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Guest Name
Benjamin Leto
Guest Occupation
Founder of BodyMind Fitness, NASM Certified Personal Trainer,NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist,B.A. in Philosophy
Guest Biography

Benjamin Leto has trained hundreds of people throughout the country with fitness goals ranging from weight loss to rehabilitation. He has helped people lose 50 pounds of fat, gain 25 pounds of muscle, and recover from injuries of all kinds. He has even helped a stroke victim learn to walk again. Benjamin's success as a trainer comes from the knowledge he attained through learning how to heal severe injuries he incurred due to a rare genetic condition called cleidocranial dysplasia. Despite seeing multiple medical professionals and undergoing two operations, Benjamin was left increasingly more debilitated. Forced to heal himself, Benjamin researched numerous training techniques until he discovered methods that finally healed him. Combined with his understanding of mindfulness cultivated through living in a Zen Buddhist Monastery, Benjamin developed a method of training known throughout the country as BodyMind Fitness.