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Guest Name
Hugo Chiasson
Guest Occupation
Activist, Co-Founder,
Guest Biography

Hi, I’m Hugo Chiasson! I’m 17 and a senior at Geffen Academy at UCLA. In August 2021, I watched as the planes took off from the Kabul airport and could not help but feel like I had to do something to help all those people forced to leave their homeland, most especially the teenagers like me who would be uniquely impacted by their displacement.

I love politics, film, and learning about people and the systems around me. I am also passionate about Constitutional Law. My favorite activities are reading, working on campaigns, writing, and watching movies. Recently, I served as a Delegate to California Boys and Girls State 2023, where I was selected as one of two students to represent California as a Senator at Boys Nation this past July. While there, I presented my resolution on refugees. You can read more about it here. I’m also a member of the Olivia E. Mitchell LA City Youth Council, where I am advocating for policy on behalf of youth in Los Angeles, including refugee youth. Most of all, I hope that in the future I can help to make the systems which protect refugees function better than they do today.