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Beth Geer
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Beth Geer's spiritual background is rich and diverse.  She has had a multitude of psychic, paranormal, and deeply profound spiritual experiences throughout her life, beginning around the tender age of 5.  She comes from a dedicated Catholic upbringing, but has also practiced tarot reading for over 20 years, is a Reiki Level II practitioner, and performs various psychic and medium functions for friends and family.

     Though her religious and spiritual background appear to be contradictory, it is this very contrast that has given her an unusual open-mindedness towards God and life.  Her spiritual life has now taken a dramatic turn, because something extraordinary has suddenly begun to unfold.  Several years ago, after over a decade of studying A Course In Miracles, she began to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit open up within her, unlocking a powerful message from Him that she is deeply compelled to share with all of us.  Beth promises that this message is simple and easy to understand, and that it will change your life forever.  Once you hear this message, you won't be able to go back to your old way of being, or look at the world the same again.  It is a happy message of love, healing, spiritual transformation, and awakening.  Beth doesn't mean to spoil the ending; but everything's going to be okay.  Yes, for every last one of us.

     Beth lives in a log home on a 40 acre hobby farm in rural Minnesota, with her husband Paul, their two children Miranda and Samuel, along with several horses, too many cats, a moderate flock of chickens, 1 red footed tortoise, some hamsters, and a dog named Freya; who appears to be a loving Rottweiler, but is actually just a very hairy person with four legs.  Beth is a pharmacist by day, and in her free time, when not tending to family or animals, she works on extending a message of healing to the world.  She currently holds free monthly classes, geared towards hearing your own Inner Voice through deep guided meditation, based upon the teachings contained in A Course In Miracles.