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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 April 2021

Headlined Guests

Guest Occupation: Executive Director 22ZERO and Founder 22ZERO
Guest Biography:

Dr. Arnell became involved with 22Zero in March 2021, when the Giles County Fire and Rescue Squad assistant fire chief asked if she would be willing to go through the training. In April of 2021, Dr. Arnell went through the training process and was astonished at how well the program worked. As of November 5th, 2022, Dr. Arnell became the Executive Director for 22Zero Follow Me, Inc. Dr. Arnell's husband was a veteran and served in Desert Storm.

Nick Davis is an Air Force Veteran, having served as an F-16 crew chief. His involvement with 22Zero as PRESIDENT & Co-Founder is inspired by his burning desire to serve our veteran and responder community. His organization, Anxiety Guys LLC, is a veteran owned and operated business that uses multiple processes to disconnect PTSD, Anxiety, and other negative emotions that keep individuals and organizations from reaching their full potential.

Guest Category: Education, Military, Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Mental Health, Personal Development
Guest Occupation: Shelley Young, owner of Trinity Esoterics where she has worked as a hypnotherapist, writer, spiritual advisor, healer, trance channel/medium and internationally recognized channel of Archangel Gabriel.
Guest Biography:

My guest Shelley Young is the owner of Trinity Esoterics where she has worked as a hypnotherapist, teacher, writer, spiritual advisor, speaker, and internationally recognized channel of Archangel Gabriel for the past 19 years. Originally from Canada she is now based in Southwest Florida where she remains dedicated to raising spiritual awareness and helping people embrace and navigate the unfoldment of their own enlightenment journeys. Shelley’s book is Healing Balm for the Enlightening Soul, and one of her program’s featuring the most important of Gabriel's teachings, is The Divine Combination

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Guest Occupation:
Guest Biography:

Tosha is a designer, inventor, textile technologist, serial entrepreneur, and writer specializing in the development of innovative, commercial products in the fiber, textile, soft goods, and digitally connected wearables industries. Tosha has invented and designed iconic products for SPANX, brrrº, and the world’s first digital to physical backpack with JanSport. Tosha won Women Wear Daily’s Fresh Face Award for design, holds 12 patents, and was named one of The University of Georgia’s 40 under 40 for professional achievement in 2013.

Developing innovative, commercial ideas in a variety of consumer product categories with a specialty in fiber, textile, soft goods, and digitally connected wearables is Tosha’s sweet spot.  Tosha co-founded three startups, building them from zero to exponential growth, and has been hired into start-up teams of numerous others.  She understands the business of innovative consumer products and holds advisory roles within multiple organizations.  She has deep expertise in product areas where hard and soft component integration and electronic system integration requirements are necessary and need software communication.  

Tosha has held design, leadership, and executive positions with SPANX, Tommy Hilfiger, Bella Freud, brrrº, Tosha Hays Children’s Collection and Couture, and university institutes like MIT’s AFFOA striving for groundbreaking technology in fabrics. Currently, Tosha is Co-Founder of Hurdle Apparel. 

Her professional side is a devotion, passion, and speed for product making and know-how. Her personal side is one of constant learning, traveling, running, writing, and spending time with her partner and three sons.

Guest Category: Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Variety
Guest Occupation: Actress, Author and Alchemist
Guest Biography:
Havilah Malone is a highly accomplished and influential individual who is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of billions of people. She is recognized as an inspirational thought leader and has been featured on major television networks such as FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS. Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Havilah is a versatile millennial powerhouse who excels in various fields.
As an actress, motivational speaker, and former Ms. Louisiana Universal, Havilah has achieved remarkable success. She has appeared in numerous films, national TV commercials, and popular shows like HBO's Barry, Insecure, and NCIS: New Orleans. Her talent and charisma have earned her recognition and admiration from audiences worldwide.
In addition to her accomplishments in the entertainment industry, Havilah is also a highly acclaimed author. Her book, "How to Become a Publicity Magnet: In Any Market via TV, Radio & Print," has become a #1 Best Seller. She has also co-authored the children's classic, "The Amazing Adventures of Oliver 'Young Napoleon' Hill," based on Napoleon Hill's Success Principles. Her latest book, "Rewriting A New History: A Spiritual Path to Audacious Authenticity and Healing," has also achieved the status of a #1 Best Seller.
Havilah's success is not limited to her professional achievements. She is a recipient of the prestigious President's Volunteer Service Award Gold Medal and the Women's Prosperity Network "She Rocks Award." She has also been recognized as the SBA InnovateHER Challenge Winner. Havilah holds several professional accreditations, including being a Certified Instructor for the Napoleon Hill Foundation and a Master Certified Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).
Havilah's nurturing spirit, inspirational voice, and magnetic personality have made her a sought-after speaker. She shares her pillars of success with audiences around the world, inspiring them to believe in their potential and achieve greatness. Havilah's mission is to be a catalyst for positive change and to empower individuals to become proof of what is possible.
Guest Occupation: Psychologist, Author
Guest Biography:

Kathy Forti, Ph.D. is the author of the newly released Truth Book Series: STACKS Library of Truth and STACKS Awakening Truth, a sci-fi thriller which takes place in Washington, D.C.’s Library of Congress, where a library employee accidentally opens up an interdimensional portal into a library within a library, where all truth is stored.

Prior to penning her novels, she was a clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience in the mental health field. Her knowledge of psychopathology adds unusual character depth to her stories.

As a direct result of her own near-death experience in 2003, where her heart stopped, Forti became more creative. This led to the development and patent of the Trinfinity8 and Ascension11 energetic software technology, now used by holistic healing practitioners worldwide. 

With a degree in journalism, she worked for several years as an associate producer for CBS-TV. She also wrote a TV pilot script for STACKS that won a Slamdance Teleplay Award. She launched, with the help of Pacific Rock Productions, which was led by an Emmy-winning producer, an original 11-part web series called STACKS The Truth Can Kill You.

She has authored a non-fiction book as well: Fractals of God: A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience & Journeys Into the Mystical, and a children’s book series: Freddie Brenner’s Mystical Adventures.

Forti is a blogger and was a keynote speaker for NEXUS Magazine in Australia in 2010 and 2015. She addresses subjects related to health, consciousness, spirituality and the weird and wonderful. For years, she has been leading ancient mystery school groups to Egypt, having explored the water tunnels under the Great Pyramid, as well as closed-off tunnels under the Sphinx. Sometimes referred to as “a female Indiana Jones” after finding alien artifacts in Mexico, she is, at heart, an ancient explorer of the origins of humanity.

Born in Chicago, Forti has called many cities her home, including New York City, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Kansas, and Prescott, Arizona. She currently resides in Maui, Hawaii. For more information, please consult:

Guest Category: Literature, Business, Health & Lifestyle, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help, Society and Culture, Spiritual, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Founder of 1st Responder Conferences and Retired Sheriffs Deputy
Guest Biography:

Shawn is the founder of 1st Responder Conferences and a retired deputy from the King County Sheriff's Office in Seattle, WA. Shawn retired in 2022 after 25 years of service as a Wellness and Resiliency Detective and a therapy K9 handler. Jeff Thomas is a retired deputy for the King County Sheriff's Office. He worked for the King County Sheriff's Office for 32 years. Shawn and Jeff have two handsome young men, Andrew who is a volunteer firefighter and Cooper who will be going into the Army ROTC program in the fall of 2023.

Guest Category: Business, Education, Courses & Training, Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Mental Health, Personal Development, Self Help
Guest Occupation: artist, writer
Guest Biography:

Ken Elliott

Ken Elliott is an artist and writer living in Castle Rock, Colorado. 

He is a full-time artist, and someone who has experienced and collected astonishing stories for over 30 years.

His book, Manifesting 1, 2, 3 … and You Don’t Need #3 is not an ordinary Manifesting or Law of Attraction book.

The book contains critically new information beyond the Law of Attraction and makes the entire manifesting process amazingly simple. Special tools or talents are not necessary. 

The book also provides an elegant tool for dealing with your worries and negative thoughts. Thoughts create, and you don’t want to empower the negative ones!

Ken has experienced sending objects in thought and having them appear in the home of someone gifted enough to describe what had been sent. 

Ken learned that intentions instantaneously start to manifest on the Other Side. 

Ken has commented, "I was fortunate. I directly learned that thought creates, and does so immediately. 

“In this book, I relate how thoughts begin to form in the non-physical world, and how you can bring them into your life simply and efficiently! The information I gleaned is so simple, it is laughable.”

A number of true stories are included in the book to clarify concepts and for your encouragement.

This is a results-oriented book. Over and over, people tell Ken about their successes with Manifesting 1, 2, 3

They say, It just works!”

Start pointing yourself toward happiness and don't forget, there is a bonus… 

For more information on Ken's lectures and workshops, visit his website: 

To view Ken's artworks, visit 





Guest Category: Arts, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help, Society and Culture, Spiritual
Guest Occupation: Daniel channels high frequency beings from other dimensions. He also teaches channeling & other classes.
Guest Biography:

My guest Daniel Scranton is a verbal channel, spiritual teacher, and sound healer. He has been channeling the 12th-dimensional, non-physical collective known as The Creators since the Fall of 2010. Since then, a wide array of other guides and collectives have spoken through him. Some of those include: Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, The Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and The Arcturian Council. He also discovered an ability to channel light languages, and healing overtones, and he has used this ability to help others heal themselves and manifest the reality they desire. Daniel works with individuals in one-on-one sessions, does group events, and teaches a variety of classes, including channeling classes. His daily channeled messages can be found at: and on his YouTube channel, where you can watch him channel each new transmission. 

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual
Guest Occupation: Peak Performance Coach, Pro- Golfer, Speaker & Author.
Guest Biography:

From debilitating chronic fatigue to the US Open in 6 months’ time, Veronica Karaman knows something about developing a championship mentality for overcoming adversity to make the impossible possible. The founder of, she is a speaker, golf professional, and high performance coach for aspiring athletes and other achievers. She is also an 8-time best-selling author of The Champion’s Way: Core Foundations for Achieving Peak Performance in Sports and Life, and her newest book, God, Make Me a Champion! An Athlete’s Journey of Faith into the Power of Surrender.  Her passion and mission in life is to release the inner champion in others. 

It was through her own journey out of “outward success but inward brokenness” as an overachieving, performance-driven athlete that Veronica discovered a better way to do life and performance---from a place of love and acceptance.

Her 12 Module on-line training system, The Champion’s Way, is based on the four zones of performance: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Equipping athletes with a framework of thought as to how peak performance happens instills in them a holistic approach to achievement.

Veronica also helps her students develop the identity of a champion so they perform from the center of who they are and not from the illusive meaning of an outward goal.

Her greatest passion and joy is in helping faith-based athletes make the connection between their faith and competition.

A graduate of Duke University and Regent University, Veronica holds two master’s degrees. She currently lives in Pinehurst, North Carolina, where she still enjoys playing championship golf as a senior competitor. Her golf career highlight was playing in the 1989 Women’s US Open.


Guest Category: Games & Hobbies, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Religion, Self Help, Variety
Guest Occupation: Former Chair Department of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, present Director of the Center for Human Longevity & Senior Sprinter
Guest Biography:

Landry has focused on novel approaches to intractable health problems, combining medicine and organic chemistry. His work on cocaine addiction led to the discovery of an artificial enzyme to degrade cocaine. His report on the enzyme, published in Science, was chosen by the American Chemical Society as one of the 25 most important chemistry papers in the world for 1993. An agent (Cocaine esterase) he co-developed to treat cocaine overdose has entered clinical trials from Tonix Pharmaceuticals.[17][18][19] He founded the Columbia Organic Chemistry Collaborative Center and it is through this Center that he conducts his current work on drug discovery.

Landry discovered a new hormone deficiency syndrome: vasopressin deficiency in vasodilatory shock. In pioneering the use of vasopressin to treat septic shock and vasodilatory shock after cardiopulmonary bypass, he changed clinical practice for these life-threatening conditions. He also founded ICU nephrology at Columbia, introducing continuous renal replacement therapy to treat renal failure in patients with shock.

Landry developed an alternative method for the production of human embryonic stem cells that relies on harvesting live, normal cells from embryos that—by objective, peer-reviewed criteria—have died of natural causes. Cells harvested from dead embryos would be covered under the established ethics governing transplantation of essential organs from deceased donors.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Medicine, Science, Self Help, Variety
Guest Occupation: Actor, Producer, Writer
Guest Biography:

Famous actor, John Fiore, is best known for his role in HBO’s The Sopranos as Gigi Cestone. Fiore’s love for acting first began while he was still in high school and trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Fiore was offered to be part of a play and deep inside he felt like he could really pull that together and actually act well. While playing in this show, Fiore felt a desire to pursue a career in acting. It was his talent that got Fiore strong roles like that of Gigi Cestone in The Sopranos, and NBC’s crime drama Law & Order where he played the role of detective Tony Profaci. Fiore’s most recent work was his role in Meet the Mobsters whereas the lead actor he portrays Johnny Slade, who is a wannabe singer. Fiore was also recently involved in playing the former Edgartown police chief, Dominick Arena, in the film Chappaquiddick. This film talks about a time when Ted Kennedy drove to Martha ’s Vineyard Bridge and his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne drowns. The story is set in 1969 and the film was released in 2017. Apart from these major roles, Fiore was also seen on Showtime’s Brotherhood as Alphonse Nozzoli, and in Guiding Light as Vinnie Salerno. Fiore was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He now lives in Stoneham.

Guest Category: Arts, Business, Entertainment, Society and Culture, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: QHHT Level 3 Practitioner,
Guest Biography:

Born and raised in India into a “large joint family”, I always felt like the odd one out. I valued isolation and I wasn’t afraid to speak my mind, traits that often clashed with my family’s traditions and expectations of me. I loved spending time in the woods behind my house and could wander for hours, fascinated by nature. As a child I was insecure of my differences. Over time, I have come to fall in love with my individuality. 

In 2002, I got married and moved to the US. I graduated as an Interior designer, fully believing that it would remain my life-long career. But life had more to offer. Over the next 20 years, my family moved from country to country, but it was in 2015, after our move to Hong Kong, that my life changed. After experiencing a life altering event,  I underwent a major spiritual awakening and enrolled for my first QHHT session. 

My own QHHT session gave me clarity and provided a path that brought me to my life’s purpose. In the session I was told that I would become a healer myself. I felt an intuitive sense of connection to QHHT and knew I wanted to be a part of something bigger and more powerful than myself. I went on to train under Julia Cannon and learned her mother Dolores’ Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique. After conducting sessions on hundreds of clients, and undergoing extensive examination, I became a level three practitioner. 

Every day my life’s purpose is amplified by the joy my work brings me. My passion is to bring awareness to people that all healing and all answers lie within us. If we pay attention to our inner landscape instead of depending on our external environment for clarity, then the results can be limitless.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Self Help, Society and Culture, Access Consciousness, Meditation, Psychic & Intuitive
Guest Occupation: High School Student
Guest Biography:
Jay Sivasothy, a 16-year-old student, is about to embark on grade 11 at Sutherland Secondary School in North Vancouver, British Columbia. In the previous academic year, Jay achieved an impressive A grade in honours pre-calculus, showcasing his ability to quickly grasp new concepts and apply them effectively. One of Jay's notable qualities is his attentive listening skills, which allow him to absorb information with ease.
Jay's dedication and discipline are evident in his pursuit of basketball. Despite being initially cut from the team in 9th grade, Jay's unwavering commitment led to his successful inclusion in the team during grade 10. His discipline extended beyond the court, as he diligently woke up at 5:30 every school morning to engage in gym sessions.
Currently, Jay has set several goals for himself. He aims to dedicate an hour each day to reading, improve his confidence in speaking and conversation, and learn the Spanish language. His ultimate dream is to reside in a Spanish-speaking country. Looking ahead, Jay envisions himself working towards becoming an entrepreneur within the next five years, with the flexibility to work remotely from anywhere in the world. In terms of hobbies, Jay finds joy in playing basketball, boxing, and snowboarding during the winter season.
In summary, Jay is a hardworking high school student with a strong determination to become a successful entrepreneur capable of working from any location. His journey is filled with ambition and dedication, and he warmly invites you to join him on this remarkable path of growth and achievement.
Guest Category: Careers, Education Technology, K-12, Hobbies
Guest Occupation: 🌟 Joy Baker: is here to talk about Creating Money in the New Earth 🌟 She will also take live caller healings and offer a group process.
Guest Biography:

My guest Joy Baker is a remarkable and compassionate soul dedicated to guiding her clients on a profound journey of emotional release and healing. With a unique expertise in untangling the threads of trapped emotions resulting from trauma, Joy's work transcends conventional healing practices. Joy's mission is rooted in the understanding that trauma can silently shape our lives, affecting our emotions, actions, experiences, and even our physical well-being. Joy knows firsthand the importance of addressing these silent echoes of pain. Joy had a childhood marked by adversity – encompassing abuse, epilepsy, speech impediments, and relentless bullying - which ignited an unquenchable fire within her to rise above and heal it all. Clients who have had the privilege of experiencing her clearings and activations shed the weight of past traumas, paving the way for authenticity, empowerment, and a rekindled zest for life. Visit: Or email Joy at

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual
Guest Occupation: Author, Speaker, Advocate
Guest Biography:

Hello, I am MJ (Mary Jo) Ross, and I’ve lived in Oklahoma since 1998. I have an extensive background in nonprofits and business, but I’m here to share things about me that are more personal.

If you’ve been abused or know someone who has, I want you to know that there is healing no matter how bad the abuse is or was. It is possible to not only survive but also thrive. It’s not an easy journey, but it is worth it.

As a survivor of many types of abuse from birth to right before I started my senior year of high school, I was born into a generational satanic cult, sex trafficked by four family members, and experienced awful things you don’t want to imagine.

After years of feeling ashamed about what happened to me, I finally realized in 2022 that I was not the one who should be ashamed. The abusers should be. I discovered that telling my story and supporting other survivors has helped me heal. It also permits others to share their story.

Even after years of therapy, instead of using drugs, alcohol, cutting, starving, binging, or many other things to keep the feelings and memories deep inside and try to cut them off completely, I became a workaholic. After all, when you work seven days a week for years, it’s easy to ignore those feelings and memories.

As a single mom without child support, I quickly got caught up in work. As an executive director of up to six nonprofit state professional associations at the same time, I also owned a for-profit association management and consulting company. I helped start a national nonprofit on top of that.

Work travel kept me on the road 26 weekends a year for three straight years. I became severely burned out. I had to close my business because it was too dependent on me. It was excruciating because I discovered that my work was my identity. Knowing that I’m not meant for the corporate world, I opened a consulting business along the way and trained as a Small Business Transformation Coach to learn all the company “stuff” I didn’t know the first time.

I began volunteering with SCORE Tulsa as a mentor, helping business owners and nonprofit executives write business plans and guide their businesses toward a successful future. I also met a representative of The Demand Project through LinkedIn and became a volunteer with their organization which fights crimes against children.

Guest Category: Business, Education, Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Mental Health, Personal Development, Society and Culture
Guest Occupation: Former LEO | Author | Motivational Speaker
Guest Biography:

Chad M. Bruckner is an author and motivational speaker from Allentown, PA. Chad served 13 years in Law Enforcement and 8 years in the U.S. Army Infantry. Chad was promoted to Sergeant at 20 and led combat missions in Iraq. Chad is a passionate advocate for veterans and police officers. Chad’s mission is to inspire and empower first responders and veterans to reach their full potential. Chad has developed training programs in wellness, leadership and resiliency; and publicly speaks on these issues. Chad is guided by his Faith and Core Values and has dedicated his life to serving others. Chad holds a Master’s Degree in Digital Forensics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Chad is married to the love of his life, Kristen, and they have 3 children. Chad loves Philly sports, music and film. Connect with Chad on socials!

Guest Category: News, Politics & Government, Psychology, Emotional Health and Freedom, Mental Health, Personal Development, Self Help
Guest Occupation: Krys Ra El Is a Spiritual Specialist and a Guide of Ether Physics. Krys offers easy to understand clarity on topics such as: Gravity, The Ether, Teleportation, and The Comprehension of Time.
Guest Biography:

My guest Krys Ra El Is a Spiritual Specialist and a Guide of Ether Physics. Krys offers easy to understand clarity on topics such as: Gravity, The Ether, Teleportation, and The Comprehension of Time. When Krys is in the role of Cosmic Guide, and Spiritual Specialist, he helps others remember their true spiritual nature while bringing forth knowledge and insights on Cosmology which includes interstellar communication and ways to transcend the 3D Earth conditions. He shares advice for those who are ready to become an interstellar citizen. Krys also assists others in organizing their business as spiritual organisms, while providing information on what it means to live-in alignment with God’s Law. Krys enjoys giving ordainment, wedding ceremonies, spiritual mentorship, and showing others how they too can administer over their lives aligned with the source. 

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual, Theory & Conspiracy
Guest Occupation: Health Copywriter, LEAP Alliance diabetes amputation advocate & physiotherapist.
Guest Biography:

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Self Help, Variety
Guest Occupation: CEO National Foot & Ankle Partners & Healthcare leadership specialist
Guest Biography:

Salman serves as the CEO of National Foot & Ankle Partners, a physician centric company focused on enabling independent foot & ankle surgery / podiatry practices to thrive.

‍As a husband to a practicing foot & ankle surgeon (a graduate of Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine), the rewards and challenges of foot & ankle healthcare is part of the family – and he has a deep appreciation and understanding for the professionals who practice it.

‍Salman himself is a physician by background and completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cardiothoracic Transplantation Immunology at Yale University School of Medicine.

‍However, during the course of his medical training, he was increasingly captivated by how healthcare systems are developed and organized to allow healthcare delivery at scale. This prompted the decision to play a broader role within the healthcare ecosystem rather than practicing clinical medicine & surgery - and he found the ideal starting point through joining McKinsey & Company - a global management consulting firm.

‍At McKinsey & Company’s NYC office - Salman focused on serving clients across the full range of healthcare sectors, including pharmaceuticals, health insurance as well as government led health care services.

‍Salman subsequently went on to become a Principal in the Health Insurance and Hospital focused practice at The Boston Consulting Group, another global management consulting firm.  

‍He thereafter served as the Head of Operations for an established and growth-stage health tech company called Zocdoc and oversaw the scale up of multiple operational teams serving small medical practice as well as large hospital clients

‍Prior to becoming CEO of National Foot & Ankle Partners, Salman founded and ran a thriving management consulting practice serving the operational and strategic needs of a wide variety of healthcare clients which included PE backed medical practice platforms as well as health insurance clients from the large nationals to local Blue plans.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Kids & Family, Medicine, Self Help, Variety
Guest Occupation: Attorney, Former Ward 2 Councilmember
Guest Biography:

Jack Evans was first elected to the Council of the District of Columbia in a 1991 special election and re-elected in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008. Jack was elected by his colleagues to serve as the Chair Pro Tempore (Vice Chair) of the DC Council in 2001.

Jack's work in DC politics and other organizations included: 1992, 1996 and 2000 Democratic National Conventions, as well as 2004 Howard Dean DC Co-Chair; 1992 and 1996 Bill Clinton's DC Co-Chair; 2008 Hillary Clinton DC Co-Chair; and DC Democratic Party Treasurer (1988-1991).

Jack received an economics degree with honors from the Wharton School in 1975 and a law degree from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Law in 1978. He began practicing law at the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Division of Enforcement.

Guest Category: History, Kids & Family, Politics & Government, Self Help, Variety