short film (Skeptic) I tried to make that fell through the cracks. So I took on another desk job and I purchased my own equipment on credit cards. I threw a green screen up on the wall and with the help of my friend Maura Hoffman; I began contacting the authors, teachers and spiritual leaders who had the most impact on people’s lives. I had to wear practically every hat you can wear in filmmaking since I had little to no money. I tackled editing, animation, titles, graphics, cinematography, sound, color correction and all aspects of production. This film was made in four years on weekends with a full time job and a skeleton crew.

In November of 2010 we traveled to Tokyo and screened the movie in Japanese subtitles. It was a huge success. In April of 2010, we had our big Hollywood Premiere at the Harmony Gold Theater. We sold out 400 seats the day before the event. On August 22 we screened it in Santa Monica, California at the Laemmle Monica 4-plex where we sold out 3 times and had to continue to move into bigger theaters. It looks like Hollywood is finally ready for metaphysics.

After finishing the film I quit my job, sold my furniture, move out of my apartment and bought an RV to take the film on the road. Homeless and broke, I was able to finish the final director’s cut of the film to meet the deliverable requirements on my Macbook pro at Starbucks and land a Warner Bros. Digital Distribution Deal.

As we approach this auspicious date of Dec 21, 2012 (the end of the Mayan Calendar) and the beginning of a new world and a new shift in consciousness for humanity- we have chosen this date to create a cosmic celebration for Earth’s Entrance into the Golden Age by creating a conscious film experience with the 3 Magic Words European Premiere event in London. At the event, a Declaration of Consciousness will be announced to the world. World leaders, prime ministers, presidents and celebrities will sign this document. This is the moment of truth- the day of the final hour when we will all find out if 3 words really can change the world. I hope they will.