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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 April 2021

Headlined Guests

Guest Occupation: Minister, Counselor, Lecturer, Author, Contactee, Ufologist, Radio Host, Visionary, Humanitarian, Teacher, Energetic Healer, Conscious Channel, Broadcaster, Speaker
Guest Biography:

James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey. James appeared in Contact Has Begun, His Story, The History Channel, UFOs then and Now, UFO Hotspots. ABC, Fox News, BBC Danny Dyer Special, Paranormal State, ECETI Ranch a Documentary, the new movie Thrive have all featured James and ECETI which he is the founder. He has appeared on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, and to numerous other radio shows to mention also being the host of, As You Wish Talk Radio, and Contact Has Begun, He is a facilitator of many Eastern disciplines, a visionary dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth and teaches higher dimensional realities from experience.

Spiritual history

After a near death experience brought about by drowning, James could no longer continue business as usual. His eyes were fully opened, and he saw the lack of love and joy in his life and his work. Success through material acquisition, the American dream, was now seen for its emptiness. He realized that the temporary joy and pleasure possessions and outer appearances brought were not the goal and began his inward journey. After experiencing the pure unconditional love and joy, BLISS, of connecting directly to the source during his near death experience, all that mattered was to reconnect and maintain that contact.

This began a spiritual journey and 20 year quest which included 6 years of Yoga, The Inner Christ Ministry, and the Tibetan foundation were he was certified as being an intuitive visionary of the highest consciousness and energy. He has studied with other yogis, lamas, master teachers and continuously has been taught from within through his extensive practicing of meditation. He is a teacher, spiritual counselor, energetic healer, and published author, Becoming Gods 1 & 2, which can be sent upon request. He was recently honored by a venerated teacher in the Lama traditions as Rigdzin Norbu which translated means "Jewel of Pure Awareness".

After his NDE, James received the gift of Interdimensional Mind and the ability to transfer powerful consciousness and energy to others, helping them in their own awakening and healing process.  He is a Published Author of REUNION WITH SOURCE and BECOMMING GODS II, Master Teacher and Energetic Healer.  His over twenty years of experience include 6 years of Yoga, Teaching of the Inner Christ Ministry and the Tibetan Foundation where he is certified as a conscious channel of the Highest Consciousness and Energy.

He's lived a semi-reclusive life since 1986 at the Sattva Sanctuary, a 70 acre mountain retreat located at the base of Mt. Adams in Trout Lake, Washington. The Sanctuary has been in operation since 1986. It has been recognized by many sensitives, intuitives, adepts, and masters of all walks for its spiritual qualities which greatly enhance and accelerate the awakening and healing process. The Sanctuary and those who participate are dedicated to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth, body, mind and spirit. 

Interviews & Media Coverage

James has appeared on Coast to Coast AM Show, has been a frequent guest on the Jeff Rense Sightings on the Radio, Laura Lee Show, Millennium Mysteries, Sean David Morton and Shine Talk where he demonstrated charging 9 batteries in a row by merely holding them, and other to numerous to mention radio shows.  

He has been a speaker at many events and featured on the The History Channel's, "UFOs Then and now: Hot Spots", ABC and FOX news, King 5 (Seattle) TV's Evening Magazine , Elaine Smitha, Daylene Gates Simply Spiritual, Off The Record with Ted Loman, International UFO Congress, and many other national and now international TV, radio and other media events. 

His articles and UFO reports have been featured by UFO Magazine and have been regularly featured by major UFO information outlets such as Filer's Files, UFO Roundup, MUFON, Skywatch International, PSI Applications, UFORC, Farshores, The Virtually Strange Network. 

He has extensive documentation of the appearance of Spiritual Masters and other Off World Visitors as well.  Interviews can be adjusted to the audience, covering a diverse field of experience and be as unlimited or outrageous as desired. The near death experience opened up what can only be referred to as Interdimensional mind which covers a very wide range of subjects. 

Everyone is feeling it. Something is in the wind. Something grand is unfolding on the horizon, just around the corner. A knowingness and feeling that soon it will no longer be business as usual. Is it tumultuous times of exciting social, economic and physical Earth changes? A collective initiation and ascension into Higher Consciousness & Energy? A grand reunion with ancient ancestors from the stars?

James is available for interviews, lectures, and workshops upon request.


Guest Category: Earth & Space, Paranormal, UFOs, Physics & Metaphysics, Spiritual, Medium & Channeling, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Paranormal Investigator
Guest Biography:

Joel Sturgis has been researching the paranormal for over 15 years. He grew up in a haunted house in Northern MN. That sparked hi interest in the paranormal to find out more about the world of the paranormal that we just don’t understand. Joel is married with two great boys Matthew 3 and Cody 8 and a proud member of the Northern Minnesota Paranormal Investigators.

Sturgis has been studying the paranormal for more than 16 years. He grew up in northern MN a small farming of Aurora. Sturgis had hi s very first paranormal experience at the age of six. He saw and wittnessed what some call a shadow person on the second floor of the old farm house he lived in. Many, many years passed and he grew more and more interested in the paranormal.

Sturgis started studying works by such authors like Brad Steiger and Hans Holzer and the Warrens. There where no groups in his area at the time so he started experimenting what he read on his own in such places as cemeteries and other public reported to be haunted locations. As he truely honed his skills as a paranomal investigator.

He researched and went to such real haunted places as Atchison Kansas and Dodge city Kansas. And in time began investigating for haunted indiviusals and families and as of today he continues to help with haunted families in paranormal crises.

Brian Leffler and Sturgis met and became fast friends. Share share alto of the same views and opinions on the paranormal.

Sturgis joined NMPI (Northern Minnesota Paranormal Investigators) founded by Brian Leffler. Later he was asked to join the shadow talk paranormal radio team." I love coming on shadow talk and talking with the biggest names in the paranormal." :" The fans are what keeps the wheels turning." States Strugis.

So then next time you need your paranormal fix tune and and be turned on to one of the best internet talk and haunted radio show on the internet. I promise you you will be haunted too!

Guest Category: Paranormal
Guest Occupation: Paranormal Investigator, Writer
Guest Biography:

Scottie Stamper's paranormal interest and adventure began when he was in his mid teens. At age 15 Scottie had his first run in with a full blown apparition. After recovering from this initial shock and scare, he decided to look into those moans and groans that frighten all of and go bum in the night.

Well still as of today after numerous scares he is still trying to figure out just what real paranormal activity really boils down to.

Scottie and his lovely Wife Rebecca currently operate "The Ghostville Times" web site "ghostvilletimes". Together they investigate paranormal phenomena and strange activities and do articles on paranormal topics and other paranormal investigators who spend their weekends and late nights trying to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts and the paranormal phenomena in the world around us today.

When I can honestly provide you with conclusive paranormal proof that I myself can’t disprove, I will then tell you yes there are paranormal forces all around us but for now I still have to say Orbs-R-Dirt.

... Scottie Stamper

Guest Category: Paranormal
Guest Occupation: Paranormal Investigator, Author, Radio Host, Public Speaker
Guest Biography:

As a well acknowledged paranormal investigator for many years. Brian Leffler began is his journey as a skeptic. Then he moves into a real haunted house. He can personally tell you of the many paranormal experiences that eventually cracked the hardened shell that is hard-nosed skepticism. He began to study the paranormal he had and how it lead him into becoming a paranormal investigator he is today. He is also a member of the Northern Minnesota Paranormal Investigators.

Leffler is also a respected an author, being published on the Internet, in Fate Magazine and his own vest selling book called "Ghosts: Minnesota's Other Natural Resource." published by Schiffer Books 2007. His book is one of the best reads I have had in a long time. The book is actual case-files of the Northern Minnesota Paranormal Investigations. That Leffler actually participated in the investigation of the phenomenon. His direct style actually makes you want to get out the EMF meter and start hunting right away.

"Ghosts: Minnesota's Other Natural Resource." published by Schiffer Books 2007.

Real firsthand encounters of paranormal experiences are related straight from Minnesota's most haunted places. • Visit the actively haunted Lakeview Cemetery where the Potter's Field for Shaw Hospital was born. • Interact with a ghostly potato garden spirit who resides at Moon Lake. It makes rounds through the house that sits on its grave. • Eavesdrop on a paranormal investigation at Union Depot, where a bodiless apparition moves between train cars. • At the haunted Grand Marais home, singing star Barry Cowsill roams with other ghostly souls. Gather tips from a first-rate investigative team, the Northern Minnesota Paranormal Investigators, who will take you through some of the best ghostly hangouts in the country. Minnesota's ghosts will haunt you. Leffler approaches the paranormal activities he encounters with a direct and unique approach.

As a Radio Talk Show host his voice and personality comes across as someone that loves to conduct interviews. Brian is also a public speaker and is a member of the Robbie Thomas Team and he hopes that you will be watching for the Robbie Thomas Tour to come to your location so that he will have a chance to meet his listeners. What he is most proud of are the advances that he has contributed to in the field of paranormal research such as finding proof that not all orbs are dirt but in fact, a small percentage of them are actually spirit related!

Guest Category: Paranormal, Ghosts
Guest Occupation: Activist, Speaker, Media Coordinator
Guest Biography:

Greta Berlin has been an advocate for justice for the Palestinians since the early 60s. She is the mother of two Palestinian/American children whose father was born and raised in Safad, Palestine and is a 1948 refugee. She has a masters degree in Theatre and a bachelor’s in English and, when she’s not working with the Palestinians, has spent the past 32 years teaching engineers and scientists how to design and deliver presentations. She has been in the West Bank three times (over five months total) since 2003 with the International Solidarity Movement, a Palestinian-led movement that applies nonviolent principles to resist the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

Greta, along with 10 other ISM volunteers, was wounded by Israeli gunfire in July 2003 while trying to pull down the gate in the fence at Anin, just outside of Jenin. She has spent most of the time in the occupied territories as media coordinator in the ISM offices in Beit Sahour and Ramallah.

She is one of the founders of the Free Gaza Movement, which seeks to break the siege of Gaza through seaborne nonviolent action and was onboard the Free Gaza, the first boat with internationals to reach this besieged strip of the Mediterranean in 41 years.

You can read some of her articles and interviews by GOOGLING Greta Berlin, Palestine. She has spoken around the world at universities, and organizations about what she has witnessed in Palestine and how to advocate for an occupied people.

Guest Category: News, Politics & Government, World
Guest Occupation: Psychic, Radio Host, Author, Lecturer, Aura Reader
Guest Biography:

I use my psychic abilities to help people discover their life path, solve issues, and achieve fulfillment, and to demonstrate that we are more than we've been taught – that among other things, psychic abilities are natural and in us all.

My fascination with quantum physics, spirituality, consciousness, and metaphysics leads me to study and practice everything I can in these areas. I do believe we create our reality with our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. I use this amazing information to support others in creating the life they desire.

My radio show can be heard live in the Santa Barbara area and simulcast via the Santa Barbara News-Press online. Due to the success of my books, Love Colors: A New Approach to Love, Relationships, and Auras; Life Colors: What Your Aura Colors Say About You; and Make Your Dreams Come True, I've also been a frequent guest on many television & radio shows. I have been a guest lecturer at the International Forum on New Science, Fortune 500 companies, and many seminars for professionals in the psychology, education, health fields and more.

In addition, reading auras for many years, I have finely tuned my ability to recognize common aspects of the various aura colors. Understanding the meaning behind each color has given me insights into my purpose in life, the way I process information, my interactions with people and how I handle relationships.

My purpose in writing about the aura is to bring this knowledge to others, to enable them to understand how and why they process life in a particular way. The information encoded in the aura reveals helpful, life-altering information. It also gives people permission to be themselves, to become more allowing and accepting of themselves and others, while also learning effective ways of changing their unwanted behaviors and attitudes.

There are no good or bad aura colors. The aura reflects one's choices in this lifetime, but does not mean that one is limited to a particular goal or way of processing. We are all free to expand, grow and change any way we choose. My goal is to show that while we may all have different methods, goals and purposes, we are each a part of the whole human aura rainbow.

Guest Category: Physics & Metaphysics, Psychic & Intuitive, Spiritual
Guest Occupation: Director, Designer, Researcher, Psychologist, Physicist, Philospher, Statitician, Consciousness Expert
Guest Biography:

Roger Nelson, PhD, Director and designer of The Global Consciousness Project, also known as the EGG Project, was Coordinator of Research at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory, Princeton University, from 1980 to 2002, when he retired. He founded the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) in 1997, and has directed the project since its inception. Roger's broad interests in psychology, physics, philosophy, and the arts have generated opportunities to collaborate with creative interdisciplinary teams at PEAR and elsewhere, developing technologies for studying consciousness and intention. He has a strong interest in the theoretical, philosophical, and practical implications of direct interactions of mind and matter, which help to define the role of consciousness in the world.

In 1993, building on years of laboratory experiments, Roger began using random event generator technology in the field to register correlations of data with special states of group consciousness. This work led to the world-spanning GCP network, designed to look for indications of a global consciousness responding to major world events or great celebrations like New Year’s Eve. After several years of purely scientific focus, with careful research yielding increasingly persuasive evidence, Dr. Nelson has begun to make public presentations about the GCP. The findings imply that we can be creative participants in determining our future, and that we have the capacity and responsibility for conscious evolution.

It is one of humanity's most enduring spiritual traditions: the idea that all life or all consciousness is interconnected. Human groups, whether ethnic, religious, or racial; as various as the Iroquois, the Sufis, and Western European Freemasons, all incorporate it into their belief structures. References to it can be found in ancient documents of the classical world, both East and West. It is a very compelling idea, spanning both millennia and the vast complexity of human cultures. Yet, as compelling as the concept is emotionally, only in recent decades has any objective evidence emerged that such a construct might be valid. Even this work, in fields as various as physics, parapsychology, and biology, has provided only suggestions, largely because the research was not conceived in global terms but, instead, focused on more limited vistas. Indeed, much of the relevant research has regarded only individual performances in experiments on anomalies such as telepathy, mind/matter interactions, and distant healing. Somewhat broader vistas are opened in studies of group resonance and morphogenetic fields.

Until very recently, taking the kind of global real-time measurements necessary to evaluate objectively what Jung called the Collective Unconsciousness, and Teilhard de Chardin described as the Noosphere -- a sheath of intelligence for the Earth -- was not a real possibility. Two events, however, have changed this picture. The first is the development of a reliable measurement technology using Random Event Generators (REGs) linked to computers, together with soft- and hardware necessary to do very large and complex multivariate analyses on desktop machines. The second is the rise of the Internet, itself a kind of global consciousness network, albeit one linked very much to the physical world of electronics. For the first time, the objective measurement infrastructure necessary to undertake an evaluation of consciousness on a global scale is broadly accessible. This proposal describes such an effort, the Global Consciousness Project (GCP).

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is an international effort involving researchers from several institutions and countries, designed to explore whether the construct of interconnected consciousness can be scientifically validated through objective measurement. The project builds on excellent experiments conducted over the past 35 years at a number of laboratories, demonstrating that human consciousness interacts with random event generators (REGs), apparently "causing" them to produce non-random patterns. A description of the technical implementation is given under procedures.

Guest Category: Philosophy, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Science, Spiritual
Guest Occupation: Transpersonal Psychologist, Intuitive, Author, Lecturer, Life Coach, Counselor, Astrologer, Motivator, Speaker, Spiritualist
Guest Biography:

Albert Clayton Gaulden Will Help You Find Your Authentic Self

Transpersonal psychologist, astro-intuitive, author, lecturer, and founding director of the Sedona Intensive, Albert Clayton Gaulden has influenced countless individuals from all walks of life—actors, athletes, financial specialists, teachers, families, psychologists and psychiatrists—from all corners of the earth—helping them to retrieve their authentic selves and to tap into the inner core of their power. Albert’s unique gift in the field of Transpersonal Psychology* is responsible for his fearlessness when confronting the client’s inner conflicts. In his recent book You’re Not Who You Think You Are, Gaulden writes “Men and women are the same; each of us needs to get in touch with our invisible partner, or shadow in order to be emotionally healthy and happy. Each of us is born innately male and female. We need to integrate the divided self—to have a relationship with ourselves before we can love someone else.” He considers his work a search and rescue mission to retrieve the lost soul.

Personal, Spiritual Life Coaching for a Life of Peace and Joy

“Sedona Intensive clients are seeking personal spiritual life coaching, oftentimes for addiction recovery.  This is the foundation of our work. Put a person back together with his or her internal partner** and you empower a life of peace and joy. Clients come to the Sedona Intensive because our therapy is designed to free them from compulsions, addictions and clear up unresolved issues.”

"I counsel my clients using a combination of psychology and astrology (astroanalysis). Natal planets in an individual’s birth chart activated by transits tell me where to focus and what to look for.”

Ultimately, Albert’s clients are able to take responsibility for their own lives and actions.

Born in Monticello, Florida, raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Albert earned his BA at Birmingham-Southern College and attended graduate school at the University of Alabama. His credentials include membership in the American Federation of Astrologers and the National Association for Transpersonal Psychology.

Additionally, Gaulden is a motivational speaker and lectures world-wide on such popular themes as:

  • “Mr. Right is Usually Mr. Wrong—Falling in Love with Make-Believe”

  • “Take Your Power Back”

  • “The Power of a Great Idea”

  • “Why Relationships Don’t Work but How They Can”

  • “Retrieving Your Authentic Self”.

* Transpersonal psychology is a school of psychology that studies the transcendent or spiritual dimensions of humanity. The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology suggests that transpersonal psychology is concerned with the study of humanity’s highest potential, and with the recognition, understanding and realization of intuitive, spiritual, and transcendent states of consciousness. Among the thinkers who are considered to have set the stage for transpersonal studies are William James, Sigmund Freud, Otto Rank, Carl Jung, Abraham Marlow and Roberto Assagioli.

**Referred to by Dr. John Sanford and others who counsel patients with animus/anima work as the invisible partner.

Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Psychology, Self Help, Motivational, Sex, Spiritual, Divination, Psychic & Intuitive
Guest Occupation: Writer, Producer, Performer, Singer, Philanthropist, Linguist, Songwriter, Composer
Guest Biography:

In an era of cultural and musical diversity, few artists can exhibit the mesmerizing caliber of musical talent as Michael Sembello. As a Grammy Award Winning Writer, Producer and Performer, Michael has achieved countless milestones in his career. He has perfected many genres of music throughout his life, and his ability to sing in over seven languages is recognized as a unique gift that allows him to share the emotion and message of his music globally. Few artists have been able to accomplish this magnitude of success. There are no cultural boundaries for Michael Sembello, because music is his universal language.

Michael Sembello began playing the guitar when he was just nine years old. "My goal was to follow in the footsteps of my jazz mentors." At age 14, he was studying with guitar legends Pat Martino and Chuck Anderson. A week before graduating from High School at the young age of seventeen, Michael auditioned for, and was hired on the spot by Stevie Wonder. Michael was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 17, 1954. He left his hometown of Ardmore, Pennsylvania, and went on the road with Stevie for seven years as his lead guitarist and featured vocalist. During this time, Michael worked with Stevie on his most ambitious album "Songs in the Key of Life," co-writing the song "Saturn."

Michael's solo career began in 1983 when he released his first record "Bossa Nova Hotel." Immediately following its release, Michael scored a huge chart-thundering success writing and performing the Grammy Award winning song "Maniac" from the movie Flashdance. The soundtrack has gone platinum six times, with "Maniac" being the third-top grossing song from a movie soundtrack to date.

Through the years, Michael Sembello has gone on to write, play, produce and perform with the music industry's most legendary artists. They include David Sanborn, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Jeffrey Osborne, Chaka Khan, The Jackson 5, George Benson, Seals & Crofts, New Edition, Julian Lennon, Donna Summer, Pebbles, Minnie Riperton, Stephanie Mills, Barbara Streisand, The Temptations, Philip Bailey, Denise Williams, Melissa Manchester, Angela Bofill, Sergio Mendez, Gerardo, Art Garfunkel, Stanley Clarke, George Duke, Wilkins, and Michael Lington.

Michael is also recognized for his noteworthy writing and production of hit movie soundtracks such as Ron Howard's "Cocoon," and Steven Spielberg's "Gremlins." Other soundtracks include "Summer Lovers," "Salsa," "Campus Man," "Monster Squad," "Rocky IV," "Blank Check," "The Mighty Ducks 3," "Corrina Corrina," "Losing Isaiah," "Independence Day," "Flipper," "The Big Green," "House Arrest," "McHale's Navy," "The Pest," "Suicide Kings," "Senior Prom," "Gladiator," and "The Last Don."
In 1986, Michael recorded the album "Without Walls," and in 1992 he first entered the global market with his East meets West album "Caravan of Dreams." This release captured the hearts of Asia, and Michael made his mark in Japan with his West Coast sound infused with Malaysian and Indonesian mystical grooves.

In 1996, Michael recorded "Backwards in Time," following up with "The Bridge," his most precious project. Michael joined forces with Daniel Jobim (the grandson of Antonio Carlos Jobim), long-time friend Stevie Wonder, Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting's drummer), Paulinho De Costa (world-famous percussionist), Edu Falcao (Brazilian writer and vocalist), as well as American musicians Nathan Watts and Lionel Cole to create the multi-lingual, world beat production.

By 2003, "The Bridge" laid the foundation for Michael's commitment to be a "Global Artist." He, already singing in seven languages, set the framework to travel to different countries to perform and record in their native language with their country's legendary artists. For the past few years, his desire to interact with artists from other countries is a continuation of Michael's "One Planet, One People" concept.

Michael Sembello continues to break down cultural barriers through his pioneering efforts to bring people together through the universal language of music.

Michael has an enduring commitment towards education and philanthropic efforts to assist musicians from around the world in understanding and developing their vocal abilities. He has developed the "Vocal Stylistics"© program to educate aspiring performers, which will also be released in several languages.

From 2005 through today, Michael has been focusing on producing multi-lingual artists from around the globe. Over the past year, he has penned three songs with Michael Lington on his album "Heat," which was released to strong reviews and nominated as Jazztrax Album of the Year for 2008. They include the up-tempo and summery "Ocean Drive" (think South Beach fun in the sun), the hauntingly beautiful ballad "Nostalgia," and breezy, Brazilian-flavored "Chuva" (meaning 'rain' in Portuguese).

Michael Sembello travels to Brazil frequently, and is good friends with Daniel Jobim.  "Chuva"'s composition began on the vintage piano where elder Jobim composed his classic, "The Girl from Ipanema."

Within the next few months, Michael will begin touring live throughout the United States and Japan. In mid-2009, EMI is scheduled to release "Bossa Nova Hotel" in Japan. This remarkable work is a fusion of Brazilian, Bossa Nova and Samba blended with R&B soul. Michael is working together with Bruce Gaitsch and Janey Clewer to create the Bossa Noval Hotel. The three have known each other since 1985 and have worked together with their friend Randy Waldman and Michael's brother Danny Sembello for years. Their first trip to Japan was in 1986 with a Japanese group named Shonen-Tai.

Today as always, you can expect magic from Michael Sembello, as he has introduced a brilliant and inspiring genre of music called "Bossa-Soul." Michael Sembello is considered to be among an elite group of musicians comprising the West Coast Blue-Eyed Soul sound.

Guest Category: Arts, Performing Arts, Music
Guest Occupation: Psychic, Medium, Songwriter
Guest Biography:

You know me from Lifetime TVs "America's Psychic Challenge" and the National News! As soon as we speak, you know that you have invested your time and energy in a super accurate psychic and medium.

Lets cut right to the chase here. You are calling because you want to know how he feels about you. You need to know when you'll hear from him next. You have all your dreams and hopes focused on this career, job, opportunity that you're afraid you'll never get!

Why would you ever call anyone who has not proven themselves to you and the rest of the world on live TV. That they are the most accurate, detailed, positive and time travelled Psychic and Medium you've ever met?


Those are some serious accomplishments, achieved with pressure from lighting, cameras and production crew. I take great pride in what I do, I feel I serve the universe by serving you. I assure you the highest level of service, accurate and detailed messages from my guides and angels. And a reading like no other reading you have experienced before. I must be doing something right with Over 150,00 people in the past 2 years and a 99% accuracy track record.

Guest Category: Spiritual, Medium & Channeling, Psychic & Intuitive
Guest Occupation: Human Behavior Specialist, Educator, Author, Coach, Speaker, Researcher, Motivator
Guest Biography:

Dr Demartini is considered one of the world's leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education organization with a curriculum of over 72 different courses covering multiple aspects of human development.

His trademarked methodologies, the Demartini Method and the Demartini Value Determination, are the culmination of 39 years of cross-disciplinary research and study. His work has been  incorporated into  human development industries across the world.

Dr Demartini travels 360 days a year to countries all over the globe,  sharing his research and findings in all markets and sectors. He is the author of 40 books published in 28 different languages. He has produced over 50 CDs and DVDs covering subjects such as development in relationships, wealth, education and business. Each program is designed to assist people to activate leadership and empower themselves in all seven areas of their lives: Financial, physical, mental, vocational, spiritual, family and social.

Dr. John Demartini is a world leading behavioral expert, speaker and author at the forefront of the burgeoning personal and professional development industry. His scope of knowledge and experience is a culmination of 34 years of research and studies of more than 28,000 texts into over 200 different disciplines ranging from psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, theology, neurology and physiology.

Born in Houston, Texas Dr. Demartini was one of two children. At the age of seven he was told he had a learning disability and would never read, write or communicate. At fourteen he was a high school dropout living on the streets and panhandling for food to survive. After a near-death-experience at seventeen, due to a severe strychnine poisoning, Dr. Demartini made a decision that would change his life forever.

“After being given a second chance I made the decision to dedicate my life to becoming a teacher, healer and philosopher. This has been my mission for thirty years. I became a doctor of chiropractic and clinical researcher to understand the essence of healing. I became a professional speaker to master the art of teaching, and I became a student of science, theology and philosophy to understand our connection with the divine.” - Dr. John Demartini

Guest Category: Education, Self Help, Motivational
Guest Occupation: Musician, Metis Elder, Actor, Director, Performer, Volunteer
Guest Biography:

Wally Garrioch was recognized by the City of Medicine Hat on May 19, 2011. Wally is a passionate musician and shares his guitar skills performing throughout Medicine Hat at many different venues. He is a regular volunteer at the Miywasin Centre and is recognized as a Métis Elder. Wally is the President of the Alano Club, member of both the Eagles and Legion Clubs as well as the Vice-President of the Miywasin Society and board member of the Métis Nation Local 8.

Born and Raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Wally has played with almost a dozen musicial groups, acted and sang in numerous plays and musicals and even directed. He is a volunteer at Hospitals and senior homes, performing for their pleasure!

Guest Category: Performing Arts, Music
Guest Occupation: Scholar, Mythologist, Teacher, Astrologer, Philosopher, Visionary, Researcher, Speaker, Lecturer, Producer, Presenter, Explorer, Metaphysical Expert, Writer, Author, Historian
Guest Biography:

Described as a teacher's teacher, Michael Tsarion is a Divination Scholar and Sidereal Mythologist. An expert on Stellar Astrology, he is the creator of the Archetypal Stellar Taroscopic™ Astrological system of Hermetic Divination, and founder of the online Taroscopic Mystery School. Michael is a descendant of a long line of philosophers, free-thinkers, ascetics and visionaries. His Himalayan born mother was a well-loved, internationally recognized clairvoyant, whose affiliates included Barbara Marx Hubbard, Sir George Trevelyan, Jerry Jampolsky, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Shirley MacLane, Edgar Mitchell and a host of other celebrities and academics. She attended J. Krishnamurti’s premier college in India and was later honored as the very first clairvoyant to be a regular on Irish Television. The CEO of Britain’s Independent Broadcasting described her readings as “devastatingly accurate.”

Michael is also the grandson of Tara Singh, the renowned philosopher, author and teacher of the theosophic tome A Course in Miracles. He was the intimate friend of J. Krishnamurti (the World Teacher), Swiss architect Le Corbusier, Keith Critchlow, Alan Chadwick, Eleanor Roosevelt and President Nehru. He was entrusted, by the latter, with India’s 5-year plan of restoration after British withdrawal. Tara Singh was also played a key role in the Rev. Paul Solomon’s Fellowship of Inner Light, one of the first true American mystery schools. He now heads the Foundation for Life Action in Los Angeles.

Michael was born and raised in Ireland and grew up learning metaphysics from Krishnamurti, Rev. Paul Solomon and Peter Balin. Growing up surrounded by leading free-thinkers and mystery school creators he was under pressure to find his own authentic voice rather than becoming dependant on the systems and influences of others. He has honored his pedigree by dedicating his life to the deepest research concerning the seminal metaphysical sciences. And unlike so many, he believes in honoring the work and the names of his mentors. He takes it as a given, the words of Lord Macauly:

A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants.

Intuitive since birth, he was introduced to the Tarot at age 11 through Rev. Paul Solomon’s premier mystery school - the Fellowship of Inner Light Movement and learning of its profound effect on the human intuition and its value as an empowerment tool, committed his life to bringing Tarot into the lives of others.

He has been affiliated with the Paul Solomon Foundation of Virginia, the Rosicrucian Order, the Naqsbaandi Sufi Order, and has taught indigo children at the New Age Academy in Berkeley, and is frequent guest of Seeing Beyond and KEST, the Bay Area's leading metaphysical radio programs. Television and radio shows he has appeared on include:

World of Lies (DVD Documentary) - produced and directed by Michael Moody
The Hidden Hand (DVD Movie) - produced and directed by James Carmen
The Greatest Lie Ever Sold (DVD Documentary) - produced/directed by Anthony J. Hilder
Unscrewed (Tech TV) - with Martin Sargent
Coast to Coast - Interview with George Noory
Dreamland - with Linda Moulton Howe and Whitley Strieber
Sightings - with Jeff Rense - Oregon USA
The Quest - with Peter Weisbach
American Free Press - with Clay Douglas
Conspiracy Corner - with Bill Bradley
Radio Liberty - Dr. Stan Monteith
Radio Alchymy - with Jordan Maxwell
KEST - 1450 AM San Francisco
Seeing Beyond Radio - San Francisco
With Carol Reimer
KKUP - with Tazz and Paula (San Jose, Ca)
The Hilly Rose Show
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He has made five hour-long programs with Bay Area's KMVT television station, and has been a guest speaker at the Boeing Parapsychological Society, at Brian Hall's Conspiracy Conference, and at the UFO/Paranormal conferences of California and Washington where his presentations and lectures on Atlantis and pre-diluvian history have been passionately acclaimed by veterans in the field, such as Jordan Maxwell, Jeff Rense, Robert Perala, Brian Hall, Dr. Roger Leir, Peter Davenport, and Glenn Kimball, etc,.

Michael is the producer and presenter of the "Origins and Oracles™" series of DVDs, each of which is an in-depth exploration of ancient mysteries and forbidden knowledge.

Michael's book, Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation corrects the plethora of disinformation regarding Atlantis and the pre-diluvian epochs and addresses the exact reasons why human beings are finding themselves, existentially and socially, in the present precarious situation.

Along with Jordan Maxwell, Michael has been a contributor of information to researcher and author David Icke.

Michael's articles on metaphysics, etc., are featured in his The High Window column of the Psychic Reader, the official organ of the Berkeley Psychic Institute in California. (These columns are featured on this site in their unedited versions - go to The High Window page).

Michael gives outstanding workshops, presentations and classes on The Western Magical Tradition, Astro-Theology, Ancient Civilizations, Goddess Tradition, Symbol Literacy, Indigo Children, Psychic Vampirism, Secret Societies and on the Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism in the Media. 

Guest Category: Divination, History, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychic & Intuitive, Science, Spiritual, Technology, Theory & Conspiracy
Guest Occupation: Astrophysicist, Army Intelligence Officer, Advisor, Broadcaster, Radio Host, Author, Channel, Teacher
Guest Biography:

St.Clair, a prodigy child, was born in Zurich, Switzerland on 28 February 1959. His father was a practicing psychologist, his mother a leading journalist. Today St.Clair is the worlds foremost strategic astrophysicist with a vast and highly accurate track record of economic and political predictions. As a young man he studied law and political sciences at Zurich University and also served as a Swiss army intel officer before beginning his career advising high-profile clients in special situations world wide.

After twenty years of advisory activity and of esoteric and economic studies, while living in Florida, he created in 1999 a stunning twin work of cosmology and metaphysics. St.Clair's 'Atlantis Oracle' & 'Icons Of Destiny', redefining mundane astrology and divination, revealing other forces delineating the future of mankind.

In 2002 St.Clair aired nine highy popular radio shows in Palm Beach, called "Passage11" on WBZT. In 2004 - after being interviewed by Jeff Rense and Lou Gentile on their respective radio shows, St.Clair published his acclaimed book "Passage 11" on the internet, which some have termed the true spiritual thriller of our time.

The origin of his own work and thought process is a mystery. It is brought to the public by a source St.Clair calls his ET guidance. "Passage 11" is as much a spiritual revelation of unmatched proportions as it is a soul-expanding adventure into the profound discoveries that await humanity: It explains in easy to understand words our true History and its Cosmic genetics.

In 2005 St.Clair began to see the development of a future Contact Center, and the spread of Radiant Zones. Sacred islands of light appearing all over the earth, as well as a City of Gold in the land of the Alpine Celts. His web site is consulted daily by thousands who actively prepare for this crossing into the 5th world cycle.

St.Clair's core message is: 2012 will see the ending of time and the merging of new realities. Reclaim your own power! St.Clair teaches Awareness, Transformation and Intent - to access the silent knowledge as he guides us on our inner progression towards sovereignty and self-responsibility.

Guest Category: Divination, Earth & Space, Paranormal, Physics & Metaphysics, Spiritual, Psychic & Intuitive
Guest Occupation: Journalist, Producer, Broadcaster, Wrier, Columnist, Host, Editor, Reporter
Guest Biography:

Carol Cain is an Emmy Award winning journalist who is Senior Producer and Host of "Michigan Matters" -- the weekly TV show airing 11 a.m. Saturdays on WWJ-TV CBS Detroit that features politics, business, and more.

She is also a columnist at Detroit Free Press, writing about business and politics on Sundays.

Ms. Cain is assisting the CBS TV station with its award-winning "Eye on the Future" community effort in addressing issues vital to our future.

As part of that, she has produced and hosted its award-winning prime time TV specials that have included: “Building Bridges: From The Great Lakes To The Great Wall" on globalization; “Powering Michigan’s Future” on alternative energy, and “Rx For Michigan” on medical device, health care and tourism in the state. Other specials are planned.

She has hosted “Michigan Matters" since its debut five years ago. Among the many guests Ms. Cain has interviewed: Gov. Jennifer Granholm, GOP Michigan Chairman Ron Weiser, Michigan Democratic Chair Mark Brewer, Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, Al Taubman, Gov. Mitt Romney, Gov. Howard Dean, Sen. John McCain, Geraldine Ferraro, Mayor Dave Bing, Macomb County Chair Paul Gieleghem, DPS Robert Robb, China’s Ambassador to the U.S., University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Dr. Phil, and Cong. John Dingell.

Ms. Cain is also heard on local and national radio and television shows offering her commentary on politics, business and community issues.

She previously served as the Detroit Free Press’ Assistant Business Editor and as Assistant National Editor. Before that, she was Business Editor of Toledo Blade, a nationally syndicated business columnist at The Detroit News.

She began as a reporter and editor at United Press International where she covered business, sports, autos and politics.
Ms. Cain is actively involved in the community and invited by community organizations to be involved with their events. She is also sought after as a speaker and has moderated many events.

Born in Detroit, she attended Detroit Public Schools. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Michigan State University

Guest Category: News, Politics & Government, TV & Film
Guest Occupation: Psychologist, Author, Dream Expert, Researcher, Consultant, Teacher
Guest Biography:
World-class dream expert Patricia Garfield holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and is the author of ten books on dreams. Her first book, Creative Dreaming, published in 1974, was a bestseller. In print continuously since, with a revised edition (1995), it appears in fifteen foreign languages and is considered a classic. 
Co-Founder (one of six) of the Association for the Study of Dreams (now the International Association for the Study of Dreams), Dr. Garfield served as president during 1998-99. She is a frequent guest on American national television and radio (including 3 appearances on ABC's 20/20 news magazine show, 3 on ABC's Good Morning America, and 3 on CNN), as well as being a guest on shows aired in Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, and Japan.
National appearances include: January, 2007, Discovery Channel Sleep and Dream special; March, 2006, CNN special on Sleep and Dreams; Discovery Health “Healing Quest” series 2003-2004; and February 28, 2001, on Good Morning America, discussing The Universal Dream Key. Her website is popular with visitors from around the world. She has served as consultant for broadcasting networks in the U.S., Canada, and Britain, as well as for U.S. film directors. She acted as source Disney on their Child Dream Interpreter tool, launched February 2008.
Honors: Dr. Garfield’s Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (1968) is from Temple University in Philadelphia, where she also obtained her Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Psychology; she graduated summa cum laude, with Distinction in Psychology; received the Psychology Prize; the College Alumni First Prize; a National Science Foundation grant, and other honors.
Creative Dreaming was a Psychology Today book club alternate selection. Dr. Garfield’s The Dream Book is the non-fiction winner of the Parents' Guide Media Award for 2002 and was nominated for the Young Hoosier's Book Award 2004-2005.
Teaching: She taught psychology for several years, at Temple University; at the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (as assistant professor); at California State College, Sonoma; and for the University of California Extension at various campuses, including Berkeley, San Diego, Irvine, and Santa Cruz. Currently, Dr. Garfield teaches Lifelong Dreaming for seniors at Dominican University, San Rafael, California, in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). Having recorded her dreams for 60 years, Dr. Garfield has created perhaps the longest extant dream journal.
: In addition to Creative Dreaming, Dr. Garfield also wrote: Pathway to Ecstasy: The Way of the Dream Mandala (1979, illustrated by the author); Your Child's Dreams (1984); Women's Bodies, Women's Dreams (1988); The Healing Power of Dreams (1991, also illustrated by the author); The Dream Messenger: How Dreams of the Departed Bring Healing Gifts (1997); The Universal Dream Key: The 12 Most Common Dream Themes Around the World (2001); The Dream Book: A Young Person's Guide to Understanding Dreams (2002); Dream Catcher: A Young Person's Journal for Exploring Dreams (2003); and, Mourning Dove: Dream Poems (2007, with author illustrations).
Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Psychology
Guest Occupation: Psychiatrist, Physician, Researcher, Spiritual Teacher, Lecturer, Humanitarian, Author, Advisor, Consciousness Expert, Medical Director, Pioneer, Consultant
Guest Biography:

Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. is a nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, spiritual teacher and lecturer. The uniqueness of his contribution to humanity comes from the advanced state of spiritual awareness known as " Enlightenment," "Self–Realization," and "Unio Mystica."Rarely, if ever, has this spiritual state occurred in the life of an accomplished scientist and physician. Therefore, Dr. Hawkins is uniquely qualified to present a spiritual path that is scientifically compelling to modern society.

The classical hallmarks of this state are pristine awareness of Ultimate Reality, compassion for all beings, tireless dedication to alleviate suffering, radiant joy, and humor. People from all walks of life, nationalities, and spiritual orientations honor Dr. Hawkins as a teacher of advanced awareness, exemplified in the title "Rae Ryeong Seon Kak Tosa" (Foremost Teacher of the Way to Enlightenment) bestowed upon him in Korea.

Founding Director of the Institute for Spiritual Research, Inc. (1983) and Founder of the Path of Devotional Nonduality (2003), Dr. Hawkins has lectured widely at such places as Westminster Abbey; Oxford Forum; Universities of Notre Dame, Michigan, Argentina, Fordham and Harvard; University of California (SF) Medical School; Institute of Noetic Sciences; and Agape Spiritual Center (Los Angeles). In addition, he has been an advisor to Catholic, Protestant, and Buddhist monasteries. He has conferred with foreign governments on international diplomacy and has been instrumental in resolving long–standing conflicts that were major threats to world peace.

He is featured in recent documentary films, magazines, and radio interviews (e.g., Oprah Radio and Institute of Noetic Sciences) for his work in the areas of health, healing, recovery, spirituality in modern life, consciousness research, and meditation.

Dr. Hawkins entered the field of medicine to alleviate human pain and distress, and his work as a physician was pioneering. As Medical Director of the North Nassau Mental Health Center (1956–1980) and Director of Research at Brunswick Hospital (1968–1979) on Long Island, his clinic was the largest practice in the United States, including a suite of twenty–five offices, two thousand outpatients, and several research laboratories. In 1973, he co–authored the ground–breaking work, Orthomolecular Psychiatry with Nobel Laureate chemist Linus Pauling, initiating a new field within psychiatry.

His clinical breakthroughs brought appearances on The Today Show, The Barbara Walters Show and The Mcneil/Leher News Hour. In the 1970s, he co–founded several psychiatric organizations, including the Editorial Board of the Journal of Schizophrenia and the Attitudinal Healing Center in New York.

Many awards followed, such as The Huxley Award for the "Inestimable Contribution to the Alleviation of Human Suffering," Physicians Recognition Award by the American Medical Association, 50–Year Distinguished Life Fellow by the American Psychiatric Association, the Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame, and a nomination for the prestigious Templeton Prize that honors progress in Science and Religion. In 1995, in a ceremony officiated by the H.H. Prince Valdemar of Schaumburg–Lippe at the San Anselmo Theological Seminary, he became a knight of the Sovereign Order of the Hospitaliers of St. John of Jerusalem (founded in 1077) in recognition of his contributions to humanity.

A trademark of Dr. Hawkins's research is his pioneering, internationally–known and applied "Map of Consciousness," presented in the ever–popular book Power vs. Force (1995), translated into over twenty–five languages. The "Map of Consciousness" incorporates findings from quantum physics and nonlinear dynamics, thereby confirming the classical "stages" of spiritual evolution found in the world’s sacred literature as actual "attractor fields."

These spiritual levels had been delineated by saints, sages, and mystics; yet there had never been a scientific framework by which to understand the inner terrain. The "Map of Consciousness" is clinically sophisticated in its depiction of each level’s emotional tone, view of God, and view of life. For example, "Fear" views God as punitive, whereas "Love" views God as loving.

The "Map of Consciousness" illumines heretofore unknown aspects of consciousness. With each progressive rise in the level of consciousness, the "frequency" or "vibration" of energy increases. Thus, higher consciousness radiates a beneficial and healing effect on the world, verifiable in the human muscle response which stays strong in the presence of love and truth. In contrast, non–true or negative energy fields which "calibrate" below the level of integrity induce a weak muscle response. This stunning discovery of the difference between "power" and "force" has influenced numerous fields of human endeavor: business, advertising, education, psychology, medicine, law, and international relations.

Thus we see that the uniqueness of Dr. Hawkin’s work is that an individual of advanced spiritual consciousness also possesses the intellect and clarity to express and communicate the characteristics of these highly­ evolved states of awareness that few have experienced.

Dr. Hawkins’s writings constitute the first modern demarcation of the highest levels of human consciousness (Self­Realization, the Void, Nothingness vs. Allness, Full Enlightenment) and their differential phenomena. In his books, he explains each level of consciousness (energy field) in language that is free of dogma, and is inspirational to all walks of life.

He established the Pathway of Devotional Nonduality – a direct course to Enlightenment via clarification of core essentials that merely await activation by decision, intention, and dedication of the will. His book, "Discovery of the Presence of God: Devotional Nonduality," is basically an instruction manual for the serious spiritual devotee, revealing information that is known only by those who have transcended the ego to reach Divine Realization.

He is the author of the best–selling trilogy, Power vs. Force (published in 25 languages); The Eye of the I; and I: Reality and Subjectivity; and seven additional books, including Truth vs. Falsehood; Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: The Stairway to Enlightenment; Discovery of the Presence of God: Devotional Nonduality; Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man; Healing and Recovery, Along the Path to Enlightenment; and Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self. released in 2009. His books are published in numerous languages and sold worldwide.

Dr. Hawkins’s honors are vast. His background is detailed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World, and his work has been acclaimed by many world leaders and Nobelists, including Mother Teresa. His life is completely devoted to the upliftment of mankind.

Now in his eighties, Dr. Hawkins maintains a demanding schedule of lectures, radio interviews, and book projects. Similar to other advanced teachers (Mother Teresa, Ramana Maharshi), seekers come from all over the world to be in his presence, stating that the "aura" or "radiance" has a transformative effect via "silent transmission." He insists that what others witness in him is really their own true nature.

The teachings of Devotional Nonduality emphasize the core truths of the world’s great spiritual traditions: kindness and compassion to everything and everyone (including oneself), humility, forgiveness, reverence for all of life, and surrender to God. It is a direct path to Enlightenment in which each internal progression of love and integrity uplifts the whole of existence: "We change the world not by what we say or do but as a consequence of what we have become," states Dr. Hawkins.


Recent accomplishments include: Speaking Engagements at Mishka Productions/Hay House "Celebrate Your Life" Conference in Phoenix, Arizona in November, 2010; Agape Revelations Conference in Los Angeles headed by Reverend Michael Beckwith; the Hay House "I Can Do It" Conference in Las Vegas in 2007 and 2008 as a featured author and presenter; all–day presentations at the Hyatt Regency in Long Beach, California to an audience of 800, and in Cottonwood and Prescott, Arizona to audiences of 900. He conducts regular local seminars and Satsangs (question–and–answer sessions) to sold–out audiences in Arizona and California, and participated in numerous domestic and international film documentaries exploring multifaceted spiritual topics and his current consciousness research findings. The Satsangs have been offered at no charge as a public service to mankind. The seminars reveal data about our technological society and how to live a fulfilled spiritual life within its complexities; titles include: "God vs. Science: Limits of the Mind," "Relativism vs. Reality," "What is Real?", "he Human Dilemma," "Spiritual Survival: Realization of Reality" and "Spirituality: Reason and Faith," to name a few. Seminar attendees include people from numerous countries who travel to the U.S. solely to experience the unique combination of the realization of scientific and spiritual knowingness exemplified by Dr. Hawkins; a contingent of South Koreans, headed by Reverend J. H. Moon of the International Meditation Association, traveled to Sedona in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011, exclusively for a seminar and audience with Dr. Hawkins. He recorded a segment entitled "In The World But Not Of It" for a Nightingale–Conant CD set, focusing on integrating spiritual practice in our modern–day world. His most recent CD Set with Nightingale–Conant, recorded in 2010, is a top–selling interview entitled "Healing," which encompasses spiritual principles and applications related to healing; canceling limiting beliefs; practical tools for relief in major crises, stress and illness. He participated in numerous radio interviews, including Oprah Radio and Noetic Sciences. In 2008 Dr. Hawkins completed his book "Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man," based on the revelations of consciousness research, describing how to discern truth from falsehood and the illusion of appearance from the core of inner reality.

His recent book, published in 2009, is entitled "Healing and Recovery," and is based on a group of lectures conducted by the author at the request of spiritual and self–help groups. The book reveals why the body may not respond to traditional medical approaches, and provides specific instructions and guidelines that can result in healing from disease. Our society lives with constant stress, anxiety, fear, pain, suffering, depression, and worry. Alcoholism, drug addiction, obesity, sexual problems and cancer are constantly in the news. This timely book provides information about how to address life’s challenges without necessarily resorting to drugs, surgery or counseling, and explains the importance of including spiritual practices in one’s healing and recovery.

Two additional books published in 2011 by Hay House, Inc. are: Along the Path to Enlightenment: 365 Daily Reflections from David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.; and Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self: Contemplations from the Teachings of David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. Along the Path to Enlightenment discusses blocks to spiritual progress, and how we can transcend them. As a mystic, Dr. Hawkins has infused the truths found in the precepts of Western religion with the core of Eastern philosophy, bridging the familiar, physical world with the nonlinear, spiritual domain. The passages in this book, selected from Dr. Hawkins's extensive writings, offer a new contemplation for each day. Any one of these passages, fully understood, can elevate one‘s level of consciousness. Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self covers how one traverses the spiritual landscape to move beyond suffering, to experience the peace and love of God, to transcend illusion and realize the state of enlightenment. The reader is reminded of the illusory nature of the ego, along with the direct pathways to transcend its trappings. These pocket editions are reliable companions on the spiritual aspirant's quest toward higher truth.

September, 2011, Dr. Hawkins presented a very special lecture to an audience of over 1700 attendees who traveled from around the world to see him.  He lectured on the topic of “Love” as the substrate of the universe and as a “way of being” in the world. Considered to be the culmination of Dr. Hawkins life work, this event was truly inspiring for those who were present and in his presence.

This year, 2012, Dr. Hawkins directed his attention to answering specific spiritual topics in greater depth than can be explained in a lecture setting.  Video-taped in a small, private setting in Sedona, Arizona, Dr. Hawkins and his wife, Susan, discuss in greater depth and detail profound subjects pertinent to the spiritual aspirant.  “How to Live Your Life Like a Prayer,” “What You Are Changes the World,” “What is Real Success?”and “Permanent Inner Peace” are the enlightening discussion talks released this year.  These discussions both raise and answer the relevant questions all sincere spiritual seekers must face.

New book by Dr. Hawkins - Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

This book describes the simple and effective means by which to let go of the obstacles to enlightenment.
Dr. Hawkins primary aim is to seek the most helpful way to relieve human suffering in all its many forms.  The technique of “Letting Go” (Surrender) was found to be a valuable way to free consciousness from suffering and is described in this book.

The author demonstrates that as the individual heals on the inside, healing can occur on the outside, much like the rising of the sea lifts all ships, so the radiance of unconditional love within a human heart lifts all of life.

Dr. Hawkins receives so many requests for projects, radio and film interviews, and speaking engagements, both domestic and international, that he must turn down the vast majority; countries include Canada, Mexico, India, South Korea, Germany, England, Ireland, Japan, Israel and Dubai, as well as from coast to coast in the U.S. Dr. Hawkins is bombarded with daily inquiries from around the world from people who seek answers, and know that the inspiration as well as proven techniques and spiritual practices Dr. Hawkins can provide will set them on the road to authentic and lasting relief.


  • Milwaukee State Teachers College (now part of University of Wisconsin), 1948
  • The Medical College of Wisconsin (established as Marquette University School of Medicine), 1953
  • Columbia Pacific University (Doctor of Philosophy), 1995

Life Events of Interest

Awards and Recognition

  • Inducted into the 2006 American Psychiatric Association 50–year Distinguished Life Fellows honor
  • Inducted into the 2006 Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame
  • Established Devotional Nonduality as a major spiritual pathway and the Science of Consciousness Research
  • Published numerous articles in spiritual periodicals, 1990 – current
  • Has appeared on The Today Show, Science, Barbara Walters, the McNeil–Leher News Hour and talk radio shows worldwide, including Oprah Radio
  • Presents lectures and workshops throughout the U.S. and the world, along with monthly full–day seminars, 2002 – current
  • Gave annual Landsberg Lecture at the University of California Medical School at San Francisco
  • Listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World
  • Appointed consultant to the Unity School of Religious Studies and post–graduate curriculum, including establishment of the Unity School of Consciousness Studies, 2003
  • Published research on Science of Consciousness in series of books in 14 languages
  • Establishment of worldwide independent study groups
  • Nobelists and world leaders accorded recognition in support of world value of research and writings: Dr. Linus Pauling; Mother Teresa; Lee Iacocca; Sam Walton; Bill W. (founder of Alcoholics Anonymous); numerous clergy and businessmen (spirit in business).
  • Consultant to government leaders, South Korea, 2000
  • Received title "Tae Ryoung Sun Kak Dosa" (Teacher of Enlightenment), Seoul, Korea, 2000
  • Knighted by the Sovereign Order of the Hospitaliers of St. John of Jerusalem by authority of the Priory of King Waldemar the Great. The Order was established in 1070 and arrived in Denmark around 1164. The ceremony was conducted by H. H. Prince Waldemar of Schaumburg–Lippe on October 7, 2000. He was elected to the Order in October 1996 and was sponsored by Fernando Flores, then an ambassador to the United Nations. The Danish Order then established a branch in the Americas, which supports humanitarian projects in third–world countries.
  • Physicians Recognition Award, American Medical Association, 1992
  • Elected to Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Founded 1077), 1989
  • Invited to become Commissioner of Mental Health, State of New York, February, 1983
  • Citation from Medical College of Wisconsin for "Contribution to Medicine"
  • Taught classes on Advaita
  • Published articles with Bill W., cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Taught classes based on A Course in Miracles
  • Consultant to clergy, cloistered nuns, Episcopal and Catholic dioceses, the Zen Monastery (NYC), and spiritual groups
  • North Nassau Mental Health Center Award for "Dedication to the Alleviation of Human Suffering," 1978
  • Huxley Award for "Inestimable Contribution to the Alleviation of Human Suffering," 1979
  • Published Orthomolecular Psychiatry with Nobelist Linus Pauling, 1973
  • Published numerous scientific papers in the American Journal of Psychiatry amongst other fine publications, 1953 – current
  • Founder and Director, The Mental Health Center (largest practice in New York City), 1958 – 1980
  • Training Psychoanalysis by Prof. Lionel Oversey, M.D., at Columbia University Psychoanalytic Institute
  • Supervising Psychiatrist, New York State Department of Mental Hygiene, 1957
  • Awarded Fellowship in Psychiatry, Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York, 1956
  • Intern, Columbia Hospital, New York School of Psychiatry, 1954
  • Mosby Book Award for Scholastic Excellence, 1953
  • Alpha Omega Alpha – National Medical Scholastic Honor Society, 1952


  • North Nassau Mental Health Center, Inc., 1958
  • Federation of Mental Health Centers, 1963
  • North Nassau Clinical Laboratories, 1970
  • North Nassau Research Division and Laboratories, 1971
  • An Integrated System for the Care of Schizophrenics, 1971
  • Academy of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, 1971
  • Institute for Applied Spiritual Studies, 1980


  • Schizophrenics Anonymous (Board of Directors; Medical Advisor)
  • Schizophrenia Foundation of New York State (Incorporator; Director)
  • Schizophrenia Foundation of Long Island (Board of Directors; Medical Advisor)
  • Institute for Scientific Communications (Incorporator; Board of Directors)
  • Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry (Editorial Board)
  • Journal of Schizophrenia (Editorial Board)
  • St. George’s Day Activities Center (Medical Advisor)
  • The Attitudinal Healing Center of Long Island (Board of Directors; Medical Advisor)
  • Christ Church Day Activities Center (Medical Advisor)
  • The Masters Gallery of Fine Arts (Co–Director)
  • Mental Health Fairs
  • The Gateposts Halfway House (Medical Advisor)
  • Garfield House (Halfway House)
  • Day Activities Center of Port Washington (Medical Advisor)
  • Brunswick House (Alcoholism; Psychiatric Consultant)
  • New York Association of Holistic Health Centers
  • Life Support Systems (Board of Directors)
  • Space Form (Ecologic Communities and Low–Energy Housing)
  • Became Director Emeritus of the North Nassau Mental Health Center in 1980 and gave up psychiatric practice to spend full time on spiritual research.


  • American Medical Association (Life Member)
  • American Psychiatric Association (Life Member)
  • New York State Medical Society
  • Nassau County Medical Society
  • Nassau Physicians Guild
  • Nassau Academy of Medicine
  • New York Academy of Science
  • The American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • New York State Psychiatric Association
  • Qualified Psychiatrist, New York State Department of Mental Health
  • Nassau Psychiatric Society
  • New York State Clinical Directors Association
  • American Association of Psychiatric Administrators
  • Academy of Orthomolecular Psychiatry (Founding President; Chairman of the Board)
  • International Academy of Preventive Medicine
  • American Holistic Health Association
  • The Huxley Institute for Biosocial Research (Board of Directors)
  • Academy of Religion and Mental Health
  • New York State Association of the Professions
  • The Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine
  • Schizophrenia Foundation of New York State (Board of Directors; Medical Advisor)
  • The Attitudinal Healing Center of Long Island (Board of Directors; Medical Advisor)
  • North Nassau Mental Health Center (Director Emeritus)
  • Medical Society of the Brunswick Hospital (Director of Psychiatric Research)
  • Attending Staff, Gracie Square Hospital
  • Youth Consultation Services, Episcopal Dioceses, Long Island (Psychiatric Consultant)
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Schizophrenia
  • Editorial Board, (Alcoholism), Journal of Psychotherapy
  • American Schizophrenia Association (Scientific Advisory Board)
  • National Society for Autistic Children (Professional Advisory Board)
  • Long Island Council on Alcoholism
  • The Federation of Mental Health Centers (Co–founder)
  • American Medical Society on Alcoholism
  • Arizona Medical Society
  • Arizona Psychiatric Society
  • Brunswick House (Director of Research, Alcoholism)
  • The National Acupuncture Research Society
  • American Geriatric Society
  • International Council on Applied Nutrition
  • The Academy of Preventive Medicine
  • Canadian Psychiatric Association (Associate Member)
  • American Society for Psychological Research
  • Monroe Institute for Applied Science
  • International Kirlian Research Association
  • National Council on Alcoholism
  • The Association for the Advancement of Psychotherapy
  • The Society for the Study of Addictions
  • American Institute for Scientific Communications (Co–founder)
  • International Society for General Semantics
  • Consultant on Alcoholism, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
  • American Ontoanalytic Association
  • Consultant, New York Foundling Hospital
  • New York Paleontological Society
  • Consultant, Operation Hotline

Non–Medical Memberships

  • The First Zen Institute of America, 1960
  • The Institute for Applied Spiritual Studies (Founder, Chairman), 1983
  • Institute for Advanced Spiritual Research, Inc. [501© (3) Public Charity], 1983
  • Sovereign Order, St John of Jerusalem, 1995
  • Devotional Nonduality Community (Founder, 2003)
Guest Category: Health & Lifestyle, Medicine, Physics & Metaphysics, Psychology, Science, Self Help, Spiritual
Guest Occupation: Professor, Teacher, Scholar, Writer, Political Activist, Author, Speaker
Guest Biography:

William Ayers, Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago (retired), and founder of both the Small Schools Workshop and the Center for Youth and Society, taught courses in interpretive and qualitative research, urban school change, and teaching and the modern predicament.  A graduate of the University of Michigan, the Bank Street College of Education, Bennington College, and Teachers College, Columbia University, Ayers has written extensively about social justice, democracy and education, the cultural contexts of schooling, and teaching as an essentially intellectual, ethical, and political enterprise. He is currently the vice-president of the curriculum studies division of the American Educational Research Association.

Ayers’ articles have appeared in many journals including the Harvard Educational Review, the Journal of Teacher Education, Teachers College Record, Rethinking Schools, The Nation, Educational Leadership, the New York Times and the Cambridge Journal of Education.  His books include, with Ryan Alexander-Tanner To Teach: The Journey in Comics, with Bernardine Dohrn Race Course: Against White Supremacy (Third World Press 2008), Teaching Toward Freedom: Moral Commitment and Ethical Action in the Classroom (Beacon Press, 2004), A Kind and Just Parent: The Children of Juvenile Court (Beacon Press, 1997), Fugitive Days: A Memoir (Beacon Press, 2001, 2008), On the Side of the Child: Summerhill Revisited (Teachers College Press, 2003), Teaching the Personal and the Political: Essays on Hope and Justice (Teachers College Press, 2004), The Good Preschool Teacher: Six Teachers Reflect on Their Lives, (Teachers College Press, 1989), and To Teach: The Journey of a Teacher, (Teachers College Press, 1993) which was named Book of the Year in 1993 by Kappa Delta Pi, and won the Witten Award for Distinguished Work in Biography and Autobiography in 1995.  Edited books include: To Become a Teacher: Making a Difference in Children’s Lives (Teachers College Press, 1995); with Janet Miller, A Light in Dark Times: Maxine Greene and the Unfinished Conversation (Teachers College Press, 1997); with Pat Ford, City Kids/City Teachers: Reports from the Front Row (The New Press, 1996,2008); with Jean Ann Hunt and Therese Quinn, Teaching for Social Justice: A Democracy and Education Reader (The New Press and Teachers College Press, 1998); with Mike Klonsky and Gabrielle Lyon, A Simple Justice: The Challenge of Small Schools (Teachers College Press, 2000); with Rick Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Zero Tolerance: Resisting the Drive for Punishment (The New Press, 2001); with Bernardine Dohrn and Jeff Jones, Sing a Battle Song: The Revolutionary Poetry, Statements, and Communiqués of the Weather Underground 1970 – 1974 (Seven Stories Press, 2006); with Gloria Ladson-Billings, Pedro Noguera, and Gregory Michie, City Kids/City Schools: More Reports From the Front Row ( The New Press, 2008); and with Therese Quinn and David Stovall, the Handbook of Social Justice in Education (Routledge, 2008). He lives in Hyde Park, Chicago with Bernardine Dohrn.

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Guest Occupation: Former Black Panther, Prison Activist, Green Party Candidate, Humanitarian, Speaker, Community Organizer
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Malik Rahim (born Donald Guyton) is a former Black Panther, and a long-time housing and prison activist in the U.S. state of Louisiana. He gained publicity as a community organizer in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

In July 2008, Rahim filed to run for Louisiana’s 2nd congressional district seat of the U.S. House of Representatives as a Green Party candidate.

Malik Rahim, born and raised in New Orleans’ Algiers neighborhood, has worked as an organizer for decades around housing and prison issues. During Hurricane Katrina, Malik stayed to assist the community and has been speaking out about racism and the failures of government exposed by the Katrina disaster.

Malik founded a number of organizations including:

-Co-founded Common Ground Health Clinic in September 2005 with Sharon Johnson. After hurricane Katrina, it was the first health clinic in the city of New Orleans. The clinic enlisted emergency medics to run a first aid station and help develop a permanent health clinic. The clinic continues to offer free health care for people without health insurance or means to see their health provider.

-Co-founded Common Ground Relief in September 2005, with Scott Crow and Brandon Darby. Since Hurricane Katrina, nearly 13,000 volunteers have gutted over 3000 homes in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans through their efforts.

-In 1984 helped found and operate the Algiers Development Center and Invest Transitional Housing, a program for ex-offenders which has housed more than one thousand former inmates.

-Founding member of the Louisiana anti-death penalty group Pilgrimage for Life, with Sister Helen Prejean.

-Founding member of Housing is a Human Right a San Francisco, California citywide non-profit affordable housing advocacy organization, in 1996

-National Coalition to Free the Angola Three

-New Orleans Chapter of the Black Panther Party

Malik continues to travel across the country speaking about his observations and encouraging volunteers to travel to New Orleans and provide assistance.

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Guest Occupation: Transformational Leader, Coach, Intuitive, Author, Teacher, Consultant, Speaker, Motivational Expert, Counselor, Lawyer, Lecturer, Teacher, Criminologist, Linguist
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Marie Diamond  is a globally renowned transformational leader—featured in the worldwide phenomenon “The Secret” and seven other motivational documentaries—who uses her extraordinary knowledge of quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, and Feng Shui energy to help people transform their environments and their lives.

Her clients include A-list celebrities in film and music, top selling writers, leaders from Fortune 500 companies, and governments. Diamond combines her intuitive gifts, the growing science of energy flow, ancient wisdom, and modern tools to enlighten homes, businesses, and people. She is known for her passion to help create enlightened leaders around the world.

The internationally acclaimed author, teacher, consultant, and motivational speaker brings her wisdom and counsel to a wide audience through her seminars, personal appearances on TV and radio, tele-classes, coaching, and products.

Born in Belgium, and now living between the United States and France, Marie was a successful lawyer before shifting her focus to the Laws of the Universe.

Marie Diamond is an author, lecturer, teacher, and a leader in the transformational movement. A native of Belgium, Marie trained there as a lawyer and criminologist. Fluent in five languages, she worked in government, publishing, and sales early in her career. Her safety management skills are sought by multinational corporations like BP-Amoco, Exxon-Mobil, and Total Fina, whose productivity and safety records improved dramatically after implementing her recommendations.

Featured in the phenomenon “The Secret”, Marie explains that we are all creators of our own individual universe. 

The Law of Attraction and the Laws of the Universe operate the same for everyone. Thoughts have substance, and we manifest those things that occupy our thought lives. We have the power to change our circumstances.

Marie has known that success, physical and emotional well-being, happy relationships, and spiritual wisdom are affected by our environment. Proper guidance of universal energy is essential to maximizing our experience on Earth.

See Marie Diamond speak on YouTube:

Believing that happiness is attainable for everyone, Marie has a gift for taking complicated concepts and distilling them into their basic forms. Simplicity brings clarity.

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