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Spiritual leader and creator of the Yorenka Tasorentsi Educational and Spiritual Institute
Guest Biography


Benki has been referred to as a leading spiritual leader from the Amazon. He comes from an Antaviari lineage in Ashaninka culture, a term meaning “a direct Messenger of God “. Benki has embraced the struggle for the rights of his community since his teens, replanting over 2.5 million trees. In 2007, as a Secretary of Environment Acre, Brazil, he inaugurated the Yorenka Ãtame agroforestry center, where he began to rehabilitate drug and alcohol addicted youth by teaching them to work with Nature.

He thus brought people and endangered animal/plant species together again. He also created the world’s first eco-market which exchanges plastic for food in Amazonia. Benki has helped many indigenous groups to recover their culture. He is a recipient of the UN Equator Prize alongside his community, Apiwtxa. More recently, he has created the Yorenka Tasorentsi Educational and Spiritual Institute to pursue his environmental and spiritual work.