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Richard Dugan
Guest Occupation: Broadcaster, producer, host, author
Guest Biography:

Im Richard Dugan, host of 'Tell Me Your Story”,


To bring as many different points of view, from around the circle, into your view, to assist you in expanding your life and living. To assist in the positive evolution of mankind and bringing about a greater awareness of self and others in order to create the kind of world YOU want. A world in which we all can search for, find and fulfill our 'first best destiny'.


You deserve to know 'the truth' about who you are, because that 'truth will set you free'. Knowing your past is fine. Knowing who you are now is greater. And knowing who you want to be and how to bring about that transformation is what 'Tell Me Your Story' is about.

Since 2007, we've been producing TMYS, available at richarddugan.com/radioshow.

My dream is to syndicate 'Tell MeYourStory' and take it on the road. Traveling to all parts of the world, talking with people who are living, working and playing in new ways that are changing the world, one person at a time.

I have been interviewing for over 30 years, talking with thousands of; authors, musicians, light workers, metaphysicians, spiritualists, co-creators, body, mind and light workers, new thought people, visionaries, revolutionaries, inovators.

We all have a story and mine is no greater or lesser than yours. Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I was legally blind from birth. In spite or because of that, I went through 13 years of school not knowing what I wanted to do and so I went to Communtiy College and worked in the AV Department. I found out about a job with 'Sun Sounds' Radio Reading Service, for the blind and visually impaired. I not only became a client, I started working there August 29, 1979 and never “looked” back.

On March 6, 1996, I received a lens implant and went from 20/200 or worse to 20/80 overnight. Within just a few months, I was learning to drive a car. A dream I had given up in acceptance of the way I was, legally blind. And that was 'ok'. Bicycling was just fine for me. Then my marriage of 15 years came to an end and I met Amrita Ma. We married and moved to her home town of Santa Barbara and we both started a new life 5 minutes for her childhood home.

We've been to Ireland twice and dream of living there one day very soon.

I dreamed I would drive, travel to far away places, share the love with someone with a very open, loving heart, live by the sea, have my own radio show, teach others my craft, meet new and exciting souls. I am working on 2 books and more.

What are your dreams?........

I will share more thoughts later. RD


Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Self Help, Sex, Spiritual
Neil Butterfield
Guest Occupation: Owner Mineral Life Nutraceuticals & Leading Specialists in CBD Purity & Reliability Analysis
Guest Biography:

Neil Butterfield is the owner and founder of Mineralife Nutraceuticals LLC in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and from an early age showed an interest in health and fitness. He’s been amateur body builder, a personal trainer and also started a Weight Loss consulting and dietary supplement mail order business where he helped people achieve their fitness goals.

In 2001, Neil spent time in the United Sates and was shocked at the amount of nutritionally deficient, chemically processed food consumed by Americans every day. He became passionate about helping people recover their health after meeting the owner of a natural health clinic in Louisiana. Using the power of liquid ionic minerals, he witnessed the clinic help hundreds of people looking for solutions to often very chronic health conditions. Neil was amazed at the transformations people experienced through the use of natural remedies and minerals that could be absorbed and utilized by the body. He began studies in Nutritional Therapy at Thames Valley University in London England and later extensively studied the importance of minerals to human health under Dr. Lawrence Wilson at Westbrook University. His goal was to reach thousands of people by creating high quality nutritional products that were highly absorbable and therefore better used by the body. In 2005, after discovering a process which allows minerals to better be absorbed into the body, he opened Mineralife Nutraceuticals LLC and began selling liquid ionic mineral supplements.

Neil eventually discovered a multi patented ingredient that greatly enhanced the absorption of nutrients and minerals. He partnered with a company in South Africa to bring the amazing benefits of CHD-FA (Fulvic Acid) to the US, which has benefits that extend way beyond absorption. Today, all Mineralife products are complexed with CHD-FA (Fulvic Acid) because of its unique ability to enhance the usability of its products. As Neil always says, “It’s not what you take, it’s what you absorb that’s important”.

In 2018, Neil continued to grow Mineralife Nutracueticals expanding our consumer product line to include CBD Oil. In addition, Mineralife Nutraceuticals opened our cGMP manufacturing capabilities to include manufacturing, copacking, white label and private label supplement products.

Neil resides in Colorado Springs, CO with his beautiful wife Kristy, their daughter Makenzie and their three dogs. He has been featured as a guest on radio shows across the United States and is widely considered an expert in the health and wellness field by medical professionals across America and abroad.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Medicine, Self Help, Variety
Paul Dagnino
Guest Occupation: Founder of ICHOR, a multifaceted CBD, Cannabidiol Health & Wellness Group & American Moda, CBD Consulting & Supply Co.
Guest Biography:

Paul Dagnino, Founder of ICHOR, a multifaceted CBD, Cannabidiol Health & Wellness Group & American Moda, CBD Consulting & Supply Co.

I'm an Entrepreneur, risk taker, and a networker who’s always looking to bring my experience to emerging opportunities. I work diligently to surround myself with people who see the world through a mutual lens. In searching for what's next, I see cannabinoids changing people's lives for the better and I want to be on the right side of history in this incredible industry. By surrounding myself with people who share my vision and unrelenting drive to succeed while maintaining excellence, I've been able to meet and work with some of the most respected and successful people in the Commercial Hemp industry. 

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Variety
Teresa Taylor
Guest Occupation: Producer, writer and former dance and choreography agent
Guest Biography:


Dance is deeply instinctual to the human soul – the ultimate emotional and spiritual art form. Our most sincere hope is for the Global Dance Initiative to unite and spark the worldwide community to share the energy of dance…to heal, inspire and connect. Please join us as we celebrate the power of dance in our world, and how – together – we can truly make a difference. – Teresa Taylor

“My goal is to bring a transformative experience to all audiences in a way that elicits an emotional response. Whether through media or live productions, I aspire to provide the audience an experiential moment in their lives – one that leaves them with a positive and memorable emotional imprint. This is what gives my work purpose.” – Teresa Taylor


A unique talent in the world of entertainment, Teresa has more than twenty creative years experience producing and brokering dynamic talent and projects with a focus in dance, music and television. Her various roles of producer, writer and former dance and choreography agent have allowed her to work collaboratively with some of the most visionary dance and creative artists in the industry.

The foundation of her own personal and artistic spirit is inspired by the depth and integrity of the creative visionaries she has had opportunity to represent or work with in collaboration. With each project, Teresa hopes to bring the creative teams together in a way that allows for creative freedom and artistic inspiration, allowing the energy of each production to have its own unique rhythm.

Of her vast slate of projects, Teresa was the producer for TV Moves! Live: A Tribute to Dance in Television, on behalf of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Additionally, she was an executive producer of the American Choreography Awards and the highly acclaimed Choreography Media Honors. Other credits include The Cultural Icon, Paris by Night, numerous productions for the LA Opera, and the annual Christmas Eve Special, the LA County holiday celebration she was exceptionally honored to produce the flagship show, Dance America! for USA at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, together with creative director Amy Tinkham, Teresa produced A Royal Wedding in Dubai, partnering with DesignLab Events on a spectacular show with 3,000 attendees.

She is the recipient of three Emmy Awards for an acclaimed series of specials for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles titled Imagine in partnership with ABC, as well as an Emmy for The LA County Holiday Celebration.

Teresa is exceptionally proud to bring the heart of her career – the spirit of dance to The Global Dance Initiative. Her dream is use the power of dance in the media today, to ignite the positive power of dance globally to use this art-form to, quite simply, inspire life.

Guest Category: Design, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Business, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy, TV & Film
Vir McCoy
Guest Occupation: Singer and Songwriter, DJ, musician
Guest Biography:


Vir McCoy has written and recorded over 200 original songs in many styles of music on over 20 albums (as of 2018) in genres of: World, Hip Hop, Electronica, Children’s, Rock, Funk, Devotional and Comedy. In addition to his own music, he has appeared as a guest on several studio albums, including Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, Rising Appalachia, Beats Antique, Dirtwire, as well as on soundtracks and jingles for film, television, the web and video. Vir plays guitar, bass and also plays the sintir or guimbri, the camel-skinned, ethnic bass of Morocco, the Yali Tanbur or Turkish jimbush, the djeli ngoni of Mali, and he also plays a unique Bass Hybrid instrument he self-created, called the Ark-Bass. He is a DJ as well, and is accomplished with Pro-tools and Ableton Live.

His band Hamsa Lila had song placement with Spike Lee’s, Shes Gotta Have It, in 2018. He has toured all over the U.S. playing at most festivals and many venues with Mickey Hart, Hamsa Lila, The Dogon Lights and House of Hamsa among others. The award- winning music group Hamsa Lila was voted best world music band of 2002, topped the CMJ music charts, headlined at the San Francisco Fillmore auditorium twice and have performed with acts such as The String Cheese Incident, Bassnectar, Tinariwen, and many others. Vir has also created very loved children’s music and has released 4 albums. In addition, many know Vir as creator of the YouTube viral comedy hits, “Man from Marin” and “Sensitive People.” Vir has also created and produced special musical and theatrical events that focus on healing, such as the “Chakra Opera,” a multi-sensory journey.

He currently plays in the Dogon Lights on Jumpsuit Records, House of Hamsa, DJ’s and collaborates on pop-soul music with his wife, Heather Christie. Vir is working on a collection of devotional music, “Desert Fathers.”

Vir McCoy is nothing short of a synthesis of styles and sounds fit to perfectly uplift the surroundings. Vir is a “Cosmic Muse,” that can weave between styles and genres to best suit the occasion. From “Funk Therapy” to New Age Comedy, to Children’s to Electronica to Devotional to Tribal Fusion to Rock. Vir will best choose the style and sound for the event. Uplifting, Inspiring and Hilarious are what you will get. Anyone who has seen Vir in action in his many projects can attest to this.

Vir McCoy is nothing short of a synthesis of styles and sounds fit to perfectly uplift the surroundings. Vir is a “Cosmic Muse,” that can weave between styles and genres to best suit the occasion. From “Funk Therapy” to New Age Comedy, to Children’s to Electronica to Devotional to Tribal Fusion to Rock. Vir will best choose the style and sound for the event. Uplifting, Inspiring and Hilarious are what you will get. Anyone who has seen Vir in action in his many projects can attest to this.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Comedy, Entertainment, Music
Audri Phillips
Guest Occupation: Director, 3D animator, content creator, immersive media specialist
Guest Biography:


Audri Phillips, director/ 3D animator, content creator, immersive media specialist. She is based out of Los Angeles with a wide range of experience that includes over 25 years working in the visual effects/entertainment industry in studios such as Sony, Rhythm and Hues, Digital Domain, Disney and Dream Works feature animation. Starting out as a painter she was quickly drawn to time-based art and visual poetry. An interest in science and technology has always played a part in her work. She is a pioneer of using cutting edge technology, including currently in immersive media performances, and full dome, VR/AR.

Currently a member of the Intel Innovators Group, she writes online articles for Intel, is a member of ADN (Autodesk Developers Network) a resident artist at Vortex Immersion, and a consultant/researcher for a technology company, Stratus Systems. She is the co- founder and director of Robot Prayers an immersive transmedia project which explores AI and our hybrid identities in a world where man and machine are melding.

Over the past 6 years she directed/animated/designed over 6 full dome shows, one with composer, musician Steve Roach, created animations for dance companies as well as a number of cinematic and interactive VR pieces using Autodesk Maya, Touch Designer and Unreal Engine.

One of the VR pieces, “Migrations” is on the Samsung Indie channel. All of the full dome pieces as well as her animations and paintings have been shown in festivals and conferences around the world.

She has been an adjunct professor at a number of Universities around Los Angeles. BFA from Carnegie Mellon University

Guest Category: Design, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Business, Entertainment, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Technology, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Singing Duo
Guest Biography:


Heart Medicine – is a singing duo comprised of Annmarie Soul and Karen Seva – blending original songs, mantra and native tribal chants. Together their voices blend in harmonic frequencies creating angelic overtones inviting the listener into a deep musical meditation journey.

The music of Heart Medicine is a combination of sacred songs and melodies inspired by nature and spirit, interwoven with healing mantras celebrating many traditions. Both celestial and earthly, each song is a gift from the muse of spirit, channeled and lovingly crafted – opening a doorway to the unseen, requesting our presence in a dance with the divine, inviting us into love, and calling our hearts home.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Entertainment, Music
'Commodores' Legend William King Special Guest on Interviewing the Legends with Ray Shasho
Guest Occupation: Singer,multi-instrumentalist,songwriter
Guest Biography:

W  I  L  L  I  A  M

K  I  N  G





One of the greatest Motown and R&B / funk artists of all time, The Commodores’ Walter “Clyde” Orange, James Dean “JD” Nicholas and William “WAK” King have influenced both artists young and old and in all genres with their classic songs. The Commodores brand is bigger than ever as they continue to blaze trails all over the world.

Two Alabama cities recently honored the music legacy of the Commodores! Tuskegee declared Friday March 29, 2019 to be Commodores Day, and Montgomery declared the band members to be honorary residents, receiving keys to the city!

A celebration was held at the Commodore Museum, the site of the Commodores’ former rehearsal and recording studio in Tuskegee. The Commodores was originally formed by a group of college students at Tuskegee Institute just over 50 years ago.

“It is really great to see the place where the group was born! It still feels like home 50 years later, to the point where we didn’t want to leave!” – The Commodores

In 1968 the group was formed while all the members were in college at Tuskeegee Institute. After being discovered by Berry Gordy, the Commodores went on to sell over 60 million records for Motown. With hits like “Machine Gun” and “Sail On,” the Commodores became proven artists. For five decades, the Commodores have remained a force in the music industry. The Commodores aren’t just any group. They have staying power. Just like their hit song “Brick House,” the Commodores have created a foundation that just won’t budge.

Don’t miss your chance to feature one of the most successful vocal groups of all time in 2019 and beyond as The Commodores continue to thrill audiences with their Greatest Hits Tour – Live!


75 Million Albums Sold Worldwide

7 – #1 singles

5 – #1 Albums

20 – Top 10 Singles

15 – Top 10 Albums

1985 Grammy Award – “Nightshift”

1987 Antwerp Diamond Microphone Award

Vocal Group Hall of Fame Inductees

The 58th AutoZone Liberty Bowl Outstanding Achievement Award (2016)

2018 Casino Entertainment Awards “Musical Artist of the Year”



MAY 24 – Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, Reno, NV

JUN 01 – Pechanga Resort & Casino, Temecula, CA

JUN 14 – San Mateo County Fair, San Mateo, CA

JUL 12 – IP Casino Resort Spa, Biloxi, MS

JUL 16 – Village Green, Elk Grove Village, IL

AUG 10 – Wisconsin State Fair Park Exposition Center, West Allis, WI -

The Isley Brothers & The Commodores

AUG 18 – Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA

AUG 25 – Embarcadero Marina Park South, San Diego, CA

The Commodores & The O'Jays

AUG 30 – Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center, Salem, OR

FEB 10 – Ultimate Disco Cruise, Miami, FL


Ultimate Disco Cruise 2020

Monday 10 February 2020 – Saturday 15 February 2020


Line-up …The Commodores …KC and the Sunshine Band

The Jacksons …Pointer Sisters…Sister Sledge…Heatwave

Anita Ward…George McCrae…Maxine Nightingale…Harold Melvin's Blue Notes

…First Ladies Of Disco

Miami, FL, USA

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11:      Key West, Florida

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12:         At Sea

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13:   Nassau, Bahamas


Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music, News, TV & Film
Chris Dockrill
Guest Occupation: Play-writer, Motion Picture Director, Lawyer
Guest Biography:

Chris Dockrill, Creator of The Island of Doctor Moron

Chris Dockrill’s published plays include – Angry People, Next Station, The Interrogation, Scalpel, Divisions, Flatmates, Cage, The Joker, Old Girls and Benchmarks. His works have appeared in Power Plays (Methuen), Modern Moralities (Nelson), Superscripts (Longman), Dynamic Dramatics (Cambridge University Press) and Enter the Players (Nelson). Works awaiting publication include award winning Barbed Wire Canoes, Middle Class Fantasies, Precious Metal and the collected work - A Corrugated Collection. He is currently working on a two-act play - Flame Trees. Chris has worked as film script adviser to TAFE – ACT, has been a commissioned playwright to the ACT government and has written Frankenstein – A Born Again Legend for Curriculum Resources – NSW DET.

Chris has written and had published, over a 30 year period, numerous papers, articles, lesson units and programs for the teaching of English and Drama in secondary schools. These have appeared in many publications including the NSW English Teachers Association publications (Metaphor etc) and HSC Online. Chris has been an English and Drama teacher for over 30 years. He is the recipient of an Australia Day Award for his contribution to local cultural events and initiatives in the Kempsey Shire. Chris was also the founder of “The Sanctuary Players” – a theatrical society based in Turramurra and has been an active leader in the field of Drama in secondary schools for over 25 years.

In the last decade, he has organised and produced The Hastings Drama Festival and the Mid North Coast Drama Camp which employs professional stage and screen actors to pass on their skills to secondary Drama students. In September, 2010, Chris created and produced the inaugural Curtain Call, a two-day drama festival at the Starcourt Theatre in Lismore featuring public schools from the far north coast area ranging from Lismore to Ballina and north to the Queensland border. He has produced, written, co-written and directed many diverse productions including Harold Pinter’s The Caretaker and Albee’s, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

In 2008, Chris wrote Big Soooze, a musical drama set in Kings Cross in the 1920's after initial developmental workshops with other colleagues. He has also produced a CD of his original songs for the show. More recently, Chris wrote Nightgrooves, a musical drama in two acts with fourteen original songs about escaped convict, Robbie Taggard and his attempts to clear his name and regain the love of his girl, Bella. Chris has also written produced and directed other rock musicals including Beef, and Chill.

He can be contacted at cdockrill@theislandofdoctormoron.com.

Guest Category: Arts, Education, Entertainment, Kids & Family, Society and Culture, TV & Film, Variety
Dr Vic Wojtas
Guest Occupation: Chiropractic Physician & Owner of Barrington Chiropractic Center
Guest Biography:

Dr. Vic Wojtas, Chiropractic Physician & Owner of Barrington Chiropractic Center has practiced over 40yrs. He specializes in Spinal Decompression & Acupuncture for general populations & Sports Medicine. He is a graduate of the prestigious National University of Health Sciences in Lombard Illinois. His Barrington practice includes famous sports kinesiology therapist Bob Gajda.

He attended and graduated from National College Of Chiropractic in 1971, having over 48 years of diverse experience, especially in Chiropractic. Dr. Victor J Wojtas accepts Medicare-approved amount as payment in full. Call (847) 381-1630 to request Dr. Victor J Wojtas the information (Medicare information, advice, payment, ...) or simply to book an appointment.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Sports & Recreation, Variety
Connie Francis Legendary Singer Special Guest on Interviewing the Legends with Ray Shasho
Guest Occupation: Singer,Actress,Author
Guest Biography:

C  O  N  N  I  E

F  R  A  N  C  I  S

The most commercially successful female singer of all time

With an estimated world-wide sales figure well in excess of

two hundred million


In 1958, Cashbox, Billboard and the Jukebox Operators of America named Connie Francis as the #1 Female Vocalist. She was named Top Female Vocalist by all the trades for six consecutive years – a record never surpassed. As well, England’s prestigious New Musical Express also named her the World’s #1 Female Vocalist. She earned two gold records for Who’s Sorry Now? and Stupid Cupid. ​

On a global scale, Connie Francis was the top-selling female vocalist of the Sixties and, despite the sensational advent of Madonna, the longevity of Diana Ross and the multi-format generations of the 80's and 90's, she remains the most commercially successful female singer of all time with an estimated world-wide sales figure well in excess of two hundred million.

Today, Connie Francis is widely involved in some very interesting and diverse projects.  Of greatest importance and passion is that of helping returning American Veterans of war. Connie Francis is the national spokeswoman for Mental Health America’s S.T.A.R. Campaign (Stress, Trauma, Awareness and Recovery) an important national campaign to raise awareness of what veterans are facing every day of their lives.   Another long-awaited autobiography “Among My Souvenirs, The Real Story” was released in 2017. ​​​

Some of her biggest hits include …

Who’s Sorry Now … Lipstick on Your Collar … Stupid Cupid …Where the Boys Are …Everybody's Somebody's Fool … Among My Souvenirs …My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own … My Happiness …Second Hand Love …Vacation …Frankie …Together …Baby's First Christmas … Many Tears Ago …Don't Break the Heart That Loves You … Carolina Moon …Breaking in a Brand New Broken Heart …  and the list of hits goes on and on …


For more information about Connie Francis visit …

https://www.conniefrancis.com/  or https://www.facebook.com/ConnieFrancisOfficial

and https://eastcoastmusichalloffame.org/


Purchase Among My Souvenirs: The Real Story (Volume 1)

-December 12, 2017 by Connie Francis at amazon.com

The stories she shares with an extraordinary cast of characters are, indeed, funnier, stranger and often far more shocking than fiction. Few stars have experienced the rollercoaster ride that marked the life of Connie Francis. Fewer still possess the willingness, wit, insight, intellect and disarming self-deprecation to write a book of such unflinching nature. It is truly a joyful, comedic and emotionally disturbing book to read. Far more horrifying than any best-selling writer of fiction would dare to contemplate.

"God Save America" the new single by Connie Francis released March 1, 2019

available at amazon.com

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, History, Music, Self Help, TV & Film
Christine Powers
Guest Occupation: Professional Phoenix, Soprano and Inspirational Leader
Guest Biography:

Christine Powers is a world-class soprano and inspirational leader who “amplifies the amplifiers.” She empowers those "on the front lines of humanity” to lead further and deeper -- pulling us all forward into a transcendent world.

Founder of the Philosophers Camp movement, she has built a refuge for deep healing in the Adirondack Mountains of New York that offers rejuvenation, learning, and co-creation while in micro-momentary communityTM.

Christine is a master energy worker and intuitive. Empower your voice through her musical events, attunements, workshops, and adventure retreats.

Guest Category: Arts, Education, Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Philosophy, Psychology, Spiritual, Travel & Leisure
Michelle Minke
Guest Biography:

Pushing the boundaries of classical opera, Calgary’s Michelle Minke has made a career out of inspired disruption. She has performed over 1,000 shows to over 10,000 people at once including performing at the world famous Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show.

With her boundless vitality and powerful voice, Michelle performed throughout Europe and North America before returning to her home town of Calgary. As founder and artistic director of Calgary’s Cowtown Opera and Summer Academy, Michelle’s heartfelt excitement for contributing to the cultural identity of her city has earned her a place among arts champions.

She is a Masters graduate in Vocal Pedagogy from the University of Toronto and the Opera School at the Royal Academy of Music in London, England as well as the Solti Te Kanawa Accademia in Italy, where she studied with operatic legend, Mirella Freni.  Performing across Canada and overseas, she has been acclaimed by international audiences at the Anghiari Festival in Tuscany Italy and at Spitalfields festival in London England as well as other concert performances throughout Poland, Lithuania, Sweden and France.

Michelle has 18 awards, including being named as one of Calgary’s Top 40-Under-40 by Avenue Magazine, was a recipient of the Mayor’s Enbridge Emerging Artist Award and named one of Alberta’s 25 Inspiring Artists by Alberta Foundation for the Arts for her commitment to the arts community of Calgary. She been nominated for Female Artist of the Year by the YYC Music Awards, and recently won the Cultural Ambassador Award for the Women of Inspiration 2018. 

Guest Category: Arts, Business, Education, Entertainment, Kids & Family, Music, Society and Culture, Variety
Megan Benanti
Guest Occupation: Psychic and medium
Guest Biography:

Psychic and medium, Megan Benanti, reads Tarot Cards for intuitive guidance from private readings through large scale events. She also practices Blue Lotus Heart Chi Gong, an energy balancing treatment. She intuits to help each individual grow and develop their own strengths on their divine life path.  You can call in and have your questions answered tonight!


Guest Category: Energy Healing, Kids & Family, Spiritual, Access Consciousness, Tarot & Other Cards, Psychic & Intuitive
Tamyra Harrison
Guest Occupation: Founder and Director of Iowans for D.C. Statehood
Guest Biography:

Tamyra Harrison grew up in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and later lived in Jacksonville, Fl. and Wheaton, IL, before settling back to Champaign. She was with Osco Drug for 14 years, which brought her to Iowa, before deciding to leave the company to pursue other career options.  She had never worked in politics prior to 2004, but immediately became hooked on the idea of being able to make a difference in the world while working with great people and having a lot of fun along the way. She is still the Executive Director of The Polk County Democrats in Iowa.

Tamyra is also the Founder and Director of Iowans for D.C. Statehood. Members of Iowans for D.C. Statehood endorse and encourage citizens and their members of Congress to support statehood and full democracy for the District of Columbia that will guarantee to D.C. residents full congressional voting representation, budget autonomy and all of the rights that are enjoyed by the people of the 50 United States of America.

Guest Category: History, Kids & Family, News, Politics & Government, Self Help, Society and Culture, Variety
Dr Marianne Tietelbaum
Guest Occupation: Ayurveda Medicine Doctor
Guest Biography:

Marianne Teitelbaum, D.C., graduated summa cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1984. She has studied with several Ayurvedic doctors, including Stuart Rothenberg, M.D., and Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra. The recipient of the Prana Ayushudi Award in 2013, she lectures and writes extensively about Ayurvedic treatments for all diseases. She has a thriving private practice and lives outside of Philadelphia. Her latest book Healing the Thyroid with Ayurveda: Natural Treatments for Hashimoto’s, Hypothyroidism, and Hyperthyroidism was just published.

Guest Category: Education, Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Self Help
Tracie Mahan
Guest Occupation: Psychic Medium, Highly tuned Empath, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, QHHT Practitioner, Family Coach, NLP Practitioner and Reiki Master
Guest Biography:

Tracie Mahan is a Psychic Medium, Highly tuned Empath, Clairvoyant, Hypnotherapist, QHHT Practitioner, Family Coach, NLP Practitioner and Reiki Master.  For the past two decades she has dedicated herself to her personal path of spiritual and psychic development.  Tracie comes from a highly sensitive and intuitive family and has fortified her natural gifts with training and practice enabling her to connect with guides, angels, Ascended Masters and spiritual council. In addition to being a clear channel of messages from these realms, her expertise also includes offering clients perspective through looking at past lives to identify important connections with the present incarnation.

Healing and energetic clearing are two of her passions and specialties. Tracie works with clients through a process of chakra scanning to identify energetic blockages. Once the blocks are located, Tracie is able to do light trance work to empower clients to release blocks helping them to move forward with more clarity.

“It’s my heart’s desire to help you find your answers and clear your path for a better and brighter future.  Together we can work toward healing old emotional wounds, tuning into romance and love, creating financial shifts, connecting with loved ones who have crossed over, and look at the road ahead. I am here to help you find peace of mind and the answers you are looking for.”

Guest Category: Alternative Health, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics
Britt Kusserow
Guest Occupation: Dynamic singer-songwriter
Guest Biography:


Britt Kusserow is a dynamic singer-songwriter originally from Indiana who has lived and performed in New Zealand, Vermont, and now calls Los Angeles home.  Writing style focuses on lyrics and storytelling, because what is life if not one big, messy story? 

When not on stage Britt is studying to become a therapist, hiking, camping, watching Adventure Time, or eating Sri Lankan food with her girlfriend.

Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music
Glenn Clarke
Guest Occupation: Actor and Author
Guest Biography:


I was Born in Queens, New York to a heritage that is rich in culture. I am obviously African-American; however, I am also part Jamaican, part Panamanian, part Cherokee Indian… and there’s more.   I have lived in three of the five New York Burroughs.  I have been bi-coastal, meaning that from early childhood to my late 30’s I commuted from one coast to the other, either due to my parents needs, or as an adult for my own work needs.  

I studied Laser Optics, Physics, Mathematics, Languages, and History & Economics; however, my gregarious nature drove me to more social endeavors. I worked for a major airline in reservations, public relations, and cargo shipments, culminating my career in management with the same company.

Next, I decided to put my education to use working for the U.S. Department of Defense on 21st century projects.  I would tell you more about this; however, I am bound by the government not to go into detail. A new career path became necessary because of contractions in both governmental and private sectors after the first Gulf War.

The path that ensued was a career in the automotive industry for three major car companies; first Honda/Acura, then Nissan/Infiniti, and finally Mercedes Benz. I was in sales, trained staff in product and customer service, and also managed an Infiniti dealership where I improved customer service, thereby improving sales.

One of my dreams was to become an actor.  So around 2002  I took a several acting classes and launched my professional acting career. My first acting gig was as a doctor on Star Trek, Enterprise (The TV series). I have done a number of local and regional commercial works and have had a role on Criminal Minds as a good guy — but I really wanted to play asociopath.  My most rewarding and longest acting gig for seven seasons was as an anesthesiologist (background) on the TV serious HOUSE M.D.

Singing has now become my latest passion.  It has gone from the shower, to karaoke, to having the honor of being asked to sing at the HOUSE M.D. Red Carpet Final Wrap Party by the star of our show, Hugh Laurie.  I accepted and was applauded exuberantly by the audience.  It was a fitting way for me to end my seven of the eight illustrious seasons on that show.

I love traveling and meeting new people. I have visited England, France, Austria, Germany, Brazil, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Jamaica.  I expect to do much more traveling in the near future. One can have more than one passion in life; acting, singing, and traveling are three of mine.

Around the turn-of-the-century I went through a divorce. That divorce left me pretty much penniless and with a lot of self-doubt.  And though I was in the acting profession, I wasn’t making the kind of money that was able to sustain me, or pay for children’s needs.  My story was sort of like a country song record.  I lost everything….my relationship with my kids, my wife, my home,  my income, as well as my self esteem/confidence.   It took me almost ten years to recover.

During that time I had to take mass transit all over Los Angeles, Orange counties, because along with everything else that I had lost, I lost my driver’s license and passport as well.  I so disliked taking the bus, that I began writing down stories of the experiences I had encountered and the people whom I met as a way to cultivate a better attitude.  At that time I had no idea that those anecdotal writings were going to lead to a book called, “Daddy’s Limo.”

In 2013 I interviewed for a job that would turn my life around. I met a young man who was an MIT graduate, who also was starting  at the ground level working.  He would become my friend, mentor, and boss.  My position was as an appointment setter in the solar industry.  That position led me to become one of the top retail managers for the company and now I am a trainer for that same company.

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Karen Seva
Guest Occupation: Best-selling author, singer, healer, teacher, life coach, musician, activist and mom
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MDiv. MSW CPC is a best-selling author, singer, healer, teacher, life coach, musician, activist and mom. Karen holds 2 Master’s degrees – a Master of Social Work, as well as a Master of Divinity, in addition to studying multi-cultural philosophy and music at Binghamton University, and then indigenous culture, music and esoteric spirituality in West Africa, Ireland, and across North America.

Karen began singing before she could speak and became deeply connected with devotional practices and a profound love of the Divine from a young age – which lead her to meditation, psychology, mantra, shamanism, yoga, energy healing, sound healing, ancient wisdom practices and deep love of the earth & of the Divine Mother. 

For nearly 20 years, Karen has been immersed in the multidisciplinary spiritual, self-help, and psychological fields. In addition to holding 2 Masters degrees, Karen is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Naam Yoga Teacher, Harmonyum Practitioner, Reiki Master and mother of two. She has combined these disciplines to form a unique approach to working with individuals, families and groups to assist them in finding their voice, accessing their highest potential and doing the greatest good for the world.

Karen is the founder of “Sing the World Awake!” – a nonprofit organization founded to activate children’s highest potential through song – and incorporates motivation, movement & yoga for children of all ages. She has conducted children’s concerts for the Dalai Lama, for the Agape Spiritual Center, for native elders as well as spiritual leaders from around the world. Karen is also the Founder of the International Children’s Day event – “Children Sing for the Future” – which unites  children all over the world singing for world peace. Karen currently is beginning a new Kids Choir in March in Santa Monica, CA – and is currently working with the KIPP Empower Academy in south central Los Angeles.

Across the country, Karen has performed music concerts, taught yoga, classes & workshops, in addition to coaching & consulting with individuals, couples, families and groups. She has pioneered several children’s music & coping skills programs in conjunction with churches, schools, and grant-funded early childhood intervention programs. 

Karen’s book, “The Awakening World: The Return of the Divine Feminine” was released in January of 2017 & is a collection of meditations and messages giving voice to the potential of humanity.

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