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Guest Name
Beth Leeds
Guest Occupation
Peace and environmental activist
Guest Biography

Beth Leeds has been an activist all her life.  She grew up in Laguna Beach, California, a very friendly town where she became an activist as a founding member of the Historical Society, the Free Clinic and several effective environmental groups.

In 1949 Beth and her mother traveled to Germany on the Queen Elizabeth Ocean Liner as part of the first military dependents in the Army of Occupation.  Beth was 8 years old.

In Germany, Beth lived in a small town of Oberursel near Frankfurt.  Her father was a Captain at R & R Camp King which was also an Army Intelligence Camp.  She loves to tell about her amazing experiences as an Army Brat in post-WW2 Germany, including her meeting with General Dwight Eisenhower.

Beth went on to protect the ocean and wrote the National Ocean Protection Act in her kitchen. After traveling to Washington DC three times as a volunteer lobbyist she presented her bl to Congress and Congress passed it!

Beth is also an activist for world peace. She has served as the World Parliament Peace Envoy to the United Nations since 1987.  One of her current peace projects is to host and film a first Peace Plan Forum and take that video to schools, meeting halls, churches and everywhere.  With 3x5 cards, participants will write their 3-point Peace Plan that the Action Forum Workshop drafted.  She will present these little cards to the United Nations focusing on Peace and Disarmament.  Her suggested donation for the Action Workshop Forum is $2 (because if you hold two fingers up it is the peace sign!).

Beth is also the author of many books, including “Beth Leeds Activist Guide,” “Ms. Leeds Goes to Washington – Lobbying Mendocino Style,” “The Happening – The 1970 Laguna Beach Christmas Festival,” and others.  Her books are available on