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Laura Maxwell, Psychologist and Evangelist
Guest Occupation: Psychologist, Evangelist
Guest Biography:

LAURA MAXWELL was raised near Glasgow, Scotland and graduated from Strathclyde University with a B.A. Honors Degree in psychology. Laura's Mother was a MEDIUM and committed suicide because her house was "HAUNTED" OR DEMONIZED BY DEMONIC SPIRITS.

Christ rescued Laura from her life in the New Age and Spiritualism; and Laura is now honored to be an Evangelist and able to share testimony on Satellite TV and radio stations in Europe.

The Tv shows have also been aired on various TV channels in Asia, India, Russia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand and in other nations; and Laura is delighted and blessed to continue to hear from people worldwide who have also been saved out of the Occult -- by the transforming mighty power of our Loving Jesus Christ.

Guest Category: Paranormal, Psychology, Christianity
Stan Deyo, Computer Programmer, Senior Systems Analyst, Research Physicist, Marine Architect, Advanced Propulsion Engineer, Author, Scientist, TV Host, Lecturer, Biblical Student and Energy Researcher
Guest Occupation: Computer Programmer, Senior Systems Analyst, Research Physicist, Marine Architect, Advanced Propulsion Engineer, Author, Scientist, TV Host, Lecturer, Biblical Student, Energy Researcher
Guest Biography:

Stan Deyo has held Above Top Secret Security Clearance and worked undercover for the FBI. He was part of an exclusive "black project", headed by Dr. Edward Teller specializing in the development of "flying saucer technology".

Stan's diverse background encompasses:

  • computer programmer of mainframes in 7 languages, PC and Macintosh
  • senior systems analyst
  • research physicist (both formally and self-educated)
  • marine architect (self-educated)
  • advanced propulsion engineer for marine, air and spacecraft
  • author of three books and six scientific papers
  • partner in Deyo Enterprises LLC - our R&D, website hosting, book publishing and book distribution company for the last 35 years
  • amateur archeologist in the Middle East – explored real "Indy Jones" caves in the Qumran region of Israel
  • TV documentary television host for several shows on Tesla (Eye of the Storm) and a series of three highly-rated shows on Channel 9 in Perth: UFOs Are Here, UFOs Deyo and You and UFOs Are Back
  • university lecturer in 3D computer animation and graphic art
  • Biblical student
  • public lecturer on world events including:
    1. The coming global economic collapse
    2. Developing solar-related crises in the Earth's climate
    3. The "UFO" deception and its real intent
    4. Suppression of badly needed technologies
    5. The coming destruction of America by civil war followed by foreign invasion
    6. High voltage physics of "cheaper" energy

Born in Clifton, Texas to a family of American Pioneers, Stan spent his first two years in nearby Valley Mills with his grandparents until his father returned from the Middle East - a US Army Air Force Base Commander in WW2. Valley Mills is just seven miles from Crawford, home to President Bush's ranch.

Stan spent most of his youth in Dallas where (while at J. F. Kimball H.S.) he was a member of the National Honor Society, Captain of the rifle team, Lt. Colonel in the NDCC (ROTC), recipient of the Sons of the American Revolution Medal, and honored as one of the two most outstanding math students.

Graduating high school just three months after his 16th birthday, Stan was awarded a partial engineering scholarship to the University of Texas and also was given a full congressional appointment (scholarship) to the US Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs. He was the only 4th class cadet who received written permission from General Curtis E. LeMay (head of S.A.C. at the time) to drink coffee and sit at ease during meals - which was not the norm for 4th class cadets.

Upon returning to Dallas from USAFA, Stan trained in computer programming at IBM. Shortly thereafter, he formed his own "mission impossible" team solving extremely sensitive, difficult corporate computing problems.

Stan's main love is still advanced propulsion and "free" energy research which took him to Australia in '71 to work on these systems as part of a global project under the direction of such men as Dr. Edward Teller and Dr Andrei Sakharov.

Currently Stan is:

a) working on a Tesla-based energy system similar to that of Dr T. Henry Moray
b) several,novel air and marine propulsion projects
c) giving many radio interviews
d) writing his second paper (in a series of three) on the inertial nature of gravity with many graphic illustrations which show the 'layered shells' nature of moons, planets, stars, galaxies and even galactic clusters... which addresses the 'hollow Earth' possibility and...
e) conducting a planet-wide test with many people who are taking measurements of changes in the Earth's magnetic and gravitational fields using a technique Stan discovered.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, UFOs, Physics & Metaphysics, Religion, Science, Technology, TV & Film
Angela Strank, Life Coach, Self Development Speaker, Quick Pulse Practitioner, Writer and Teacher
Guest Occupation: Life Coach, Self Development Speaker, Quick Pulse Practitioner, Writer, Teacher
Guest Biography:

Angela is a Life & Abundance Coach, Self-Development Speaker & Quick Pulse Practitioner who is highly passionate about helping others AWAKEN THEIR BEST LIFE!

Angela has a thriving Coaching practice working with private clients using cutting edge techniques to create powerful and sustainable transformation.

She is the founder of Living Your Best Life which assists people around the globe in transforming self-limiting beliefs & patterns which hinder her clients in creating the life they really wish to have. It is her passion and belief that everyone deserves to live a fulfilling, prosperous and joyful life!

Angela is also a writer & teacher whose work has been published in various magazines such as 'Planet Lightworker Magazine,' ‘Synergy Magazine’ & 'Interior Wellness.'

Whether it is a life long pattern or something you wish to manifest, endless potential is within YOU!  Join her on a journey of self-discovery to release the patterns that block you from discovering YOUR BEST LIFE!

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Self Help, Spiritual
Dr. Ian Rubenstein, Primary Care Physician, Scientist, Medium, Writer, Author and Narrator
Guest Occupation: Primary Care Physician, Scientist, Medium, Writer, Author, Narrator
Guest Biography:

My name is Dr. Ian Rubenstein. I'm a GP (primary care physician) in a medical practice in Enfield, London, UK.

Obviously I’m scientifically inclined. You have to be to be a doctor. Medicine is, after all, science-based: you need to pass your science exams to go to medical school. Science, logic, reason: what else would there be?

Patients, meetings, being on-call: a normal medical career. Busy, of course. Demanding, naturally. But well, what do you expect?

That was my life in the summer of 2003. I didn't know it at the time but I was like a man standing on the edge of a cliff.

When I took a leap of faith off that cliff I found that I'd embarked on an intriguing journey through the Twilight Zone.

And then some really strange things started to happen....

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Physics & Metaphysics, Science, Spiritual, Medium & Channeling
Jaya Lakshmi, Guitarist, Vocal Artist, Electronica, Sacred Chant, Transcendental, Songwriter, Kundalini Yoga Practitioner and Teacher
Guest Occupation: Guitarist, Vocal Artist, Electronica, Sacred Chant, Transcendental, Songwriter, Kundalini Yoga Practitioner, Teacher
Guest Biography:

BIO BELOW FROM: http://jayalakshmiandananda.com/bio/

Inspired by the deep devotional mood of Indian singing and music, Jaya Lakshmi began leading kirtan with harmonium and 12 string guitar and writing her own devotional songs in the early 1990′s on the island of Hawaii, shortly after receiving harinam initiation from Srila Govinda Maharaj, a great Vaisnava saint from West Bengal, India, who graciously bestowed on her the name “Jaya Lakshmi”, which means “victory to the goddess Lakshmi”, the Hindu goddess of fortune and spiritual wealth.

She has since created 4 solo albums on Sequoia Records* and recently released the double disc album ‘Live at the Altar of Love’ June 2011 in collaboration with her partner Ananda. She is also known as the lead singer and songwriter for the techno-tribal group ‘Lost at Last’ that toured the US West and produced 3 albums during the years of 1997-2004. She continues to explore the format of mixing of electronica and sacred chant (‘kirtronica’) through composing and performing with Ableton LIVE.

Her ecstatic singing and kirtan leading, often accompanied by other talented artists, has had a powerful effect amongst various communities in the islands of Hawaii, the West Coast, and Europe, always creating a deep sense of intimacy with the divine. She has a unique style that blends beauty, power and purity to create a truly transcendental sound driven by her deep connection with spirit. A gifted songwriter, she weaves English, Sanskrit, and prayers of other spiritual traditions with musical influences from India, indigenous trance, Celtic, psychedelic and folk rock.

She has sang on stage with Jai Uttal, Shimshai, Tina Malia, Dave Stringer, Phil Lesh, and Benjy and Heather Wertheimer among other great artists and played for many yoga classes and retreats with well known teachers such as Saul David Raye, Sianna Sherman, Janet Stone, Pete Guinosso, and Dawn Cartwright.

* Her four solo studio albums Ocean of Mercy (2003), Jewel of Hari (2004) and Sublime (2008) and Radiance (2009) are available on Sequoia Records, all magnificently embellished by the fine guitar and sarod work of Deva Priyo and tabla master Daniel Paul. On Sublime also featured are bansuri flute player Manose, Ananta on violin, Yoko Silk on cello, and Luna Marcus on support vocals.

As a vocal artist she is featured on Steve Gordon’s Drum Prayer (2002, Sequoia Records) and William Ackerman’s Hearing Voices (2001, RCA/Windham Hill records), and co-produced the track ‘Tantroktam Devi Suktam’ with Ben Leinbach on his new compilation album ‘Sangha’ (2011 White Swan Records)

Since coming together with Ananda in November 2010,  she has been steadily involved in their collaboration of sacred music and creating Altar of Love Immersions which involve teaching yoga together, performing music and holding ceremony.

She has practiced Hatha yoga regularly for over 16 years, diving into Anusara yoga since 2007, and practicing Kundalini yoga daily since partnering with Ananda.

The mother of two beautiful daughters, Jaya Lakshmi is also the Special Events Representative at Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss, currently based in Eugene, Oregon.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Yoga, Music, Spiritual
Faye Levow, Strategist, Workshop Leader, Freelance Copywriter, Editor, Journalist, Poet, Speaker, Real Estate Investor, Educator, Trainer, Marketer, Paralegal, Performer and Author
Guest Occupation: Strategist, Workshop Leader, Freelance Copywriter, Editor, Journalist, Poet, Speaker, Real Estate Investor, Educator, Trainer, Marketer, Paralegal, Performer, Author
Guest Biography:

Faye Levow, your strategist and workshop leader,  is President of Launch Pad Publishing Inc.

Her passion is to help you get Your Message to Your Audience, in Your Voice. She delights in taking authors beyond the book to talk about branding, future products, and other opportunities that help turn your Words into an Empire™!

She has been a freelance copywriter and editor for over 30 years, as well as a freelance journalist.  She is also a long-time poet and has done many public readings of her work.

Ms. Levow was the developmental editor for Amazon and Washington Post best seller "From Boomers to Bloggers: Success Strategies Across Generations" by Misti Burmeister, CEO of Inspirion, Inc.

She has appeared on NBC "South Florida Today" show with Trina Robinson, "The Diva Connection" with Diane Marchese, James Chladek's "The New Yorkers" and numerous radio shows, including "The Professionals" and "The Penelope Cox show."

Her further background includes six years as a real estate investor; many years as an educator and trainer; over 30 years in sales and marketing; several years as a paralegal; and a good portion of her life in theatre, both on stage and off.

She is a contributing author to the Contagious Optimism series, and Sprout The Life You Love -- Tales and Secrets from Female Entrepreneurs

She is co-author of Award-Winning Savory Delights: The Best Restaurants in South Florida and author of So You Want to Write a Book? The BEST Writing and Publishing Tips.

Her upcoming book OMG! My Parents are Getting OLD! is scheduled for release February 2013.

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Marketing, Psychology, Self Help, Motivational
Gerry Cannon, Lost Civilization Researcher, Explorer, Writer, Author, Photographer and Entrepreneur
Guest Occupation: Lost Civilization Researcher, Explorer, Writer, Author, Photographer, Entrepreneur
Guest Biography:

Gerry Cannon has spent over 20 years experiencing synchronistic events that has lead him on a search for Atlantis, the Ark of the Covenant and a possible 2nd sphinx on the Giza plateau.

Gerry has written about his epic search for the Ark in his new book ARKQUEST which is in a Publishers hands.

Gerry was born on 6th April, 1935 in the East End of London UK.

He had been evacuated from the bombings in London many times and had little education and finished schooling at the age of fifteen.·At the age of eighteen, he like many British subjects was conscripted to serve two years in the military. He served in the Canal Zone in Egypt for one year as a photographer.

In his life Gerry has worked in several businesses including buying and selling used clothing, his main business was antique reproductions shops and an Auction gallery.

He became involved with a Mormon scientist who invented a method to manufacture cement eight times harder than normal which he promoted in the UK in 1991.

He met Kuwaiti princes who were interested in the product to help distinguish the flames caused by·Iraqi·military forces·setting fire to more than 600 oil wells.

He became involved in paranormal search for the lost Ark of the Covenant which caused him and his wife Mary to move to Southern Spain.

During many visits to Egypt he made friends with archaeologist officials of the Giza Pyramids, Lower and Upper Egypt and also Luxor,·Gerry discovered a sphinx shaped limestone mound in the Western desert that resembled the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau.

He also found an unexplored area near the Giza Sphinx where another sphinx could be unearthed.

According to his research, years of searching and synchronistic & psychic events Gerry now thinks he has found the cave where the Ark of the Covenant has been buried under the sand for millennia.

Read Gerry's 20 page story about a possible 2nd SphinxHERE

Guest Category: Earth & Space, History, Science, Technology
Robert M. Stanley, Corporate Journalist, Editor, Author, Radio Show Host, Correspondent, Mysteries Explorer, Music Composer, Photographer and Surfer
Guest Occupation: Corporate Journalist, Editor, Author, Radio Show Host, Correspondent, Mysteries Explorer, Music Composer, Photographer, Surfer
Guest Biography:

BIO BELOW FROM: http://www.unicusmagazine.com/pioneers2003/bio.htm

Robert M. Stanley

Formerly a corporate journalist for HONDA Research & Development in Torrance, California, Robert M. Stanley is currently the editor of:

UNICUS magazine.com.

He is the author of




and is the host of

The UNICUS Radio Hour

and has served as a correspondent for

America's Morning News


America's Radio News Network

Mr. Stanley has traveled to dozens of countries and has read hundreds of books and thousands of articles during his life-long pursuit of modern and ancient mysteries. Over the past 30 years, Robert's quest for unique ideas and information has led him to research and write about many controversial topics. His ongoing investigations have been featured on television, radio and in print.

He is a native of Los Angeles, California. He grew up in Malibu and in 2008 moved to southern New England where he now lives with his wife, son and dog. He enjoys surfing, motorcycles, tennis, photography and composing music.

  •  Click this link for a list of Robert's media appearances

  •  Click this link to hear Robert's music

Guest Category: Earth & Space, News, UFOs, Physics & Metaphysics, Science, Technology, Theory & Conspiracy
Karen Abrams, Master Theta Healer and Instructor
Guest Occupation: Master Theta Healer, Instructor
Guest Biography:

Karen Abrams first came to Theta Healing after watching a friend completely transform her life. Through Theta, Karen gained immediate and lasting relief from chronic health issues that had overwhelmed her for six years.

Not only did it have a profound effect on her physical health, but Theta also helped heal Karen’s personal relationships and bring her a welcome sense of inner calm. It expanded her educational businesses—she began to get a more steady flow of clients and money. Her creative work as a singer-songwriter reached new heights. She started consciously creating her own success.

Inspired by the changes in her own life, Karen began to study Theta intensively and is now a Master Theta Healer and certified instructor. Over the past 8 years, she has filled her practice with clients and healers from around the world.

Listen to Karen’s Midlife Miracle Radio interview, “Finding Courage to Pursue Dreams” with host Moira Shepard (MP3 format recommended for high speed connections only).


Karen’s Theta Healing practice has been years in the making. A UCLA graduate in Psychology, Karen honed her listening and observing skills through her extensive experience in the education field. From middle school pupils to university students, from top private schools to struggling public schools, Karen has worked with a broad range of students in diverse environments for 30 years.

Her background in education programming is both qualitative (she developed programs in stress management and confidence building) and quantitative (in 1993 she founded Upgrade Academic Coaching, a company dedicated to teaching students to improve their test-taking test performance, concentration, and study techniques).

All this, coupled with her sense of humor and her ongoing commitment to personal growth make her a natural Theta Healing practitioner and instructor.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Psychology
Dr. Ben Lerner, Author, Mentor, Consultant, Wellness Activist, Wrestler, Physician, Educator, Success Coach, Holistic Practitioner, Nutritionist and Chiropractor
Guest Occupation: Author, Mentor, Consultant, Wellness Activist, Wrestler, Physician, Educator, Success Coach, Holistic Practitioner, Nutritionist, Chiropractor
Guest Biography:

Dr. Ben Lerner is America's Maximized-Living Mentor, and author of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Christian Booksellers Association bestselling book Body by God: The Owner’s Manual for Maximized Living and the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall-Street Journal Best-seller One Minute Wellness. His breakthrough strategies for total health and well-being are the foundation to his thriving local practice in Celebration and the many clinics he owns and consults for around the world.  

An academic all-American wrestler in college, he has served as physician for the US wrestling teams in six World Team competitions and two Olympiads. At seminars, conferences, and media appearances throughout North America, he shows people how to apply the four laws of Olympic success to achieve optimal health, outrageous happiness, and prosperity. Dr. Ben lives in Celebration, Florida with his wife, Dr. Sheri Lerner. He is the proud father of Skylar,  Nicole, and Cael.         

Dr. Ben's passion for Maximized Living is rooted in personal tragedy: he watched his father die at the age of 52, and his mother suffer a stroke shortly thereafter. In the midst of these traumatic events, he realized that his parents’ poor health was not the result of a single problem—instead they needed to eat better, exercise more, be less stressed, and manage their time better.

It was this quest for a holistic approach to sustainable health—maximized living—that propelled Ben Lerner, first to major in nutrition and psychology at the University of Albany in New York, and then go into Chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, GA. In Chiropractic he discovered a proven pathway to build health instead of merely treating disease.

Seeing hundreds of thousands of patients from all over the world over the last 15 years, he’s witnessed firsthand the frustration of his patients as they tried their hardest and yet failed to make the lifestyle changes they so desperately desired. His compassion for his patients propelled him to develop the attainable, step-by-step methods that are found in his ground-breaking books and the cutting edge care found in his centers.

His Center in Celebration, a prototype for Centers For Maximized Living world-wide, specializes in spinal reconstruction and rehabilitation, scoliosis correction, and nutritional testing and treatment for both children and adults.  The particular focus is on serious cases that have not found help from traditional medicine and ordinary Chiropractic care.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Fitness & Exercise, Nutrition, Medicine, Psychology, Science, Self Help, Spiritual
Dr. John Neustadt, Writer, Botanist, Naturopathic Doctor, Medical Director, CEO, Journalist, Author, Editor, Advisor and Bozeman Best Doctor
Guest Occupation: Writer, Botanist, Naturopathic Doctor, Medical Director, CEO, Journalist, Author, Editor, Advisor, Bozeman Best Doctor
Guest Biography:

Dr John Neustadt is Co-founder of NBI Pharmaceuticals, Inc and Nutritional Biochemistry, Inc. He trained in Literature/Writing at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), Botany at the University of Washington (UW) and Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University where he awarded the Founders’ Award for academic and clinical excellence. He was medical director of Montana Integrative Medicine (MIM) and president and CEO of Nutritional Biochemistry, Inc. (NBI) and NBI Pharmaceuticals in Bozeman, Mont.

Dr. Neustadt has written for the Huffington Post, worked as a journalist in Chile and San Francisco, has published more than 100 research reviews, including “Medication-Induced Mitochondrial Damage and Disease” (Experimental and Molecular Pathology. 2007;83:94-92; PMID: 17239370) and “Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Molecular Pathways of Disease” (Molecular Nutrition and Food Research. 2008;52:780-788; PMID: 18626887). For the latter article Drs. Neustadt and Pieczenik were recognized by Elsevier as being a Top Ten Cited Authors in 2007-2008.

Dr. Neustadt wrote the books, Thriving through Dialysis with Jonathan Wright, MD, and A Revolution in Health through Nutritional Biochemistry, A Revolution in Health Part 2: How to Take Charge of Your Health, and the textbook, Foundations and Applications of Medical Biochemistry in Clinical Practice with Dr. Pieczenik.

Dr. Neustadt is an editor of the textbook, Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine and is on the editorial advisory boards of the Journal of Prolotherapy.

In August 2008, Dr. Neustadt was voted Best Doctor among all physicians in the area in the annual Best of Bozeman survey. This is the first time a naturopathic physician has ever won this category.

Dr. Neustadt has been a guest on numerous regional and national radio shows, including Coast to Coast with George Noory, The Ronald Hoffman Show, The Frankie Boyer Show, The Steve Quayle Show and Gesundheit! with Jacobus.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Medicine, Science
Dr. Cathy Lippman, Doctor of Medicine, Psychiatrist and Alternative Medicine Resource
Guest Occupation: Doctor of Medicine, Psychiatrist, Alternative Medicine Resource
Guest Biography:

Dr. Lippman first studied conventional medicine. She received her MD in 1973 from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. After a pediatric internship at LA County-USC Medical Center, she studied Adult and Child Psychiatry at UCLA and was Board Certified in each specialty.

Soon after, she became dissatisfied with the limitations of a purely psychiatric focus. She changed her practice from psychiatry to alternative medicine in Los Angeles in order to address the whole individual. That was 30 years ago.

Dr. Lippman is referred to as a medical resource in books authored by Suzanne Somers: Ageless, Breakthrough, and Knockout. She is also a medical resource in Jenny McCarthy’s book, Mother Warriors, and on McCarthy’s Generation Rescue website as well. Dr. Lippman is also a regular guest on TV and radio shows.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Alternative Health, Medicine, Psychology
David Yonkin, LCSW, Psychotherapist, Gender Specialist, Clinician, Consultant, Spiritual Facilitator, Consciousness Explorer, Parnomral Phenomena Researcher and Writer
Guest Occupation: Psychotherapist, Gender Specialist, Clinician, Consultant, Spiritual Facilitator, Consciousness Explorer, Parnomral Phenomena Researcher, Writer
Guest Biography:
I received my Master's in Clinical Social Work from New York University in 2001 and am in private practice as a licensed and credentialed psychotherapist.   One of those over-educated persons, I have other degrees and certifications in music, art history, fine arts, computer graphics, and journalism.

I have lived in New York City for 30 years, and so have a deep and abiding sense of this amazing city that I adore, having seen and survived more than I sometimes care to remember, including the AIDS epidemic which claimed so many. My work with depression, death and dying, grief and loss stems directly from this experience, as does my focus on substance abuse recovery and sexual addictions. I have a strong understanding of the 12-Step Program and work with  people in early recovery, and with those with more time who seek to strengthen the deeper spiritual aspects of their program.

A Gender Specialist, I am a full member of WPATH (The World Professional Association for Transgender Health, formerly HBIGDA,) a global organization of trans-care providers. I've worked with people of trans and intersex experience for almost 15 years, providing assessments, diagnoses, referrals and ongoing therapeutic support before/during/after gender affirming transitions. I interface with surgeons, endocrinologists and other professionals, providing them with letters of recommendation for hormonal and surgical treatments, as well as ongoing aftercare support on a mental health basis. I'm also a member of the American Psychological Association.

I have many years of experience working as a clinician and consultant for a private employee assistance program on Wall Street, interfacing with employees, managers, and their Human Resources across the globe — I'm well-versed with the grief, fear and trauma arising from downsizing or the threat of it, while being faced with decimated departments and added responsibilities and hours.  Many are faced with difficult decisions about the current job, and my wish is that any decisions are made from as clear a mind as possible.  As well, I have a certification in life coaching, which is quite useful when working to seek such clarity and support change.

Having a deeply spiritual commitment to myself and others, I explore, study, and utilize various meditational and  contemplative techniques — sometimes called "mindful awareness" among other things — in my own life and in my therapy practice. I have privately studied Celtic Shamanism and Jungian dreamwork, and have a certification in Consciousness Studies from The Monroe Institute in Virginia.  For many years I have been working with other professionals in research and development in what might be termed  "paranormal phenomena"   — and have written and published in this area.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Psychology, Self Help, Spiritual, Meditation, Shamanism
Paster Dr. Danny Nalliah, Drummer, Religous Freedom Activist, Political Activist, Doctor of Divinity and Speaker
Guest Occupation: Paster, Drummer, Religous Freedom Activist, Political Activist, Doctor of Divinity, Speaker
Guest Biography:

BIO BELOW FROM: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Nalliah

Danny Nalliah (born 1964[1]) is an Australian Christian evangelist pastor and young earth creationist.[2] He is the leader of Rise Up Australia, a prayer organisation, and the President of Catch the Fire Ministries. Danny Nalliah successfully defended a law suit commenced by the Islamic Council of Victoria under Victoria's Racial and Religious Tolerance Act and was awarded damages. In this landmark case, along with his colleague Daniel Scot, Nalliah was found not to have incited hatred under Victoria's then-new religious vilification laws. He has also been a candidate for the Family First Party. He was previously associated with the Australian Christian Churches.[1][3]

Nalliah was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He was raised in a strongly religious family, and rose through the church ranks from youth leader through to becoming a pastor. He married in 1987, and his two children were born soon after. He continued to preach in the more remote regions of Sri Lanka until 1995, when he and his wife moved to Saudi Arabia. He spent two years preaching Christianity and attempting to circumvent the official ban on the religion in the Muslim state. However, in 1997, he decided to move to Australia and founded his own evangelical organisation.

After moving to Australia and founding Catch the Fire, Nalliah traveled extensively, preaching to congregations in a number of countries.

Guest Category: Politics & Government, Religion
David A. Warner, Writer, Astral Projection Facilitator, Out of Body Experiencer, Teacher, Hospice Volunteer, Musician and IT Professional
Guest Occupation: Writer, Astral Projection Facilitator, Out of Body Experiencer, Teacher, Hospice Volunteer, Musician, IT Professional
Guest Biography:

David taught himself how to astral project, and just a year ago set up an online service to help others develop this innate gift that he believes is in every one of us. A collaboration with Adrian Cooper, The Astral Academy, can be found at http://www.astralpulse.com/forums/ and offers a hefty forum and inspiring testimonials of triumphant travelers finding their astral wings and the Joy of a conscious Out of Body Experience.

His first experience was in 1987 and you can read about it here on his personal website, InvisibleLight.us. Currently he teaches OBE/Astral Projection, is an active hospice volunteer, and an accomplished musician and IT professional.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, Health & Lifestyle, Spiritual
Paster Michael Cummins, Pastor
Guest Occupation: Pastor
Guest Biography:

Pastor Cummins and his wife Jenice have been in ministry sixteen years. Their weekly television show Voice in the Wilderness can be heard on REVELATIONTV.com.

Guest Category: Religion, Christianity
Raymond Tarpey, Ancient Civilization Historian, Edgar Cayce Authority, Crystal Skull Guardian, Linguist, Speaker and Ancient Mysteries Researcher
Guest Occupation: Ancient Civilization Historian, Edgar Cayce Authority, Crystal Skull Guardian, Linguist, Speaker, Ancient Mysteries Researcher
Guest Biography:

Raymond Tarpey is a trained historian; his main area of research is Mayan/ Aztec history and spirituality.  He also does extensive research on the spiritual legacies of the ancient cultures of China, Japan, the Anasazi and the Inca. This path, along with information from the Edgar Cayce readings has led him also to do major research on the Crystal Skulls, the 'lost continents' of Atlantis & Mu/Lemuria.

Raymond also does Tzolk'in Calendar Readings in the Maya Shaman/Daykeeper tradition He and his wife Nobie are longtime members of Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. and they reside in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Raymond holds an MA degree in Chinese History and Language. He is an accomplished linguist, fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, and is a student of Mayan languages and classical Aztec Nahuatl.

He has given presentations on the Mayan Calendar, the Spiritual Legacies of Mu/Lemuria & Atlantis, the Crystal Skulls, and the Mayan 2012 Prophecies  in many cities across the U.S. and Canada, including at A.R.E. HQ in Virginia Beach and the 11-11-11 Crystal Skulls Conference in LA. Raymond has served on the A.R.E. Board of Trustees and several of his articles have appeared in the A.R.E. Ancient Mysteries newsletters.

Guest Category: Earth & Space, History, Science, Spiritual, Psychic & Intuitive
Michael Brill, Author, Theorist, Numerologist, Educator, Trainer, Awakener and Success Catalyst
Guest Occupation: Author, Theorist, Numerologist, Educator, Trainer, Awakener, Success Catalyst
Guest Biography:

Michael Brill; Author, Theorist, and Originator of Cosmic Numerology

Michael has an M.Ed. and has been a Numerologist since 1985. He has over 31 years of combined experiences as an educator and trainer in public and private schools, college, business, and government. This includes ten years experience in the aerospace industry together with two years at NASA.

Michael has written three books, developed a Cosmic Numerology card deck, and a manifestation game. He has appeared on FOX and public television and over 450 radio programs in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Cayman Islands. Since 1985, Michael has developed and practiced a theory that melds the sciences of numerology and quantum physics with the concepts of reincarnation and gematria. He calls it Cosmic Numerology and Quantum Numbers.

As an Awakener, Michael uses Cosmic Numerology and Quantum Numbers to help individuals and businesses clarify their goals and time their actions. His purpose is to provide others with the tools they will need to assure them both professional and social success. As a catalyst, he can help reawaken your Soul to its true destiny and life calling, by helping you remember the divine plan you co-wrote.

His textbook on Cosmic Numerology, Know Your Numbers, Know Your Self: Discovering the Soulutions to Your Life Challenges reveals a step-by-step process for identifying specific soulutions to the challenges, behavior patterns, and core issues you’ve chosen to experience during this lifetime. His second book, Identify Anyone’s Behavior Patterns in Less Then A Minute offers simple formulas for understanding why people behave the way they do at work, in relationships, and with family. His third book, Numerology for Healing (Destiny Books), identifies the underlying behavior patterns that are the catalysts for 185 illnesses, diseases, and physical injuries. The book also discusses numeric daisy chains and their impact on the human personality matrix.

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Jane Doherty, Author, Psychic, Ghostbuster, Crystal Skull Guardian, Lecturer, Consultant, Ghost Investigator, Seance Facilitator, Expert Witness and Parapsychologist
Guest Occupation: Author, Psychic, Ghostbuster, Crystal Skull Guardian, Lecturer, Consultant, Ghost Investigator, Seance Facilitator, Expert Witness, Parapsychologist
Guest Biography:

When author, psychic and ghostbuster Jane Doherty lectured at the Breakfast Club, San Francisco's premiere high society club, she turned cautiously minded skeptics into soft-hearted, warm believers giddy with their newly found psychic possibilities. Jane is living proof that paranormal abilities can be acquired and with her first book, Awakening the Mystic Gift: The Surprising Truth About What It Means to Be Psychic, she wants to teach that message to the world.

A renowned psychic for more than 15 years giving tens of thousands of readings, Jane Doherty is the leading authority on psychic experiences. She provides individual guidance through private consultation, conducts ghost investigations and seances to communicate with the other side and offers classes and workshops to those who are interested in discovering and developing their own psychic abilities. This fall she will appear in a new television series on a major network.

Widely recognized and respected for her extraordinary skill and sensitivity, she has been featured on Fox Network News, CNN, The Today Show, Sightings, MSNBC Investigates, Jenny Jones, WB11 and numerous publications, including The New York Times, New York Post, The Industry Standard and the Philadelphia Inquirer. She has been named "one of the top twenty psychics" by Hans Holzer in Woman's Own magazine and interviewed on more than 75 radio stations including one in Austria and England. Reuters news media has featured her in Australia, Austria, Germany, England, Russia, and the major Spanish network, Telemundo. She has also co-hosted a psychic call-in show for eight years and has been featured in three books, as well as in Woman's World Weekly and The Bridal Guide magazine.

Jane also has the distinction of being retained as an expert government witness for a U.S. Postal Service investigation of a major mail fraud case involving psychic claims, assisted law authorities in cases of missing persons and homicides as well as added to the history of New Jersey when her services were used for an archeological dig. For more than twelve years Jane was president of the Jersey Society of Parapsychology, founded more than 30 years ago for the purpose of providing mainstream scientific research and support to this field. Her ghost investigations have taken her to such notable places as the Lizzie Borden House in Massachusetts, the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, the William Heath Davis House in San Diego as well as the Proprietary House in New Jersey, the only original royal governor's mansion still standing in the U.S. today.

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Dr. Richard Alan Miller, Bio Physicist, Herbalist, Author, Lecturer, New Age Research Specialist, Metaphysicist and Modern Alchemist
Guest Occupation: Bio Physicist, Herbalist, Author, Lecturer, New Age Research Specialist, Metaphysicist, Modern Alchemist
Guest Biography:

Best selling author, lecturer & research specialist Dr. Richard Alan Miller reveals a wealth and depth of knowledge and experience in three major fields; Alternative Agriculture, New Age Physics, and Metaphysics. Before many leading edge concepts became trendy topics, Miller was (and is) on the international front lines of research, experimentation and documentation.

Richard Alan Miller reveals a wealth and depth of knowledge and experience in Alternative Agriculture, New Age Physics, and Metaphysics.  Miller began working in the "X-Files" world in the 60s and has amazing experiences and conclusions to share.

An original team-member, "man-in-black," Miller's research in the field of Parapsychology & Paraphysics began as a graduate physicist working 11 years with Navy Intel.

Offering fresh perspectives on Metaphysical traditions his books, papers & articles include The Modern Alchemist; ESP Induction Through Forms of Self-Hypnosis, and "A Holographic Concept of Reality."

Richard Alan Miller has been at the forefront of many fields during his long and varied career. A solid-state physicist with graduate work at MIT, Miller was involved in groundbreaking work for cloaked agencies in the late '60s and '70s. A colleague of Dr. Stanley Krippner, Miller co-authored in 1973 the paper, The Holographic Concept of Reality - a document whose implications for psychoenergetic systems are only now beginning to be realized.

Like so many of the idealists of his era, Miller became quickly disillusioned with the severe ethical compromises forced on him by what he recognized as corporate manipulation. After a brief stint as an engineer at Boeing, Miller left the corporate world in disgust and entered the more spiritually satisfying world of the occult. He opened Beltane Books in Seattle and swiftly became " the Herman Slater of the West Coast." At this time he penned several works including his classic " The Magical and Ritual Use of Herbs."

Miller also co-authored, with his wife Iona, THE MODERN ALCHEMIST, hailed by Stanley Krippner as the most "illuminating" study of Alchemy since Carl Jung. Before its publication, Miller had used an electronic form of the book as teaching material for his on-line course in Metaphysics, taught on America Online.

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