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Ryoji Inatsugi
Guest Occupation
Guest Biography

Introducing Ryoji Inatsugi, a passionate solo musician hailing from Japan, currently residing in the vibrant city of Inglewood. Ryoji’s musical journey began at the tender age of 5, and since then, he has brought the joy of music to the young ones, performing for children aged 0-3 at various beautiful locations, including parks in Venice, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, and the waterfront restaurant in Venice. His weekends are filled with the laughter of birthday parties for toddlers aged 2-4 all around town.

Ryoji’s versatile talents shine as he plays the acoustic guitar, harmonica, cajon drum, and serenades with nursery rhymes, world music, and rock tunes. His experience is not limited to solo performances; he’s been a part of various bands, exploring traditional music from Japan, Okinawa, and Africa. In 2023, Ryoji made his mark on Spotify with a diverse range of songs, from the rock anthem “Construction Song” to the lively ska track “Garbage Truck,” designed to delight children. His upcoming release, “Cry Like a Baby,” combines Japanese and English lyrics to create dance music suitable for all ages.

Ryoji’s dedication to music extends to his professional life as well, working as a drum tech at the esteemed African drum store, “Motheland Music,” in Inglewood since 2005.

In his ongoing journey, Ryoji is forming a performance band called “Ryoji and Friends,” dedicated to creating memorable experiences for families and children through the power of music. His music is a vibrant celebration of diverse influences and a testament to the universal language that connects us all.